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#1326 by Ileca
2022-12-15 at 22:02
< report >Is UI design an artist's role? Technically, it is, well, when they drew the UI, but I kinda don't put them as such as I consider them too minor to deserve to be in the artist's spot. What do you think?
#1327 by beliar
2022-12-15 at 22:09
< report >No. I always put them down as 'staff'.
#1328 by Ezezin
2022-12-30 at 20:59
< report >What is our stance in using (open) databases and wikis as references?

I always thought edits based on those websites can become problematic if there isn't a single clue or if it's not clear from where the information came from, unless a proper reference is given (like almost all Wikipedia articles).

Of course, I'm not going to remove everything that's being copied added from there, but there are some information about staff stuff that I can't seem to find a source on those places.

Speaking of databases, can someone tell me how can I see the edit history of any page of ErogameScape and Bangumi?Last modified on 2022-12-30 at 21:09
#1329 by Lotuscale
2022-12-31 at 02:19
< report >I think we can't be as rigorous as most Wikipedia pages which must be scientific. For voice actors' aliases, these often don't have clear sources, but just based on someone's feel "Ah, it sounds like this person" or some certain "nomenclature", and its reliability is also based how many people support it. So we can't see aliases on Wikipedia unless there's a decisive evidence. A possible situation could be: I saw some alias information on Bangumi, in addition to my judgement, thinking it's reliable, and added this information to here. With regard to proper reference, I can say there's no. But such way we could lose most of the alias. (For example v40520.11, this is almost without doubt for both reason above, but no official source).

Of course I'm no expert on it, just for you reference.Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 02:20
#1330 by Mrkew
2022-12-31 at 02:35
< report >If this is about this particular case, there is no doubt it's indeed Taichou by just listening to link.Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 02:35
#1331 by Ezezin
2022-12-31 at 07:48
< report >
Ah, it sounds like this person
by just listening
No, I'm strongly against in merging staff because voices are similar. They are voice actors for a reason.

based how many people support it.
A lot of people may say something about something, it won't make it more real.

So, did the actress or someone who knows her said that she used a certain alias or was a "feeling" from users thinking that a character sounded like a certain actress? This is what I'm trying to figure it out and why I was asking and looking for references.

Sometimes I wondered how the VN community knows that a certain actor used certain alias... Please, don't tell me that all this time they were referring to a "feeling".Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 08:34
#1332 by Lotuscale
2022-12-31 at 08:12
< report >Some voice actors' aliases have certain "nomenclature", while others don't. As far as I can see, these can only be recognized by feeling. Some aliases could be revealed by a game being ported to all-age platform or animation adaption, but as I said, if we insist on decisive evidence, we would lose most of the aliases.

But because I'm no expert on it, maybe we should wait for some more comments?Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 08:14
#1333 by Ezezin
2022-12-31 at 08:43
< report >Nah. Let's just end it here for now.

I'm going be super busy the next few weeks because of new year and other festivities and I don't want to engage in long discussions at the moment. I thought it was going to be a simple solution, but it seems it's not :/

But in the meantime, I would appreciate if someone can tell me
how can I see the edit history of any page of ErogameScape and Bangumi?
Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 08:45
#1334 by qpo
2022-12-31 at 10:39
< report >^ Bangumi:
For a /subject/ entry: Click "信息" on the left side of the page, or add "/edit" after the url (e.g. link -> link).
This doesn't work for /character/ or /person/ unless you have a "wiki-er" account, which is allowed to edit database entries.

AFAIK they don't have edit histories. Edits of basic information (基本情報) are moderated, moderation queues can be viewed at link, link and link (check back later if they're empty now).
Edit: Found a discussion board, mainly used for requesting to remove/merge entries, or correct some information only editable by the admin, which can serve as a log somehow.

