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#1 by emir7
2016-08-10 at 19:26
< report >I was spoiled and now know how the good ending of UBW. Could someone explain it to me? (cause if it is what I think it is I don't like it at all).
I don't know the true ending nor how UBW route works.
My understanding was:

Rin gets a harem. She takes turns in fucking them but makes sure they don't get together (as she told them not to flirt).
My reasons to believe this are Rin's words:

"Saber is mine and so are you"

" I'll need you to help me supply saber. I wan't be as bad as saber but I'll still be an incovenience"

"I'll supply saber with magical energy and you will support me"

At the end Rin even holds saber's hand... (it seems to me she can't wait to do her).

Mmmm am I wrong?
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#2 by drakon9
2016-08-10 at 21:08
< report >It's not really clear but I think it's option 3. I will base this on some words said by Tohsaka in Fate hollow Aratxia.

"Rather than becoming happy together, I will, with no questions asked, and more than anyone else, give him happiness"

If we apply this it would mean he's letting saber stay mainly because Shirou is happier this way and is even willing to go less serious with him to give him happiness.

Another thing, the anime is canon [another universe according to Nasu]. In the anime Rin truly an just holds Shirou's hand, which leaves no doubt, saber is an outsider regarding their relationship.
In the visual novel she doesn't "hold" her hand. She "pulls" it to make her go to the kitchen while telling Shirou to go eat all together. I think that scene of the 2 girls [happy Tohsaka looking at Shirou while pulling saber and saber shocked] followed by words said by Shirou like "she's my reliable partner, the one I love" is just meant to be a VERY happy ending.

Also, Rin not wanting them to flirt doesn't mean she wants both for herself. Jelousy for Shirou is what happens IMO.

"I'll need you to help me supply saber. I won't be as bad as saber but I'll still be an incovenience"

While Shirou can only supply mana through sex Rin is a proper magus, no need to screw saber [or do you think she mounted archer every time she could?]

I do want to hear other opinions though
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#3 by squishoafish
2016-08-11 at 07:28
< report >
"Saber is mine and so are you"
You are MINE. Saber is NOT yours.

" I'll need you to help me supply saber. I wan't be as bad as saber but I'll still be an inconvenience"
It's not like I want to f-fuck or anything, baka! I just need mana for Saber!

""I'll supply saber with magical energy and you will support me"
Keep your hands off Saber, you horny dog! Eh? You can't hold it? Hmph, i-it can't be helped. I will l-let you do me, OK?

At the end Rin even holds saber's hand
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#4 by emir7
2016-08-11 at 07:48
< report >That last CG is the one I question the most. This is a link to the whole ending, please read this part (which is at the very bottom) and tell us your honest opinion. Rin even blushes when saber tells her to have luch together.

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#5 by formis
2016-08-12 at 00:58
< report >If it's true what you said, that you don't know the true ending nor have you played the entire UBW route, then it's quite simple.
What you're obviously missing, my friend, is context and if you plan on actually playing the route (if you already started with Fate there's no reason to stop now) there's no point to asking this question in a thread. Just go play it and aquire the context that you're missing.

I say option three of course. But hey, it's kinda open to interpretation so option two could probably work as well if you really, really wanted it to, sort of equal love triangle relationship or something.
Option one is bull**** if you ask me. People may interpret things in different ways but I never caught even a glimple of anything resembling "Rin's harem" in the context of the entire route.
#6 by loctar87
2016-08-12 at 05:21
< report >It's funny you included option 1. There's this old doujinshi I like (*cough*T-Moon-Complex-3*cough*) that follows UBW good end and goes something like that. It somehow made it seem in-character for them, so that's my vote.
#7 by emir7
2016-08-12 at 09:23
< report >Formis: "If it's true what you said, that you don't know the true ending nor have you played the entire UBW route"

Actually, I haven't even started UBW :D (I have read 5/6 of the fate route, so I'm close to starting it =P)

I like the way you think :)

I don't like the way you think :D
Option 1 is the only one I can't stand.Last modified on 2016-08-12 at 09:26
#8 by drakon9
2016-08-12 at 09:40
< report >Don't worry emir, option 1 is not even remotely possible. Either 2 or 3, and as I see it it's your fault if it's option 2, not Rin's.
In this route there are 2 points to be gained, Rin and saber's. The true end means you give your love points to Rin. In the happy ending you give it to both girls [since you read the happy ending you'll notice you pay way more attention to saber than Rin, she even says things like you're fawning over her and you give me a huh? and you're flirting with each other]
It's like your heart hasn't completely decided, you love Rin but your crush on saber couldn't be more obvious and Rin knows it.

