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#1 by mstrchef117
2010-09-09 at 04:13
Hi guys, me again, is Clannad worth playing if I already watched the anime (a year or two ago), but barely started After Story (B/C I am very afraid of tearjerkers. Seriously, I don't like to cry). The reason I ask is that apparently, Clannad's patch is not really that complete.
#2 by unkind
2010-09-09 at 04:29
Pretty sure it's fine, i only played Kyou's route because I don't like the other characters, but it was complete (kinda sucked too).
#3 by gabezhul
2010-09-09 at 11:47
Though the anime spoiled most of the routes, the game is still an outstanding experience.
I recommend playing the game (after-story included) no matter what. It might be a little too tear-jerkish (<- is that a word? O_o) but it's worth getting through these parts just to see the final ending. :P

Conclusion: Go. Play it. NOW!!! ... Please? :PLast modified on 2010-09-09 at 17:20
#4 by appleaday
2010-09-09 at 14:29
if you watched it a year or two ago, it should be ok. it will be a nice refresher. I played Clannad about a month after I finished the anime and I still liked it (although some routes like nagisa's was kind of still repetitive) but there's also one character you haven't seen in the anime and the routes for the other characters are more throughly explored imo.

and well.. if you haven't finished/watched after story... you technically haven't finished Clannad ever. Because I really think AS is what makes Clannad gold. If you're planning to play it, you should play it with the mindset that you'll actually go through AS.

and... clannad's patch, as far as i know, is complete... oh. but sometimes like the names are in japanese once in awhile.. (even if you change okazaki's to english) but that shouldn't bother you too much.
#5 by himitsukou
2010-09-09 at 15:12
Clannad is a good novel, though I like it the least out of Key's Three Great Works. And yes, as much as I can see, the patch is complete fo Clannad.
#6 by blackiris
2010-09-09 at 15:39
Clannad patch is complete.
As there may be some typos/weird sentences in it, it's legible and doesn't seem to lack quality check.
If you watched the anime a year ago, than just go and read the vn - I guarantee that you'll enjoy it to the fullest. As the anime is not THAT bad, it's not much of an adaptation.
And the last thing you're asking about - if you don't like to cry and you're not fond of utsu games... then you've got a problem since the After Story is one of the most emotional stories I've read. And one of the very few I cried while reading. But hell, even if you don't like depressing/sad/tear-jerking stories it's a must-read.
#7 by mstrchef117
2010-09-09 at 20:27
Well, um where is this patch? I know I fail, but could some link the proper patch that everyone else used? Cuz I hear things like I used the SEEN.txt vs something else?
#8 by beliar
2010-09-09 at 20:36
More or less the patch is here under 'files' label. And the instructions are here. Haven't tried them personally so don't known if it all works as supposed.
#9 by pendelhaven
2010-09-09 at 20:39
#6: I never felt any emotional impact on Nagisa. Maybe I got myself spoiler'd but here's what I thought of beforehand:

If you knew beforehand that Nagisa is one retarded girl (I'm talking about physical terms), why would you get yourself involved in it? you'll just destroy your way of life in the long run.
#10 by fujifruit
2010-09-09 at 20:45
Because hes a nice guy..?
#11 by himitsukou
2010-09-09 at 21:02
Tomoya a nice guy? I wouldn't call him one.
#12 by pendelhaven
2010-09-09 at 21:02
I guess that because of the said spoiler, I completely lost the chance of this VN being an Utsuge game. No wait. I think Nagisa herself (or her parents?) mentioned about her sickness and her inability to make friends and her other "epicfail's".
#13 by chikan
2010-09-09 at 21:14
@ #9
I'd ask the same of anyone who'd get involved with you, with your apparent mental retardation.
#14 by hikigane
2010-09-10 at 00:27
Now now guys. Don't fight because of different opinions.

And pendelhaven, refrain from bashing Nagisa.
I can't see your action anything other than an obvious troll.

Well, sure i agree i would as well refrain from entering a serious relatinship with someone i know that has not much time left to live. However you could have voiced it much less aggressively.

I dislike Nagisa as well, however I do not consider her a "epic fail".
And even if i hated her with passion, i doubt i'd say that to a community where a lot of her fans lurk.

Freedom of speech allows you to say whatever you want, but that thats mean it will protect you from getting punched by someone who got offended by what you said.Last modified on 2010-09-10 at 14:08
#15 by yimw
2010-09-10 at 02:42
Clannad isn't supposed to be an utsuge in the first place.
#16 by pendelhaven
2010-09-10 at 09:00
Oh yeah. its a Nakige. Sorry I was confused between the two.

And, I guess ahazkun has said it in my place. But I think you need to place that in a spoiler tag.
#17 by hikigane
2010-09-10 at 14:08
Sorry about not putting the spoiler tag.
I already edited it.
#18 by sageru
2010-09-26 at 03:39
Clannad will make you sad. I think even if you've seen the anime reading the VN is surely a great idea, as the VN has a vast amount of content you would never get the chance to see in the anime. Also to some of the above Nagisa-related posts, Nagisa has some serious problems due to her health, but she's neither stupid/retarded/incompetent. If you read the VN, you know that Nagisa can either die or not die according to which "end" you are getting in After Story. Nagisa's problems with her education and being able to get along with people are primarily due to her health problems. As with all Key VNs, most of the girls have various problems, some of them have worse problems than others. For comparison's sake, you can look at Misuzu from AIR, or Ayu from Kanon, both of which have significant intellectual disabilities. (Misuzu's "brain reset" which happens at various points, and Ayu's years of sleep, rendering her mentally the same as she was when she was a child.) Nagisa is by comparison fairly normal.
#19 by pendelhaven
2010-09-26 at 06:31
No, I think that's all abnormal in various ways.
#20 by gabezhul
2010-09-26 at 09:00
Yes, and as we all know people who are sickly and weak are not normal thus they have to be retarded and avoided before they ruin your life...

Seriously. Pendelhaven, are you trolling us? Or you are just a conformist? Either way, stop it.Last modified on 2010-09-26 at 17:38
#21 by pendelhaven
2010-09-26 at 10:46
of course its the latter. I'd be dead bored without these kinds (?) of jokes from time to time.

I know its stupid. Or rather, maybe I fail to play as the straight guy.Last modified on 2010-09-26 at 10:47
#22 by soravone
2010-09-30 at 23:40
I like to see the anime as one giant spoiler-fest. The VN is pretty damn huge in content.
#23 by hikigane
2010-10-01 at 02:50
I'm just going to say this:

I've already seen the anime (Both the normal series and AS not to mention the "Movie"), and played all routes back in 2007 & 2008.
Yet, today i've started playing Kyou's route (again) just because i missed her a lot.
I'm probably going to wind up playing some other routes as well, since i already went to the trouble of finding the damned cd again, so IMO, this game is worth playing anytime. Even if you already know the whole story.

I've already finished the game twice and i'm going to play it again. IMO its pretty worth playing it.

EDIT: I'd say the anime (Normal & AS) has about 40% of the game's content.
I'm quite sure you won't lose much of your enjoyment on playing the game just because you've seen the anime.Last modified on 2010-10-01 at 02:53
#24 by laytonater
2012-07-07 at 11:36
The content for clannad states that its a 'pure love story. Does a lot of other stuff happen or if the game mostly about love and dating?
#25 by yirba
2012-07-07 at 13:59
"Pure Love Story" doesn't mean that the whole story is about love. Rather, the theme of "true love" is important to the plot.

So while the concept of love is featured heavily in the story, that's not to say that other themes don't play their part as well.


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