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#176 by batoo
2018-11-28 at 10:48
#175 I encountered the same problem with a game based on time travel (the protagonist meets himself in the past). I proposed the trait Geminus, to see if it is approved later ...Last modified on 2018-11-28 at 10:48
#177 by barfboy
2018-11-28 at 20:17
Groovy. It also works absolutely wonderfully for characters like Himenomi Kurumi
#178 by barfboy
2018-11-29 at 21:24
Sorry for all the rape questions but I keep running into them.

Character has an incestuous rape fetish
Kisaragi Ayano

She sets up a situation where she hopes her twin brother will finally rape her (masturbating in the school infirmary hoping he spies on her). And when he finally rapes her she spends the entire time screaming rape and begging him to at least pull out so he won't get her pregnant. Afterwards she thanks him for finally giving her her dream of being raped by him then gives him a schedule of what days she's ovulating on so he can be sure to rape her on the right days to make her pregnant.

So .... I don't know if this should be tagged as rape or not. She definitely wanted it, even thanking him for it afterwards. Then telling him to please 'rape' her more often making all future sexual encounters with her suspect.

This is obviously not the first time I've encountered this and it certainly won't be the last because rape fetishes are one of women's most common fetishes.

There's another side of this as well. Those instances where a man sets up a situation to rape his own girlfriend . Such as tying her up and blindfolding her in a public park then walking off only to sneak back and 'rape' her where she thinks a stranger is doing the act only to have him remove the blindfold revealing 'surprise it was me all along!' and she forgives him and they continue having sex. Such as with Someya Shiiko

I've been using the trait Fake Rape to handle these situations but I think we either:
1. need a new tag and trait describing a situation where someone sets up their own or their partner's rape fantasy or
2. Need to edit the fake rape tag and trait to handle these situations better or
3. Need something in the standard rape tag and trait to explain that even if the person wants to be raped it still counts as rape because consent hasn't been given to their partner.

I would rather not use #3 because I don't know how a person could be either warned that the rape in a game is actually something the victim wants or that someone who's searching for such situations would have a very difficult time finding them.
#179 by beliar
2018-11-29 at 21:40
Both real life and fiction are full of complex and strange things that are not easily categorized and put into tiny little boxes. You just physically cannot create traits and tags for every little variation of a fetish that appears on screen. That would be insane and would just clutter the db.

I'm against creating new traits/tags just for such specific situations, as I can bet my balls that even more strange and specific situations will soon be discovered.

I personally would use "Fake Rape", which probably calls for a slight tinkering with the trait description, so such situations could be taken into account.
#180 by barfboy
2018-11-30 at 03:53
Yeah, I can keep using Fake Rape for stuff like this.
#181 by batoo
2018-11-30 at 12:51
I also think that Fake Rape is good enough. In the worst case, we ask to add the term of "Consensual Rape (Fetish)" in Aliases.Last modified on 2018-11-30 at 12:51
#182 by barfboy
2018-12-09 at 05:50
I added Public Use
to Shizuki Yuri
(because it's better to ask forgiveness than permission?).

I might be misusing it. After being repeatedly raped and having her clothes stolen she keeps arriving at school naked. This happens so frequently the teachers, students, and police just don't give a fuck anymore thinking she's doing it herself because she's a pervert (the molesters are working in teams and this was their goal).

So nobody gives a flying fuck when she's raped anymore, anywhere, or anytime. In class, on the train, in a crowded bus terminal, whatever, everyone just watches. She's not tied up though or abandoned in a cage or anything. So she has her freedom still and she's not a slave, it's just that no matter where she goes people are going to use her to satisfy their lust.

Same applies to
Saki Haruka
Shinomiya Sumire
(those poor 4H girls)

and all the girls from
Onegai Tasukete! ~Soto ni Detara Yararechau~
Onegai Tasukete!! 2 ~Sosogare Tsuzukeru Seieki~

I only applied it to Yuri so it can easily be undone.
#183 by barfboy
2018-12-09 at 18:15
What do you call a girl who treats other girls as sex objects?

For a male I would call them a 'cad'

or Womanizer

But I can't apply that to a woman. Character in question is
Obihiro Raichi

but there's certainly others such as
Hatsuse Akira


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