Another thing, it says happy ending. In an eroge showing love to 2 girls + happy ending = you aren't left out, so yeah, option 1 isn't a possibility.
You either get 2 girls (and that's why it would be the only ending Nasu considered to be happy, even if not "true") or it's like the true ending + giving saber a second chance.Last modified on 2016-08-12 at 09:53
#9 by emir7
2016-08-12 at 10:09
< report >Now it's the time I miss the theories of people like pabloc and ganchan. Where are you guys? =P
#10 by gabezhul
2016-08-12 at 10:47
< report >There is no "theory" to be found here. Stop spoiling yourself and read the bloody VN. As Formis has said, you are missing the context, ruining your own reading-experience and you are getting kind of annoying. Stop it, please.
#11 by emir7
2016-08-12 at 11:21
< report >Sorry, I guess I got carried away, it's just that I needed an answer to Rin's behaviour and letting the VN tell me seemed it would take forever.
I agree with you, knowing less about the VN makes the actual experience better =P
#12 by PabloC
2016-08-12 at 14:08
< report >
Mmmm am I wrong?
Here, that's my theory. :P

It's exactly like Gabe said - this whole topic is missing the context of the UBW route so much, that there's not much to talk about really. Even though I'm a yuri maniac, Rin + Saber just don't add up into anything that resembles a plausible pairing.Last modified on 2016-08-12 at 14:10
#13 by drakon9
2016-08-12 at 14:30
< report >Nasu is known for saying things like "Don't give it too much thought" or "that part wasn't meant to be serious". Forget about minor details, once you've completed UBW you'll have the full picture, I assure you it won't make you feel heartbroken.
#14 by emir7
2016-08-12 at 14:36
< report >Than you guys! :)
True, I guess little details don't matter that much.

"Even though I'm a yuri maniac, Rin + Saber just don't add up into anything that resembles a plausible pairing"

This will be my current opinion until I finish the VN :D
I'm glad to be wrong =PLast modified on 2016-08-12 at 14:38
#15 by drakon9
2016-08-12 at 15:01
< report >If you're gonna read Fate hollow when you finish the VN [if you don't intend to... what are you doing with your life?] you might want to wait for a while. By next year there will be a voiced patch [voices taken from the PlayStation Vita, except the H stuff].
#16 by drakon9
2016-08-28 at 13:51
< report >I took the liberty of rereading all the game endings. While doing the UBW sunny days one I found enough evidence to discard the harem ending. You don't even have to read her route, there's more than enough evidence in the ending alone:

1. When saber and Shirou start talking she interrupts their conversation.

""All right, all right!
It's fine if you two stare at each other, but the conversation's not going anywhere like that!"

"It's because you two are flirting"

She clearly doesn't want them to have a romantic relationship, and she proves she can easily stop them.

2. "I can't let anyone else take care of you"

Anyone else means anyone else. The very start of fate hollow Ataraxia makes a reference to it once we hear saber's words. Saber in Fate hollow comes from the sunny days ending.

"With Rin gone it is my duty to take care of you"

Meaning it was Rin the one that did it before. They also get very close [wink] once Rin's not living with them, but at a very slow pace [Rin didn't let them before, but now they realize they have feelings for each other]

3. The last lines of the game:

"Even if I'm not able to change it by myself, I'm sure the two of us can change it a bit.
We have just started walking down my path, I'll do my best and walk on, alongside that reliable partner of mine"

Saber isn't even mentioned.

Now let's break your arguments in favour of the harem ending:

1. " I'll need you to help me supply saber. I won't be as bad as saber but I'll still be an incovenience".

