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#1 by dylan21
2016-09-28 at 08:03
General discussion topic for the Harmonia kinetic novel.


Personally I really loved this. Took my time reading it just to take in the atmosphere, really loved the OST, fitted the atmosphere/setting/art of the series perfectly in my opinion. The character designs were excellent, so was the background art, the CG scenes plus having the dusty wind blowing animated in and that sketch like texture over the characters was a very nice touch. The sound effects with the wind helped a lot also bringing out the feel of the almost dead post war planet.

While it was short I felt they did an excellent job with the characters and story. From the beginning making you think he was a Phiroid due to the machine like nature of not having emotions at first, not knowing what these emotions were called, his mechanical hand, his dream of rusting apart, him wanting to live to make people happy and him coming out of a chamber where there were Phiroid parts laying around.

Everyone else being the Phiroids was a nice twist and really effective in my opinion. To be honest I didn't really suspect it due to their personalities being much more human than Rei's plus how they acted. I did at one stage think that Tipi or Shiona may be but was only a slight sense of suspicion so was still surprised by the twist.

I think the themes they tried to get across was very well portrayed and perfect for a Key Game, especially as a 15th Anniversary Project. The main focus seems to be on emotions, especially love. I found it interesting that it was the Phiroids that taught Rei, the human about emotions and love. The Phiroids who are robots are more human than the humans you could say. The town getting slaughtered was extremely hectic and when Shiona got shot I thought that was the end of her, it was great animating her jumping in front of Rei, added more impact to the scene.

Tipi - bloody hell she had me crying so damn hard. I just wanted to protect her and see her have a smile on her face. Then Shiona, always trying to make everyone smile and happy, bringing joy to others with the song she loves, really loved her personality. I thought the happy end was going to be Shiona and Rei living together and traveling until they find a new town or something then teach humans and emotions and love but was mistaken - instead she reveals she's about to die - which hit me damn hard. Cried way too much during chapter 8 and think 7 as well.

The epilogue I wasn't expecting but was a great touch making it start how the beginning of the kinetic novel started. I think the doctor is Rei's descendant, either his son or grandson or even maybe further down the line (who knows), plus the general store is related to Madd's son (as in his son's' son or something like that) or is him. I think Rei on his journey was able to find a town or collapsed outside one again then someone saw him and helped him. He used the harmony of the music box to bring people happiness and once again emotions again I think - definitely the ending is related to the harmony of the music box. He may of even sung the song himself or found someone to sing the lyrics for him then went around place to place spreading the song, bringing smiles to people's faces again, making them feel emotions they may have forgotten or never felt before. Rei must of also dedicated the rest of his life on researching Phiroids.

Anyway, 9/10 for me - perfect 'Onion Cutting Simulator'
#2 by whitetragedy
2016-09-30 at 00:45
Great novel, ninjas cutting onions near the end.
#3 by dabackpack
2016-10-17 at 04:30
I'm a big KEY fan, but imo this is one of their worst VNs. It just didn't resonate with me that much.

I personally think the "robots and humans" thematic content was stronger in planetarian.
#4 by pendelhaven
2016-10-17 at 05:48
the "big pull" was quite irrelevant in the dystopian setting. But in planetarian the big irony was very much relevant.

well it had nice visuals + soundtrack. perhaps its perfect for an entry level VN.
#5 by palas
2016-10-18 at 01:37
Harmonia is the textbook definition of lackluster.
#6 by lucascba93
2016-10-26 at 16:03
It is a good KN, the OST is great, the art is amazing, and brings out some emotions. But the story wasnt amazing, it felt lackluster in comparison with the other elements. I understand that they wanted to focus on 'emotions', but they never show how these emotions helped the world's recover. They did say that the song was important and thats all. For me it felt like they only showed us the beginning of something really good and then jumped out directly to the epilogue.
I gave it 7.5/10, more than Kanon, so for me its not the 'worst' work of Kei, but its definitely on the bottom.


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