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#151 by wakaranai
2018-09-05 at 12:27
@beliar extreme gore traditionally considered nsfw here, see t3902.8, overmage pretty much summed up "unwritten" nsfw rules. and it's somewhat saddens me that dbmod is unaware of such nuances.

as of whether it should be nsfw or not, i'm personally in favor of it. if an act of conceiving of life is considered a taboo, the destruction of life should be taboo even more so. or take it literally: looking at pictures with mutilated bodies in a work environment would be frowned upon as much as porn.
#152 by bobjr2000
2018-09-05 at 13:47
I agree with waka if your looking at porn even soft core very high chance getting in trouble. If you looking at violent video games, movies, comics probably get in trouble but more so because your not working. But if you looking at something really fucked up then avg person probably more worried about them not being safe at work :P
#153 by beliar
2018-09-05 at 22:04
B-but Waka, people adore violence. It's only when they see bare nipples they loose their shit.... Nya...

I want to ask if it's necessary to create new release if a language was added to the game (so the game has multiple language to choose from, not separated)?

It has been our policy for a long time to add a new release every time a language is added to the game, however the system is getting more and more unfeasible every day, with some VN entries becoming clustered and counterintuitive. Just take a look at the Fault Milestone One entry.

Thus I have a proposal. Rather than cramming every existing language into every new release, we should treat new language additions like patches and only mark the newly added language. For example, r34058 would be the starting bilingual release with no changes, however r47796 would be marked as a Chinese patch, r50063 as a Russian patch and so on. It would uncluster the VN page and would actually make it much easier to undertaker what is going on visually. There would be no more questions "Why are there so many duplicates?" and the database would follow its function of informing, rather than misleading people.

I have actually mentioned this idea with half a mouth before, and Decay also mentioned he would support the change. I wonder, what other users think of the preposition...
#154 by dk382
2018-09-05 at 22:05
And I mostly agree with overmage's assessment back then, though I'd argue that barely covered (like, nipples and slit only) naked people should probably be NSFW too.

Heavy gore should qualify, and this probably added to the guidelines to reflect how we've usually marked it. The problem is that this is much more subjective than sexual content. I wouldn't consider the presence of blood to be "heavy gore" worthy of marking NSFW, like happened in Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou. The second screenshot in Sayonara o Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~ is a little more borderline because it seems like the girl there might be dead? The last screenshot on that page shows what appears to be a sliced-open torso, which should definitely qualify as NSFW, in my mind.
#155 by minah
2018-09-06 at 00:07
I think adding new languages as patches is confusing because they're not actually available as patches. It would be clearer to add the new language to the original release with a note that it was added on X date.
#156 by leery
2018-09-07 at 15:19
I could've sworn I saw gore somewhere in the FAQ listed as an example of NSFW, but I guess not.

Personally, I consider all anime style art to be NSFW but that's obviously not a standard I can use here...
#157 by leery
2018-09-19 at 07:20
How do you tell that a company is not a company but an amateur group?

I always assumed Breeze!! was a doujin group because their works (Natsunone -Overture- and Natsunone -Ring-) were not listed on getchu or other retailers but here they are all listed as proper commercial releases.
#158 by thewayfarer
2018-09-28 at 18:47
So...Space Live just got a Japanese marketing release; a visual novel originally released first for English audiences. A year later, Japan can now get their fill on this novel, which means the characters now also have their names in Japanese.

Being a game made in Japan, but distributed outside their country of do you use the "original" Japanese names since this game is technically made in Japan?
#159 by beliar
2018-09-28 at 19:14
Eh, in this case I would consider the names to be aliases. The country of origin is less important than the original language of the game, imho. The original language was English and the JP translation is to come later. Hence I agree with what you've done by adding the JP names in the alias field.
#160 by eacil
2018-09-28 at 19:30
The writer is Japanese (Heku-chun) so I doubt he wrote the english script in the first place. To me, the original language is Japanese and so the Japanese name shouldn't be aliases.
#161 by thewayfarer
2018-09-28 at 21:12
Well...I've been following the guidelines to romanization in the event of international releases. If a VN was intended to be released first in English, well...I suppose I have to follow standard roman format for "foreign" release.
#162 by leery
2018-11-05 at 19:00
So, what's the rule with hyphens in titles?

I just got four notifications with shinnew removing hyphens I added to a title, with no other change from him. And I've seen him do that before too.

v23295.4, v7870.11, v16750.9, v24493.3

I add them because they help readability. Romaji is damned hard to read by itself already. Trying to parse 'goreijou' is much easier when you know it's the honorific 'go' prefix combined with the word 'reijou', hence 'go-reijou'.
#163 by terios121
2018-11-08 at 15:53
#162 It was me who edited the Release titles because you wasn't Editing the game releast titles.