According to you this means sex. Well, she also says:

"I'm giving Saber most of my magical energy"

So according to you they're having sex as they speak. Or maybe you think that when Rin says she's been all night taking care of your wounds she and saber have been actually having hard sex while laughing at your suffering.

2. "Saber is mine"

At first [without fully remembering the ending] it struck me as a bit weird [nothing really big, but a bit weird to say that out of the blue]

Now... when does she say that I ask you. She does when saber asks her something troubling for her:

"Yes. It should be difficult for Shirou to make a promise he does not know about.
Rin, what do you mean by having Shirou help you?"

Then Rin replies: "Saber is mine, and you're mine too, so don't argue back to me!
Familiars should listen to their master without talking back!!!!"

She's clearly saying Shirou will help her by having sex with her, and is telling saber she doesn't have a say [apparently Shirou doesn't have a say either...]

3. "At the end Rin even holds saber's hand"

That doesn't happen. The text says

"Tohsaka pulls Saber with her and leaves the dojo"
"Hey, what are you standing there for, Shirou!?
We can't start eating until we're all there!"

She calls back to me while pulling Saber forward with her.

If pulling saber while shouting Shirou's name is your definition of yuri then every girl is a lesbian.

Example: link

Irisviel not only goes sightseeing with saber [beach...] but she also pulls saber? Oh my God!!! Call the lesbian community, another one joined their ranks! :D
Now seriously, we all know Irisviel is Kiritsugusexual. That doesn't mean she can't enjoy the company of other people [same with Rin, she's tsundere, not yandere =P]Last modified on 2016-08-28 at 13:56
#17 by emir7
2016-09-01 at 01:18
< report >In the end I coudn't put it down and marathoned it =P
I think the true ending is AWESOME and Rin is best girl now. I watched the anime at the same time (Nasu wrote the plot for many of the new scenes and the last episode, which is a must-watch).

After finishing the fate route I read (on youtube as I'd have to complete Heaven's feel for that) the last episode, which made cry. Well, episode 25 of the the UBW anime is basically that. It's a super happily ever after, I'm so glad he came back for the anime.
Now I don't even mind if it's a threesome in the good ending, what Rin does is beyond amazing. I now understand why when asked in an interview who's the girl he'd marry Nasu says Rin because she would be able to take care of a lost cause like him. It's basically like that, in this route Shirou doesn't save the heroine, it is Shirou that gets saved.

I like that she forms a pact with saber in order to save Shirou. I love the way she wants to make a new pact so that archer stays in this world, how she makes it clear to issei he's her boyfriend at the end, how she invites him to the clock tower to be with her...
Now, the visual novel is awesome but Nasu takes it to a whole new level in the final anime episode. It's a 2 years after epilogue and we see a Rin completely crazy over Shirou (Sakura level). I love how she gets jealous when Luvia makes a move on him and even fights her. The last 3 minutes of the episode blew my mind. It's basically like this:

- Rin: Shirou, will you join the magic association?
- Shirou: I'm sorry but no, this is not my place to be. I want to roam the world and become a hero (I just couldn't believe my ears when I heard that. He's basically saying good-bye, it was nice fucking you but I can't waste my precious time anymore)
- Rin: sigh, I see. Then I'll have to leave too.
- Shirou: What? But you like it here.
- Rin: it will be nice to travel, have fun and even suffer with you.
- Shirou: I have to become a hero. It is something I must do alone, even if I stand where he stood at the end.
Rin: alone? aren't you forgetting something?
Shirou: you mean you?
Rin: Yes. I know we're gonna have our happily ever after, I just know it (she actually says it like that!)

The fact that Nasu came back and gave such GLORIOUS and complete conclusion to Rin is unbelievable.

Saber was my best heroine before, but it was always Shirou who had to do ALL the hard work. Even when she fell in love with him she chose Britain over him. I know she's awesome and the last episode is the best conclusion, but Rin doesn't make him suffer 15 hundred years to reach a happy ever after, she gives it to him now. The fact that she ships him with saber when he falls in love with her and even helps him be with her in the fate route gives her so much credit after reading the route.

