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#76 by rampaa
2018-01-11 at 04:00
Shouldn't Park Romi's name be Paku Romi since her name is originally written with kanji? Also, as is "Park Romi" is both her name and alias, which doesn't make much sense.

(Also, when I try to search "Romi" on Staff section, I get two identical "Park Romi"s. Is it intended/normal?)
#77 by harleyquin
2018-01-11 at 04:13
Park Romi is ethnic Korean but a Japanese national and VA, so the romanisation of her name reflects this.Last modified on 2018-01-11 at 04:13
#78 by rampaa
2018-01-11 at 04:20
Her name isn't written in hangul so I would argue that her ethnicity should not matter.

Edit: Now I've looked further into the matter. Wikipedia says her native name is "朴 璐美" (which should be romanized as "Paku Romi") and her Korean name is "박로미" which seems like romanized as "Bak Romi" or "Pak Romi". So even if we care about her ethnicity (which I believe, we shouldn't. Her native name is written with kanji, the rest shouldn't matter.) "Park" doesn't make any sense.

I don't know any Korean so if I'm getting something wrong please kindly correct me.Last modified on 2018-01-11 at 04:59
#79 by wakaranai
2018-01-11 at 06:18
read beliar's comment in his edit.
Park is official romanization - link.
#80 by rampaa
2018-01-11 at 06:37
There are two arguments there:
1) Her twitter and website use "Park" so we should romanize it as "Park".
2) She's Korean so it's better to romanize it as "Park".

As for the first argument, I was under the assumption that we didn't care about "official" romanizations and romanized Japanase according to VNDB guidelines. Was it not the case? Also, if we care about the "official" romanization, then it should be "Romi Park", not "Park Romi". Her website uses the western name order.

As for the second argument... I don't understand it at all. She's Korean but what of it? Neither her Korean nor Japanese name is "Park". Her Korean name is romanized as "Bak" or "Pak" (according to Wikipedia at least), so how do we jump to Park from there?Last modified on 2018-01-11 at 06:52
#81 by lunaterra
2018-01-11 at 07:16
@80 Because the symbol which in words is romanized as "bak" or "pak" is, as a name, most commonly romanized as "Park". link)
#82 by eacil
2018-01-11 at 19:38
Can someone stops this piece of shit named wakaranai? He decided by himself to delete all the work I did to salvage Mink. Yes, I was lazy and stopped at some point but it's no little work to do and no excuse for what he does. I don't even know why I answered this scumbag. Why did I think he was here for dialogue when all his past action proved he is ill intended in everything he does?
Now, look, we have Mink, the brand, parent of all the brands AND the company. This guy is so freaking DUMB! He has no idea of what he is doing, it's link all over again!

just think for a minute, what's easier, edit publisher in 200+ releases, or edit relations in ONE producer entry. you did a bad call creating Mink Co., Ltd. as developer, because it requires editing ALL releases of Mink. instead, move all relations from Mink into Mink Co., Ltd. as you see fit and DON'T EVER TOUCH name of an entry that was there for 10 fucking years. i'm not gonna do this myself because i don't give a rat's ass about relations between producers.

Even if you were right, that's not how you behave. You don't ask someone to explain himself with the only purpose of ensuring he is wrong according to you so you can destroy the hundred of edits he did with impunity. You state what you are going to do and the reason why you are going to do it and you wait for counter-arguments. If a mutual agreement can't be reach, you ask for a third party to arbitrate like we are talking about a lot of edits.

Who are you, the god of vndb who enforces *your* rules? No, you are just a mean dog who crapped on a doormat before running away because "it seems wrong". You mindlessly HALF reverted stuff you claimed to salvage, fucking moron. Even as a savior you suck. Look at what you did: we have the company wandering on its own, which mean that what you claimed to be rightfully linked to Mink is no longer right considering the brand doesn't publish stuff under this configuration. And we have a brand, parent of brands behaving like a company for a useless three levels hierarchy. What a mess you did! Oh, yeah, you know how to crap on a doormat, I must acknowledge that.

There was no right way to do it in the first place. Even if I created a company and started linking under it, it would have required your 200+ releases to be relinked anyway! VN under Mink/Mink would have needed to be relinked as Mink/Mink Co., Ltd. It's the same! Mink was used for some instance as a publisher, what I wouldn't have had to change when renaming Mink as the company. It was easier! You hear it?
If you don't "give a rat's ass about relations between producers" then you should have stayed in your sandbox in the first place and let the grown-ups handle the hard stuff.
#83 by wakaranai
2018-01-11 at 21:06
> Even if you were right, that's not how you behave.
i will decide how to behave without admonitions from retards who barely speak english. reading your posts is like listening to 6-year old ramblings, you hear familiar words, but whole sentences are an incomprehensible mess. i don't know, try to read your posts out loud before posting, may be then you'll hear what rubbish you're writing.

> Who are you, the god of vndb
no, i'm an ordinary man with a healthy chunk of common sense. you don't need godlike powers to see through a bullshit retards do. and oh boy, they do it a lot.

now, let's do some math. Mink has 162 releases listed. you wanted to edit all those releases and change a publisher to "mink co ltd". you started your endeavor p6854.1 on 2017-04-28 by invalidating developer entries of ALL mink releases (by changing it to mink co ltd) under pretense that they will be fixed "soon" (ha-ha). but then, two weeks later, somewhere around r13803.2, you, as you put it, "became lazy" and bailed out after 30 or so edits ("hundreds", lol), leaving the rest of 130 mink releases in a fucked-up state with developer changed from mink to "mink co ltd". you thnk that's how grown-up behave? that's beyond retarded, mate. you could at least have announced it on forum and ask some help, or even ask yorhel to run a script on those 100+ releases, but i guess that's too much to ask from an autist with attention span of a butterfly.