This made shinnew Remove the hyphens On that monday.
#164 by wakaranai
2018-11-08 at 16:15
@162, yeah, our romanization rules are totally not convoluted and so simple, let's add some random shit to it! could you please not?
#165 by beliar
2018-11-08 at 16:26
Yeah, I'm with Shinnew and Wakaranai here. I believe, the hyphens in those titles add nothing for readability and actually make it harder to parse how the title should be pronounced.
#166 by thewayfarer
2018-11-08 at 21:54
Speaking of readability, is there a quota for space usage for non-hyphen, special symbols in-between words in romaji from original title names? Like:

*Akumeru ∞ Family - H na Kazoku no Acme Loop Royale!!
*Idol ★ Clinic - Koi no Kusuri de H na Shohou

*And Kokorone=Pendulum!?

Should they have spacings in-between for readibility, or just follow the "original name" unless otherwise?
#167 by leery
2018-11-09 at 09:51
Of course those rules are convoluted. You will always end up with a document of that length if you intend to exhaustively list every possible case.

Practically speaking, you could describe such a standard in two or three paragraphs and that would be enough to cover 98 % of the cases.

Anidb's rules are also inconsistent. I've stated my beef with the 'loanwords' section before. Now, the suffixes section is a wonder of its own. Half of the suffixes are separated with a space, while other suffixes arbitrarily get assigned hyphens and sometimes there's neither a space nor hyphen.

It makes no mention of prefixes, but it frankly makes sense to me to apply the same (inconsistent) rules as suffixes to them. There are very few prefixes in the language anyway, and they mostly have to do with keigo.

(And for the life of me I cannot understand why beliar thinks 'go-kazoku' is harder to understand than 'gokazoku'. I read two syllables and then have to backtrack because the rest of the word doesn't match what I expected.)

May I also note that, you are categorically ignoring the 3.2.5 "っ when exclamation" section?

(And, oh my! I didn't even notice that the question particle か is supposed to be embedded into the previous word by those rules. Why are you ignoring all these simple exceptions that have been laid out for you in a handy mediawiki document?! These are 'your' rules, after all!)

(No, seriously. Over at Anidb they romanise 〜んだ as 'n da' but I've been corrected on that here, saying it must be 'nda' ...)

Besides, I've stated this before, but I don't follow your romanisation rules; I follow mine. (And I think yours are an eyesore rather often.)

(I do appreciate your work, terios.)
#168 by wakaranai
2018-11-09 at 10:05
I don't follow your romanisation rules; I follow mine.
i hope you understand that such attitude is not welcome here to say the least and if you'll continue to force your "vision" upon database you might eventually lose your ability to contribute.
#169 by leery
2018-11-09 at 10:09
I am not editing every title to align it with my rules. I just do the alignment coincidentally when I spot an error in a title.
#170 by terios121
2018-11-09 at 21:42
#167 Ok ok, Leery. thanks.
#171 by eacil
2018-11-15 at 17:55
If you are bored, you can go through the edits of u91992. He has no skill at english, is most likely using MTL but still wrote a lot of descriptions. I feel too insecure at mass removing someone else "prose" so do it if you feel it. [/denunciation]

"And at the center of her, five fellow who gather as if it seeks a bridge over the rainbow."
Is it about a gang-bang on drugs?
#172 by barfboy
2018-11-26 at 06:10
Forced male oral sex, specifically a girl forcibly sucking a man's penis until he ejaculates is rape, yes?

It's so rare I've only now just encountered it. I just want to know if I should tag it as 'rape' or 'sexual harassment'
#173 by gregory
2018-11-26 at 12:51
#172 definitely rape. A violation of the mouth.
#174 by traumatizer
2018-11-26 at 13:48
#172 Yeah it's rape, rape always doesn't mean forcing your dick in the ass or pussy.
#175 by barfboy
2018-11-28 at 05:33
Weird stuff in this game.

Rira (You may have to turn spoilers on). She's split from herself by a magic accident in much the same way Kikyou is split from Lisianthus

She engages in 'cuckolding play' by forcing herself to watch while she has sex with her boyfriend in an effort to make herself jealous.

This is just, weird. I applied the 'netori' trait to her because she specifically uses the word during sex with him and enjoys teasing herself about engaging in netorare but I don't know if I should apply 'netorare' to her other self because ... well she's cuckolding herself and other than causing each other jealousy they're not seriously stealing him from one another.

Also I couldn't find a trait or a tag for splitting people into two or more people like Captain Kirk or Nana. Maybe the examples are limited to Rira and Kikyou but All the Tropes calls it Self-Duplication or Literal Split Personality although it used to be called "Starfish People" because of starfish's ability to divide themselves. So I don't know if we need a trait for it or not unless people can think of more examples.Last modified on 2018-11-28 at 05:37


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