Now, about the happy ending. After reading the route I thought that the main reason why saber stays as her servant is because Shirou cares a lot about her in that ending (the point stuff, more points to saber and less to Rin).
Well, that is EXACTLY what the anime says with the extra scenes. Scenes that were dark in the game are animated and explain things better.
To sum up what happens in the extra scenes:

In the true ending Rin looks at saber disappear (she doesn't do anything else)
In the good ending Rin runs to save her.
In the good ending at the very end Rin pulls Shirou forward happily, Shirou turns back and gives his hand to saber and Rin smiles

Anyways, awesome route and I highly recommend watching the anime as the new scenes complete obscured parts that Nasu didn't show in the original game (it solves a few doubts to me at the very least)
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#18 by drakon9
2016-09-13 at 14:04
< report >There's actually a fourth option you didn't include in the poll: Saber and Shirou are in a sexual and romance relationship and Rin goes to London alone.

It isn't very far-fetched if we pay attention to one of Nasu's interviews in which he boldly stated that reopening (link) was meant to be one of FSN endings.

The fact that he included it in FHA and that saber and shirou do have a romance relationship in that game make some people believe that this ending is real.
Now, what ending could it refer to? The fate ending is a possibility, but Saber and Shirou aren't in a relationship and saber even says: "with Rin gone, it is my duty to supervise you"; "that's right, with Tohsaka gone it was up to saber to protect the order of our household"... "If you do not see the error of your ways, I will have to move into the room next to yours"

Basically it could very well be: a substitute for the UWB good ending; the future of the UBW good ending.
I'm of the opinion that it is possibly its future. In the true ending after a month since the Grail War Rin tells Shirou she's been invited to the Clock Tower.
In the good ending we just see what happens the mornig after the final battle. Do you seriously think she'll just reject the offer once she receives it a month after that? I am almost certain she WON'T reject it. Even in the true ending she says: Shirou, I'm going, will you come with me? [her going there is not part of the question]. The clock tower has been her dream as a mage from the very beginning. Not going there means giving up as a mage.
She's only allowed one disciple, and saber can't even learn magic, are they gonna abandon saber and leave her alone? Will Shirou stay behind? I think what happens in FHA makes perfect sense [she even gives Shirou saber back as a servant, though that happens outside of the scene in question].

There have been some forums questioning who will accompany her when she goes to the Clock Tower [Shirou or saber]. Well, as I see it that scene makes it clear that if she does go none will accompany her [and saber and Shirou will rack up romance points during those +3 years :D]
Who knows, maybe she'll settle there and Shirou and saber will have their happily ever after in this world =P [after all Rin's not an idiot. She knows Shirou has feelings for saber and that saber has feelings for Shirou (saber even says she stayed just to watch over him); Rin knows saber can truly watch over him; throughout the visual novel Rin is known for giving the girl to Shirou (in the fate route she even plans Shirou's date with saber; in HF she pretty much nudges him forward towards Sakura)].Last modified on 2016-09-13 at 14:24
#19 by emir7
2016-09-18 at 10:45
< report >"one of Nasu's interviews in which he boldly stated that reopening was meant to be one of FSN endings"

What words did he exactly use to say that?

Also, according to this site (vndb) Nasu just wrote the main story of fate hollow ataraxia.
#20 by drakon9
2016-09-18 at 11:43
< report >Nasu said:

"I personally wrote “Reunion”, the introductory portion of Fate/hollow ataraxia with the intention of it being the ending of a certain route in Fate/stay night and the ending of “hollow ataraxia”

It is true he didn't wrote the side stories but simply gave instructions. Even so all the links I gave in this site link to scenes written by him.
For example [and it leads to the most beautiful sentence written about Rin in the whole game IMO] Nasu stated in an interview that Mimic Rin was his idea and that he gave a guest writer instructions to make it. However [and this is the interesting part] he also said that he didn't like what it portrayed so Nasu himself went out of his way to rewrite the whole thing [we're talking about future Rin so it's certainly a matter he prioritised. And yeah, he did say he rewrote everything].


