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#1 by prosek
2016-09-01 at 08:45
"Russian amateur EN->RU translation group"

Is this still accurate? It seems like this group is actually doing direct English>Japanese translations based on the release record. For example if we look on this list, there are English (but not Russian) releases listed for May Club, Maid Monogatari, Eve: Burst Error, GLO-RI-A, and DESIRE.

The situation might be that they did Russian releases before or simultaneously and they just haven't been listed yet, but EN>RU implies they started with pre-existing English. In this case if they are the source of the English then it's more likely they're doing JP>RU then either JP>ENG or RU>ENG.
#2 by dk382
2016-09-01 at 09:14
They are using translations produced by other companies such as JAST USA with those releases, and aren't doing their own translation.
#3 by redborsch
2016-10-09 at 08:28
Previously they translated the untranslatred games on Japanese with Google Translate but Google has banned their website and now there is only cache with translate based on old Google Dictionary.Last modified on 2016-10-09 at 08:29
#4 by zus
2019-04-05 at 17:46
Hey, i'd like to clarify.

Google Translate doesn't work anymore, but it should not be mentioned anyway
We are translating
JP->RU (immoral studies 3, seasons of the sakura as exampes)
RU->EN (immoral studies 3)

We've also made some JP->EN and JP->RU changes in order to correct mistakes and to cover untranslated partsLast modified on 2019-04-05 at 17:47


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