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#1376 by Altarius
2023-02-07 at 06:35
< report >@1374
As a user I'd rather have *some* picture
Well, I'd rather not. As for starless - all the other images are 256x300, but the protag's one is 140x215. And it was taken from some H-scene with a weird expression, bringing a dissonance to the other entries.
Surely, we need some restrictive guild lines about this.
#1377 by Marc402
2023-02-09 at 19:25
< report >Should titles be added for trial/ partial English releases, especially unofficial ones? This VN has an English title even though the only release is an unofficial English release that's marked as a trial and translates only a few days. The release itself is just called a 'teaser' and it was released over a decade ago, so it's likely never going to be completed.

It's okay to remove the titles for these entries, right? After all, anyone who even translated a tiny chunk of the VN could get their title added if this was allowed.
#1378 by desann
2023-02-28 at 00:45
< report >Could someone please unlock Kenbishi Seika? I want to add sometraits, but it is locked for editing. Not sure where to better ask for it.Last modified on 2023-02-28 at 00:45
#1379 by Ileca
2023-02-28 at 04:01
< report >Done.
#1380 by JackDBS
2023-02-28 at 04:37
< report >Can Dragon Knight 4 be unlocked? It's been 2 months since the lock and the edit war was already resolved by the time the lock was placed.
#1381 by Altarius
2023-03-05 at 09:21
< report >I have a question about descriptions. For me a description should state who the character is at the beginning of the story, and not what he does throughout that very story.
For example, this edit (spoilers to Ikusa Megami Zero) looks perfect for me, removing all the redundant information. On the other hand, Haishera is an example of rather bad description filled with unnecessary infodumping. Am I wrong?
#1382 by beliar
2023-03-05 at 12:35
< report >Yes, you are absolutely right. I'm not sure why some editors want to add plot events to the character profiles. It bloats the profiles and even unintentionally spoilers the game. In the Haishera profile at least he whole spoiler thing should be removed.Last modified on 2023-03-05 at 12:37
#1383 by Mrkew
2023-03-05 at 13:11
< report >
Other names this character is known by, such as nick names used by other characters within the story, or names appearing in the supplemental sources provided by the developer. Since this field does not have any option to hide spoilers, you shouldn't include spoilery names here. It is possible to mention such aliases with a spoiler tag in the description.
But I'm all for adding option for spoiler names and spoiler aliases, which should be easily done when spoiler sex is a feature.Last modified on 2023-03-05 at 13:12
#1384 by Ninius
2023-03-22 at 08:32
< report >Why are some characters' names translated in the romanization field when there's no English translation for the vn? For example School Principal (God). This seems rather common. Is this how it's supposed to be or should the names just be romanized as everything else?
#1385 by beliar
2023-03-22 at 09:39
< report >Names should obviously be romanized, but if a char name contains some sort of title, position or profession, it should be translated if possible.


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