Please, don't tell me that all this time they were referring to a "feeling".
But what if this "feeling" is shared by multiple people in the VN community?
For example, 7 Bangumi users have commented on Shirayuki Noa's character page expressing their "feeling" that she's voiced by Daichi You. The same thing also happened to Tenjiku Amane and other eroge characters on Bangumi. I suppose this might be a source for Bangumi editors to add alias to staff.Last modified on 2022-12-31 at 11:55
#1335 by Ileca
2023-01-12 at 20:21
< report >When a game was renamed after release, we don't rename it, right? The original name prevails and the new one is put as an alias, right?
I can't remember and I spent too much time already trying to track an EVN where that problem arose, without success.
I prefer to ask before I make a fool of myself by renaming a game from 2010 and be reverted.Last modified on 2023-01-12 at 20:21
#1336 by beliar
2023-01-12 at 20:44
< report >You are correct. You probably think of The Royal Trap. It was renamed to "The Royal Trap: The Confines of the Crown" after the release, but originally it didn't have the subtitle, and the db entry omits the subtitle too.
#1337 by Ileca
2023-01-12 at 20:51
< report >Oh yeah, that's the one! Thanks.
#1338 by Altarius
2023-01-20 at 20:16
< report >Well, this has been already discussed (in vain), still I would rather post my thoughts here.
What purpose this split has? Should the chars be so different, we must split the VN entries as well (it has been done and undone already). But if the releases are counted as one VN, do we really need that characters' split?
Just look at this: Arima Takuya and Arima Takuya. The former contains all the traits of the latter. Some entries are without any traits at all. The only difference is the images.
The only logical solution for me is to merge (carefully) them.
#1339 by beliar
2023-01-20 at 20:23
< report >I agree with you, really. The recent version of Yu-No is pretty much identical to the old one, not counting the art, and having different art is imho really no reason to have different character instances. Whoever has played the game should probably check the character entries and post the list of characters to delete.
#1340 by Mrkew
2023-01-20 at 21:13
< report >I added Yume-chan no Dokidoki Shinkon Seikatsu Yokou Enshuuchuu! this morning and it's been on my mind. It's a fandisk and the only way to get it is to buy the base game release listed there, which comes out on 31/3. But you can't actually download the FD part until 3 days later. So the game will have been listed as released on the wrong date in the database. Is there a way to deal with that?
#1341 by adamstan
2023-01-20 at 22:04
< report >@1339 - but character entries are IMO not only for traits and descriptions - images/the look of the characters is also important. It would be good, if there were multiple pictures allowed per character tied to releases/editions, if there are significant art style/character design differences between editions, as it is with original YU-NO and its remake.

(I played the original, but not the remake, but I'd hate for example original character images to be replaced with those from remake as the only images. At the same time, the different style of the remake is not insignificant information, and it should be preserved somehow)

After all, those are visual novels, so the visual aspect is also important ;)Last modified on 2023-01-20 at 22:09
#1342 by Ezezin
2023-01-20 at 22:33
< report >#1340 The only way is to split the releases with a note saying that buying the main VN grants access to the fandisc.
#1343 by Ileca
2023-01-20 at 23:21
< report >Two examples of split releases to spread properties properly: r61045/r62915, r48950/r98008/r98009/r98010.
#1344 by Altarius
2023-01-21 at 06:02
< report >@1339
Ok, maybe when I find some free time, I'll merge the entries.

if there were multiple pictures allowed per character tied to releases/editions
I think Yorhel has been working on that feature for quite a time. But for know, there is no meaning for doubling instances just because the art has changed.
As for other games I concerned, BALDR BULLET has the same problem, but I'm yet to complete the game.
#1345 by negameko
2023-01-21 at 11:37
< report >Minor question. I made an edit of Hana Awase to credit Sentive as the composer since the game was listed in their works page (see edit notes), but when I watched the credit roll for one of the Hana Awase games I realised it actually credited Rhetoric as the composer for its BGM (but it credited Sentive for the Iroha-hen ED theme specifically) Rhetoric has a bare-bones vndb page which currently only has Trick or Alice as one of the games it worked on. However, the Sentive website also lists Trick or Alice in its works page. Both Sentive and Rhetoric seem to be sister groups under background, and Rhetoric doesn't seem to be currently active (its official website is defunct). Should I consider Sentive and Rhetoric as separate entities? Would crediting both be redundant if they're the same?
#1346 by Ileca
2023-01-21 at 16:16
< report >Comparing a little SENTIVE's work page and Rhetoric's, I am not sure I see the difference. Look like with some members being common, they are just copy pasting the credits to inflate both lists?

I believe only the games' credits should be trusted where it appears some difference is retained. I checked Trick or Alice and Rhetoric is credited for the OP and actuo as the vocalist. Sentive should not be credited even if this game appears in their work list (because of actuo?).

Anyway, I would keep the separation, assuming the two units are not identical in members, and clean the vndb's credits based on what is on the actual game's credits.
For Hana Awase, credit Rhetoric for the BGM and Sentive for the ED based on what you said.
#1347 by negameko
2023-01-21 at 23:55
< report >I see, I'll change my edit when I can. Thanks for the help.
#1348 by projectfear22
2023-01-22 at 16:09
< report >I'm puzzled. I wanted to add some screenshots but while I see the edit tab, I cannot find an upload button. Just how do you upload screenshots to a page?
#1349 by beliar
2023-01-22 at 16:40
< report >Edit -> Screenshots -> Select release -> Select images


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