Go to minute 15. Future Rin says:

"So I'll declare it now. Rather than becoming happy together, I will, with no questions asked, and more than anyone else, give him happiness"

Current Rins answers:

"Of course, I already knew... N-No, I mean, why would I ever go through that much trouble hor him!?"

By saying "of course, I already Knew" current Rin had a tongue slip and confirmed what future Rin says.

Now, remember Fate Stay Night. Rin does exactly as she said there: She prioritizes Shirou's happiness thousands of times more than her own [or anyone else for that matter].

Fate: So you like saber?, I'll plan your date with her to make sure it's a success. She gives up on the Holy Grail War and let's not forget Rin was badly injured when saber disappeared [plus she wasn't there]. Who knows, she may have stayed had Rin been there to persuade her [like UBW good ending]. In Fate Hollow Rin brings saber back and gives her to Shirou so it isn't far-fetched.

UBW: True: so you like me? We'll have a happily ever after together [Yay!!! he chose me! :D]
Good: So you like both me and saber? We'll have a happily ever after all 3 of us together.
She even fucking says "You want her to stay, so it's alright"
Even so I think saber will just watch over them [no threesome]. The Rin that goes out with Shirou is very jealous after all and if we take the true ending into account [including the anime epilogue] she's very loyal as well.
Now, if Rin had given saber back to Shirou THAT would have become a threesome [we all know the only way Shirou has to provide with mana...]
I believe Rin's attitute is aimed at avoiding that scenerario [she says it's the most suitable option. Well, it's certainly the only one that can avoid a threesome [not that Shirou and saber couldn't still have sex, but at least not out of necessity]. Rin's choice make the true ending a plausible ending for the good ending as well [being good because Shirou gets saber to stay, maybe his biggest desire in the visual novel]. The first thing Rin tells saber is to train Shirou. No matter how I look at it the status quo she creates is aimed at giving Shirou all the support saber can provide so that he's happy and doesn't become archer, while at the same time ensuring a love relationship with him [no saber there].

Heaven's feel: You like Sakura? Sakura it is then [though it is likely done for Sakura's sake as well. Even though in the previous routes she forgets about her...]

I'm not saying she doesn't care about the others (especially sakura, saber and Archer), just that the person she prioritises in every route and Fate Hollow and the person she risks her life for [even more so in the Fate route] happens to be Shirou.

I'm done with the fate posts in general, my opinion should be pretty clear at this point, I would start repeating myself otherwise and I'm getting a bit tired of it.Last modified on 2016-09-19 at 13:21
#21 by emir7
2016-09-18 at 16:59
< report >Thank you for all the time you spent answering!!!
#22 by emir7
2016-09-20 at 00:04
< report >Well, I already got my answers, so I'll finish posting in this thread as well.
My conclusion after everything that has been said: either drakon is right and Rin does it to get in a couple relationship with Shirou or this ending is the classical eroge ending. If it's the latter I took it too seriously (especially since the story is awesome and pretty realistic for what it is) but here Nasu would just give us the usual crappy eroge ending.
Answering myself to the question of this thread: No, it isn't Rin's harem, not even in the slighest, it is Shirou's Harem (makes sense too, you give points to both girls and it says good ending).
Under normal circumstances it should have become Rin's harem (saber goes back to Shirou as she wants and Rin has to have sex with saber to give her magical energy).

But no, Nasu makes sure Rin gets saber as her servant (She doesn't even have to have sex with her as she said she's supplying mana constantly). He also makes sure to mention that won't be enough, so the poor girls will have to receive Shirou's seed to survive.

I would be very disappointed if it does turn out to be Shirou's harem. I'd regret giving it so much thought during the past month, I believed it to be a serious ending and it would turn out to be 10 minutes of fanservice (you turn a great visual into "Shirou's seed is a necessity for us girls"). I'd be so mad that's the ending.

