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#26 by kiru
2017-06-19 at 12:19
Uh, I think romanization is not about the grammar, but about how to pronounce it. Meaning it's important that the romanization shows that as good as possible.

This is why just tte alone is weird. How the heck are you even saying "tte". The way it's usually spoken is that the part before tte is emphasized and the te is attached after a small break I suppose (coming from the emphasizing). Which is why I said attached. It modifies the word it comes with, which other particles don't really do like that.
That said, you can do it with -te as well, as it gives a very similar feeling and might be easier to understand. But if the - is already used for other stuff where the pronunciation is different, that's indeed bad. But I'm really not seeing tte alone. Maybe that's just me though.
#27 by tyr
2017-06-19 at 15:36
It shouldn't be attached because it's not a conjugation, it's two different elements (って being a particle) which are not combined to create a new one.
This is indeed why it shouldn't be attached.

The only problem I see is the って can quote a whole sentence
And this is why dash is also not good.

tte alone is the only correct choice here.
#28 by eacil
2017-06-19 at 21:55
And this is why dash is also not good.
Yeah, I did some visualization and if it works with words alone, it sucks when it is linked to sentences. It makes it look like って is only about the last word when it's not, and it's even worse with ""Hentai Mask Seigi no Mikata wa T-back.-tte Aho na!" kind of example. The perfect solution would be something like separated but with a dash or an apostrophe but I am not here to reinvent the system. Still, "tte" alone is really ugly.

I will also fix all the "desu" without a capital letter and the "nandesu ka/ga" in one word.
Also 城 > "-jou" for names of castles like in Fuyajou ~Hikisakareta Junketsu~.
Same, 化 should be appended with a dash but what about 女体化? Nyotai-ka? I see it in one word because MtF genderswap is not a neologism anymore I guess?Last modified on 2017-06-19 at 22:09


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