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#326 by wildberry
2020-10-09 at 16:31
< report >@eacil Thank you, I will follow your inputs from here on out.
#327 by lotuscale
2020-10-10 at 15:24
< report >Sorry to bother, but... With regard to musical staff, I always follows Traumatizer, another moderator who did a relatively large quantity of edits about music. I believe lots of contributors follow that practice. And I've just found something against what Eacil said or I'm simply misreading it?

A recent example regarding lyricists, where lyrics and composition are merged.
Another example, where composition, arrangement, lyrics are all merged into one entry.
And in this example arrangement is listed in "Composer" (I admit it's a difficult subject so can't really argue).

Of course I can't list them all. This may be rather impolite, but I just want to make it clear. Which policy should we obey ultimately?Last modified on 2020-10-11 at 13:21
#328 by wildberry
2020-10-11 at 20:56
< report >Thank you for bringing that up @lotuscale, I'll await a verdict on this too.


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