I agree with you Drakon, if we are to take the ending seriously and according to the route it is a Shirou X Rin + saber supporting them. But if we are to take it as a typical eroge ending (and the semen as a boost to be able to live make it a possibility) it turns into a harem for Shirou that doesn't make any sense, it's fanservice to the point of fault. I've read several endings similar to this in low-quality visual novels, I'm so pissed Nasu could make use of this even if it's an eroge. To add to the nonsense why not say there's not enough mana, Sakura takes pity in him and decides to help him. Now Shirou has to fuck saber after her training, Rin in the afternoon after her lessons and Sakura at night to replenish mana. I'm not kidding, I'd be very mad. It doesn't even matter if Rin is 100% straight or not. We all know that for the sake of saving Saber, Shirou would do Saber in the morning and Rin at night without a second thought.

The first option I gave in the poll seems like nonsense to me now. Sure, it could be remotely possible if Saber had stayed as Shirou's servant. Rin could say: Shirou, I will be fucking her out of necessity as it is the only way to give her mana as she's your servant. You don't have to do her though, don't touch her, just do me. I repeat, I do it out of necessity.
However, if Saber is her servant Rin isn't forced to have sex with saber (though depending on the cicumstances Shirou might have to give it directly to Saber)

Sigh, I'll wait till I cool down to continue reading Heaven's Feel.
Anyways, I should change the question of the poll to: Is UBW good ending Shirou's harem?
I should also add another option (No, Rin is in love with Shirou and his girlfriend. She doesn't do saber, but Shirou does Saber out of necessity) but since it would restart the whole poll I don't feel like doing it. Just think that the question was made when I wasn't aware of all this and that there is another option (Shirou's complete harem) that has X % and doesn't appear as I didn't consider it a possibility when I made this thread.Last modified on 2016-09-20 at 10:35
#23 by gilgamesh-
2016-09-21 at 12:50
< report >Quote "Rin gets a harem. She takes turns in fucking them but makes sure they don't get together (as she told them not to flirt)."

I think you're being demented and extremely and unfairly jealous, especially considering what Rin does.

A) In the true end she follows Shirou around like a babysitter while Shirou roams the world trying to become a hero.

B) In the good ending it's the same with the addition that Shirou's mistress, with whom he likes spending a lot of time instead of Rin (unlike the true ending), is sucking all of Rin's prana.
Rin and Shirou don't go to the Clocktower to study in this ending, presumably because Rin spends so much prana keeping Saber on Gaia that she can't function as a normal magus anymore. Worry not about Shirou (apparently your only concern) as he will become a mage thanks to Rin teaching him every day.
Rin says it won't be as bad for him as it is for her. It's just an "inconvenience" for him. Rephrasing what she said, the sacrifice will be mainly hers.
Shirou simply helps with the "upkeep" by injecting Saber with his prana.
What an ungrateful bitch Rin is...

Not to mention that the second story's archer is the first story shirou which coulnt save saber and became obsessed with his ideal, his ideal betrayed him in the end then he got corrupted as a heroic spirit. Had Rin not saved saber in the good ending Shirou's chances of becoming archer would have exponentially increased even having Rin by his side.

There's another possibility. Gilgamesh uses his noble phantasm to make a breach in space and make it to the dimension of the living. While Rin wastes time telling Shirou to stay behind and let her and saber handle him Gil will have by now learned his lesson and will kill them quickly while they're quarrelling.
Everyone is dead... but saber. After a few rape nights she realises she's a woman and falls head over heels for him, something very similar to what happened in the fate route with Shirou. It's the happy Gil-Saber end.
(This last paragraph is my fanfic, don't take it too seriously)

linkLast modified on 2016-09-23 at 22:27
#24 by gilgamesh-
2016-09-22 at 17:35
< report >One more thing to consider is that she asks archer to remain in this world. This happens in both the good and true ending (right before the good ending would come archer's scene). Think that if archer had accepted Rin's proposal both the true anf happy endings would be the same.

