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#1 by drakon9
2016-09-19 at 17:33
So i bought the recently published steam version of this game and wanted to say WATCH the font in a youtube video or something before buying it.
It's FREAKING huge. I can't read quickly with such big letters and I tell you now I'm a big fan of big fonts (I hate Princess Evangile and Grisaia little ones).
But this??? Huge disappointment in that regard.
The quality itself is great (1080p yet PERFECTLY well optimised). It takes VERY little CPU considering its resolution, so your pc won't make noise in case you're one of those guys that want to have a perfect environment.
#2 by renzo
2016-11-07 at 04:45
Same here. After 2 minutes playing I desperately tried to change somewhat the fonts. But, after a while you get used to it.
#3 by [deleted]
2016-12-03 at 04:10
Does anyone have any objections to adding this unofficial patch link to the DB?


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