> grown-ups handle the hard stuff
as we have established above, with your cognitive abilities of an insect you certainly aren't able to handle anything of importance. i didn't checked, but i think roughly 30% of your edits are complete bullshit. recent example: r12515.5 -- for two years after your edits 4 games developed by black package are listed under unofficial brand that doesn't even have a direct connection to black package (EDIT: by the way, that's the reason why i don't give a shit about relations anymore. after jazz' meta-entries were greenlit, direct relations became indirect, sometimes with several levels of indirections, and the whole thing became a big messy clusterfuck).Last modified on 2018-01-11 at 21:14
#84 by eacil
2018-01-11 at 23:02
Someone with healthy chunk of common sense would have threatened to revert the edits if the work was not done until the end, not do it unilaterally with such common sense that the entries are in a worst state than they were before I started. Asking for help? Yeah, I have done that before with Ides (nothing of importance, duh) and I had to do it on my own. Restructuring Mink was talked in the PC98 Official Thread.
Now, not only I have to do it on my own but I also have to fight with a moronic bully who doesn't understand that a participative db require dialogue and not tyrannical decisions just to piss-off someone. You see an unfinished job, you complete but you don't unravel it with your parkinson, or you do nothing if not highlighting it on the forum.

recent example: r12515.5 -- for two years after your edits 4 games developed by black package are listed under unofficial brand that doesn't even have a direct connection to black package
Geh, I listed that low price brand under Black Package before jazz restructured the brands. Btw, a producer is not a developer (they help development, though) but that's not surprising coming from someone who think that key animators are not creators.
#85 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 04:16
@81 thanks, it makes more sense now.

Then, if there's no opposition, I will change her name as the following.

Paku Romi-朴璐美 (Primary Name)
Park Romi-박로미 (Alias)
Paku Romi-朴ロ美 (Alias)
#86 by harleyquin
2018-01-12 at 04:36
Did you even read what was written in #81?! If it's the surname, it stays as "Park". Unless you can find English language articles to the contrary, add your aliases but don't change the existing romanisation.

As an example, Park Chung Hee always gives a hit on searches. Bak/Pak Chung Hee will redirect to Park.Last modified on 2018-01-12 at 04:36
#87 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 04:43
@86, #81 said 박 is romanized as Park when it's used in surnames. Though it doesn't affect how 朴 should be romanized at all.Last modified on 2018-01-12 at 04:46
#88 by harleyquin
2018-01-12 at 04:50
The Japanese Kanji for the Korean "Park" is 朴. If you type it out in IME it's ぼく. Regardless it's still written as Park for the same reasons listed in post #81.
#89 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 04:59
It should be romanized as "Park" if it's written with hangul."朴" is not hangul, therefore it should be Paku not Park.

Unless of course her name is actually not written in Japanese kanji but written with hanja. In that case I am simply wrong.Last modified on 2018-01-12 at 05:01
#90 by harleyquin
2018-01-12 at 05:01
The basis for Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja is the Hanzi writing used by China. If you even bothered to look, her name in all three writing systems is exactly the same. Since she's ethnic Korean, the website opts to use the romanisation now in place which is consistent with the Yale romanisation system and her own choice.Last modified on 2018-01-12 at 05:10
#91 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 05:08
You can't talk like a decent human being, can you?

Anyway, I've lost my interest in this conservation. A good day to you.Last modified on 2018-01-12 at 05:08
#92 by harleyquin
2018-01-12 at 05:11
Good riddance. One less anally retentive user who thinks he knows best about languages he only knows about over Wikipedia making troll entry edits in the database.
#93 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 05:32
Not only did you edit your comment to make my comment out of place, but you also started to blatantly lie about "troll entry edits" now. Kudos to you sir.
#94 by harleyquin
2018-01-12 at 05:36
#85 is the very definition of a troll edit when you deliberately ignore what was the stated rationale and play your lone OCD fuelled hand.
#95 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 05:41
Saying "if" there's no opposition I will change her name as the following is a "troll edit", is it? Simply marvelous.
#96 by harleyquin
2018-01-12 at 05:47
Just as well I spoke up then or the threat would have been carried through.
#97 by rampaa
2018-01-12 at 05:58
Sure, if there was no one who opposed it within a few days, I would have changed it accordingly. But it wouldn't make it a troll edit. And even you should know it but you're too busy to hide the fact that you were blatantly lying to insult me. Whatever, I'm done with this conservation for sure.
#98 by yorhel
2018-01-12 at 08:22
Ugh what the hell is happening here.

@everyone (but especially wakaranai with #83): Please keep this civil. If you are unable to get your point across without throwing around pointless insults, then I strongly suggest you don't bother with the entire topic in the first place.
#99 by wakaranai
2018-01-12 at 12:10
@98, well, when shit is being thrown at me in industrial quantities i don't hesitate to throw it back. it might be childish, but it's certainly more fun this way.

now that this mink issue been brought up to light, i question the very legitimacy of Mink Co., Ltd. entry. isn't Mink and Mink Co., Ltd. are essentially the same entity, one being the company's marketing brand and the other company's official name? just like with any other corporate business, like google/google llc, etc. the same question goes for a shitload of other similar dual entries.
#100 by barfboy
2018-01-30 at 15:26
I'm trying to add kuma-puro
The illustrator for games such as
Otokoyu ni Haittekita Onna no Ko o Dou Suru ka 2
Kyou no Ako-chan
but I've never added a staff member before. I keep getting the error "l_site: Invalid URL"
I put the full url link in the space for official page. They do not have a wikipedia. I think I'm doing something wrong.


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