A) The true ending becomes Rin-Archer-Shirou
B) Rhe good ending becomes Rin-Archer-Shirou

I do believe in the good ending Rin runs to save saber because of how much Shirou cares for her (at least 4 points given to her). Even so by asking archer to stay afterwards saber would have left this world had archer accepted (there's not enough mana for both of them and even Rin knows saber isn't selfish to stay that way, by asking archer she's in a way betraying saber, that's why she thinks "I know I shouldn't ask" (but she does ask...) and archer says "I do not know if you will keep your contract with saber, but I am nor qualified for that")

So anwering your question of Rin wanting a harem. Yes, she indeed wants one and it would be made up of Shirous.Last modified on 2016-09-22 at 18:04
#25 by kingofbeasts
2016-10-19 at 14:34
< report >I feel like 90% of the arguments are misplaced. It is Shirou's harem but it has nothing to do with Rin. Shirou and Rin love each other so whoever saber likes will be the deciding factor. In a harem several people have feelings for someone. Who does saber like?

There is one whole route dedicated to the love between Shirou and Arturia. In "the last episode" saber waits for thousands of years for Shirou and cries when she sees him.
In the UBW anime Rin says saber is way to dedicated to Shirou. In episode 23 saber says "Shirou, you are still my master", in episode 24 before dying saber says "I am happy because Shirou has Rin". In the V.N saber flirts with Shirou as Rin states and she says she stays for him.
If we look the other way we'll see that after Rin is forced to have sex with saber in the H-scene saber's mind is 100% set on Shirou, it's as if nothing ever happened with Rin. This proves that no matter what Rin does, saber never sees Rin as a love interest.
In the good ending the bond between Shirou and saber is even stronger than that of te true ending, strong enough for saber to kill Rin while destroying the Grail without the need of a command seal, although that didn't happen as Archer saved Rin in the last second.
So we have a saber class servant that willingly states "Shirou, you are still my master" while having another master, she willingly almost kills her real master and after Rin saves her she flirts with her master's boyfriend.
Also, Rin doesn't have to do anything to saber. She's in the same situatin as Sakura-Rider in Heaven's Feel and they don't have sex.

I would also like to give my misgivings towards the poll options. The poll is biased and incomplete. People that vote for the threesome may like me belive it's Shirou's harem, but the answer makes it seem it is Rin's harem. I'm the second one to notice this as formis already said the threesome would be equal, not Rin's harem. And if you ask me I'd say he said that to confront the bad option system and would actually give the edge to Shirou, not Rin. I say it would be Shirou's harem for what I explained at the beginning, and I believe others agree with me, even if they have to vote for option 2 because there is no other option for Shirou to fuck Saber in the poll.

Where does my vote go to? It would go to the inexistant option of both Shirou X Rin and Shirou X Saber. I would base this on the sequel to the VN.
In the eclipse scenes we are shown that Heaven's Feel is Shirou's harem because Rider is fucking him. There is another scene which is very interesting, the saber scene. In the game saber comes from the UBW good ending universe. Her eclipse scene is her going inside the bathroom while Shirou is bathing. Shirou tells her to wait but she tells him not to wrorry, she undresses and bathes with him. After a while Shirou gets turned on and he says he's unable to resist his instincts, so he they have sex. Saber was very happy Shirou would allow her to make love to him.
Unlike Rider, it isn't so clear this will happen in the UBW good ending but knowing Nasu already gave him a harem in Heaven's Feel and the way UBW good end happened I'd say there's a super big chance of that happening there.

About the first poll option I'd rule it out completely. The only chance of the ending staying just Rin X Shirou is if Rin doesn't make a move on saber and saber doesn't make a move on Shirou. If Rin does saber then saber will have no reason not to do Shirou, no guilt...
Edit: the reason I'd rule it out is what was already mentioned. If Rin had set saber free or given her back to Shirou, Rin would have had to have sex with Saber out of necessity to give her mana (as there would be no master- servant relationship that would be the only way). Now, since saber and Rin maintained their pact Rin has no need to have sex with her (as she supplies mana constantly thanks to her immense magical knowledge) and it would be Shirou that comes to be in a enviable position as his “seed” would be needed to maintain the girls (either through Rin or directly to saber if that wasn’t enough).
The situation between Rin and Saber is the same one as Sakura-Rider in Heaven's Feel true ending and they don't have sex (because it's not necessary thanks to the master-servant link).Last modified on 2016-10-25 at 17:35