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#426 by mrkew
2021-01-18 at 09:02
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Was the Japanese title announced before or around the English release, or did that come much later?
It wasn't announced, but it was clear that the title would be different from the global (or rather, all-ages) one, based on the previous installments in the series.

By the way, Rampaa said that you're planning to add a field for original language to the VN page. If you do that, I assume the original language will decide the title. If that's correct, why not edit d2#2 to mention the original language already? That would make the argument over what's an original release pointless.Last modified on 2021-01-18 at 09:25
#427 by alexfang452
2021-01-18 at 09:07
< report >Well...
If you're going to do that, then I guess Useless Goddess and Divinity Stage should be changed to their Jap titles as well?Last modified on 2021-01-18 at 16:49
#428 by rampaa
2021-01-18 at 21:33
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Well, my last attempt was not met with widespread approval...
To be clear, I am not advocating flagging bad translations made by human beings, so I would be opposed to a flag like "this release is crap" as well.

What I am saying is if VNDB specifically allows obvious MTLs when they are "official", then we should be able to flag them with a MTL flag. As is there is no way of discerning them from legit releases.
#429 by qpo
2021-01-20 at 15:43
< report >How to translate 演出 (enshutsu)?
An anime enshutsuka is an episode director link, but a visual novel enshutsuka is definitely not a director.
スクリプト (script) is pretty close, but still different. link link
#430 by adamstan
2021-01-20 at 15:51
< report >Why not a director? Some VNs in database already have such staff entry. Of course it's different function than movie director, but the term is being used for VNs as well.

For example Yow is listed as director for Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete and Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o, SCA-Ji is listed as a director for ATRI -My Dear Moments- etc etcLast modified on 2021-01-20 at 15:53
#431 by jazz957
2021-01-20 at 16:26
< report >But aren't they credited as 監督 (kantoku)? Director is usually either 監督 or ディレクター/ディレクション.Last modified on 2021-01-20 at 16:28
#432 by mrkew
2021-01-20 at 17:47
< report >#429 Unfortunately the people who replied to you so far don't actually read VNs. If they did, they'd know 演出 appears in the settings of almost every game and it's to control the special effects that appear on the screen. For example falling sakura petals, rain, effects appearing around sprites which shows their current emotion, sprite movements/looping animation etc. Thus Screen Effects would be the simplest and closest.Last modified on 2021-01-20 at 18:10
#433 by mutsuki
2021-01-20 at 20:08
< report >.Last modified on 2021-01-20 at 20:08
#434 by blahblah35
2021-01-21 at 10:43
< report >I was wondering, what should we do when a visual novel was just a game jam entry, but was released after ? Should I create a new release entry ?

To illustrate : link

which was a ludum dare entry, but is now released as a complete project on itch.ioLast modified on 2021-01-21 at 10:43
#435 by eacil
2021-01-21 at 10:56
< report >The content changed, it was "slightly polished". This is enough to warrant a new release. I mean, I hope "slightly polished" means more than changing two words, in which case it would probably not be enough to warrant a new release unless any other parameter changed like the reso, or the publisher, etc.

Paste and source
This Visual Novel was originally created fin 48 hours in 2015 for Ludum Dare number 30, which had a 'Connected Worlds' theme. It has been slightly polished for its post Ludum Dare release. The original plan was to have much more letters and to involve the conflict between Mars and Earth more. As it is now, the game shows a pretty good idea of what it could do. Maybe if there's enough interest I could put more time in more elaborate letters and different story paths.
in the note field to explain what's the difference between the two releases.

Edit: Wait for another mod's opinion. I am not sure. The more I read, the more I feel like this "slightly polished" is just a meaningless fix. Do you know what changed exactly?Last modified on 2021-01-21 at 11:09
#436 by qpo
2021-01-21 at 11:51
< report >#432 According to link and link, 演出 also includes the use of sound and such.



