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#826 by NaioHoras
2021-10-27 at 12:15
< report >if they released the demo, yes, even when they update and withdraw the release from the public. I believe removing them is the same as denying the release's existance.
#827 by Ninius
2021-10-28 at 06:02
< report >Should ● be * in titles? For example ●witter de Deatta Shoujo Yuuna -> *witterLast modified on 2021-10-28 at 06:07
#828 by shinytentacool
2021-11-01 at 09:15
< report >What's the policy on VNs being "complete" in 0.1 states? link just came out, and I assure you, it's not in a completed state. But VNDB still has it as Complete. And it's not the first time I've seen something like this so I assume it's just how we do things. It's just misleading reallyLast modified on 2021-11-01 at 09:18
#829 by Ileca
2021-11-01 at 09:46
< report >Uh, no, it's not how we do things. If it's not complete, it must not be marked as complete. In this case, the "In development" status on itchio is pretty telling. However, I believe that version numbers are not to be trusted for stuff on patreon i.e. 1.0 doesn't equate to complete version.
#830 by shinytentacool
2021-11-02 at 08:30
< report >Alright, thanks
#831 by Latnemurtsni
2021-11-06 at 18:37
< report >Should this fan translation really be considered "Freeware" if he's demanding information in exchange?

"you must tell me secrets and details only a true fan of Happobijin would know (three points or over is enough)."

^It's not asking for payment, but still not not exactly free for anyone to access.
#832 by trickzzter
2021-11-06 at 19:17
< report >You can't even actually call it a release. It was not released in any form.
#833 by fllthdcrb
2021-11-06 at 21:24
< report >#832 Hmm. Maybe not. But then, just how do you define a release? Probably not limited to just being able to follow a link and immediately have a copy. If money is required, then there's some process you have to go through, usually involving proving knowledge of some things, and only then can you get a copy. In that sense, it's the same here; it's just that the thing you're proving knowledge of is not your credit card number or whatever, but something much more unusual.

It's a really weird restriction, though. I don't think I like it very much.
#834 by Latnemurtsni
2021-11-06 at 22:08
< report >Exactly, it's like how people pay for information; knowledge is a form of currency in a way.

But really, I just don't think weird elitist attitudes like that should be condoned in our already small community.
#835 by masturbator
2021-11-06 at 22:55
< report >can a mod update the cover for Viper-GTS
higher quality cover found on mobygames link
when i click edit the edit options that appear normally arent showing up

also i found a bunch of games with screenshots that do not meet the guidelines
i do not have the heart to remove them myself so can someone take care of them

Sakura Tale <- one image is 1600x600
Narikiri Bakappuru! "Hontou wa, Anta to Nante Ichaichashitaku Naindakarane!" <- one image is 800x1265
Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - The Code Name is "Shield 9" <- one image is 800x1012
Natsuiro Penguin <- one image 1024x1532

Mermaid Kaikyou o Koero! <- all images contain mouse cursor
Magistr Temple <- mouse cursor is visible in most of the images
#836 by beliar
2021-11-06 at 22:58
< report >
You can't even actually call it a release. It was not released in any form.
Has anyone actually tried to get the patch? Even though it's an insane method of distribution, if they actually provide the patch, it can be considered a release. Though if someone can confirm they don't actually give the patch, and it's just a bad taste prank, we'll remove the entry.

can a mod update the cover for Viper-GTS
You can update the cover yourself. No need to involve a mod.
Edit: I see. I cannot access the 'edit' for this Vn either. Seems like a bug. Yorhel, what did you do!?Last modified on 2021-11-06 at 23:00
#837 by Ileca
2021-11-06 at 23:42
< report >Keep calm, guys. It's just Yorhel toying with his website. It happens all the time.

As for the Biman release, if it exists, it should be marked freeware. I couldn't convince my fellow mods that a fantl with a DRM asking your for the game's serial number was not freeware, so you won't be able to convince them that licking the boots of a fantler doesn't make it freeware too.

Yes, mouse cursor is very very very annoying. Even more when it's not a customized one.
#838 by Latnemurtsni
2021-11-07 at 00:44
< report >Everything seems fine now, I edited the ones above.

Question though... Are mouse cursors not allowed? I don't see any mention of them in the screenshot guidelines.
#839 by Ezezin
2021-11-07 at 01:02
< report >Well, it's not specifically written in the FAQ that mouse cursors shouldn't be in screenshots:
All images have to be screenshots of the game itself, this means that any window borders will have to be removed before uploading. We are neither interested in your heavily modified window borders nor in your awesome AGTH setup.

There are some point and click hybrids where the cursor is part of the game, like one of the screenshots from Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO; otherwise, mouse cursors shouldn't be in screenshots.
#840 by NaioHoras
2021-11-07 at 01:23
< report >^agreed. although I wouldn't remove the screenshot if there is a mouse cursor in it.
#841 by fllthdcrb
2021-11-07 at 02:40
< report >I would say custom cursors can be interesting in their own right, though it's probably unnecessary to feature one in more than one screenshot of a given VN.Last modified on 2021-11-07 at 02:41
#842 by Ezezin
2021-11-11 at 19:25
< report >Should I use Male Protagonist and Female Protagonist if a visual novel is tagged with Protagonist Gender Choice and it's not a Protagonist Selection?Last modified on 2021-11-11 at 19:27
#843 by ravosu
2021-11-12 at 23:09
< report >I suggest locking edits on Bishoujo Mangekyou -Kami ga Tsukuritamouta Shoujo-tachi-, the translator re-added the previously deleted English release. New one is r84547.
#844 by yadoumi
2021-11-15 at 12:25
< report >So, if only the heroine is voiced in a nukige, is it fully or partially voiced?

For example, go to Atelier Sakura's page, all their games are basically the same, but half of them are fully voiced and the other half are partially voiced because people don't know what to put...
#845 by Ezezin
2021-11-15 at 12:45
< report >There is no consistent use regarding the voice information in nukige. Some say it should be partially voiced and other says fully voiced. t16582

Edit: Btw, we need feedback on Voicing: a Proposal.Last modified on 2021-11-16 at 01:36
#846 by Ezezin
2021-11-16 at 01:17
< report >Now that we can set a release type for every visual novel included in a release separately, should we make a relation for those products that comes with demo or trials from another game?
#847 by Ileca
2021-11-16 at 01:33
< report >Yes. It's pretty much what it was made for.
#848 by trickzzter
2021-11-16 at 04:09
< report >Looks like something is broken... :( I can't add new releases anymore.
For example I can't add release to Sakura Forest Girls 3: link
Screenshot: link
#849 by Yorhel
2021-11-16 at 06:44
< report >Oops sorry, I broke the release adding form with the move of the release type field. Fixed now.
#850 by trickzzter
2021-11-16 at 07:13
< report >@Yorhel Now it works. Thanks!