『テキストやイラストを画面上に表示(or BGMを鳴らす)』
Last modified on 2021-01-21 at 12:22
#437 by mrkew
2021-01-21 at 12:42
< report >#436 I can only comment from a reader's perspective. Obviously there has to be someone who decides which BGM to use at which scene, and who tells seiyuu how fast they're supposed to deliver the lines. I would imagine that to be the work of the director. As I've never worked in a large japanese eroge company, I can't say if that's supposed to be the responsibility of the dude credited with 演出 in the credits.
I can only say that as a reader, if you see 演出速度, it strictly controls screen effects (extracted from a game I'm just reading - link)Last modified on 2021-01-21 at 12:42
#438 by qpo
2021-01-21 at 14:54
< report >#437 Yeah, that really sounds like the work of a director. (Although a 演出家 doesn't direct VO actors, as far as I know.) But shouldn't a director be THE project leader -- 監督/ディレクター? Some 監督s do 演出 themselves, otherwise it's the job of a 演出家/スクリプター.

I know what 演出 means, but am afraid I can't explain the term clearly in English. Just want to make sure how to translate the role name.

Here're some existing translations:
Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort
Production supervision, production
ATRI -My Dear Moments-
Cocoro@Function! NEO
Planning, Production Supervision, Production
Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation-
Production plan, Script
Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Zan'ei no Yoru ga Akeru Toki-
Script, production
ChuSinGura 46+1
Producer, programming, debugging, scripting

Sometimes 演出 doesn't get translated:
Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koi
Last modified on 2021-01-22 at 20:39
#439 by ninius
2021-01-21 at 19:36
< report >Shouldn't r76579 be it's own game and not on the first game's releases?
#440 by beliar
2021-01-21 at 19:54
< report >
Shouldn't r76579 be it's own game and not on the first game's releases?
Yes, I think so. Feel free to split the entries.

I was wondering, what should we do when a visual novel was just a game jam entry, but was released after ? Should I create a new release entry ?
It depends on how much "polishing" the final product has received. The game's page doesn't state anything conclusive, so I'm really not sure. Unless you can compare the two existing versions and state how much of the content has been changed... I suspect not much.
#441 by ninius
2021-01-22 at 02:53
< report >YoruUta and Yoru are the same person, they should be merged.
#442 by eacil
2021-01-22 at 05:32
< report >There is no merge function, you must create an alias to replace one with the other on every vn and then ask for deletion.
#443 by ninius
2021-01-22 at 15:30
< report >I'm too lazy to do that rn lol
#444 by beliar
2021-01-22 at 15:50
< report >Lazy ass lol
#445 by ninius
2021-01-22 at 18:00
< report >Sorry, having a bit of a bad day, thanks for fixing them.
#446 by mutsuki
2021-01-25 at 00:59
< report >IDK where to put this and I don't think it's important to warrant its own thread so I'll put it here.

What happens if a VN company/maker/publisher etc. says "we don't want our works on VNDB please take them down"?Last modified on 2021-01-25 at 01:00
#447 by yorhel
2021-01-25 at 07:17
< report >We ignore such requests.
#448 by mrkew
2021-02-03 at 00:10
< report >Uchi no Aruji wa Youkai no Rule o Shiranai - the title has furigana "ルール" (rule) over 常識 (joushiki). However when you open the game, the heroines read the title out loud and they read it as Joushiki. If the furigana is written but not actually used for pronunciation, would you agree to change the title from Rule to Joushiki?
#449 by mutsuki
2021-02-03 at 00:58
< report >I would say stick to "rule" as main reading, "joushiki" as sub. There's no way that someone hasn't played the game would know the furigana reading in the logo isn't used. As a result, more people will know the title by the "rule" reading that you would expect from the logo than the "joushiki" one. If the furigana is in the logo clearly someone thought hard about what it was meant to be read as and decided "no it has to be 'rule' and not the original kanji reading". It could just be that when they were recording they just decided to go with "joushiki". If there are other instances of it being read without the furigana then that'd be one thing but if it's just the title then idk probably not.

However, if it was the other way around and there was no furigana for the reading and everywhere it's voiced it's read as "rule" then you'd be happy saying that the title was "rule" rather than "joushiki", which makes things complicated...Last modified on 2021-02-03 at 01:06
#450 by mrkew
2021-02-03 at 01:30
< report >I mean, it's clearly not just the recording for the system voices, because the official abbreviation is "youjou" (site) from youkai and joushiki.
And if you go to the above link, you can see all the way down this:
タイトル 「うちの主は妖怪の常識を知らない」Last modified on 2021-02-03 at 01:44