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#1 by xero95
2016-10-10 at 21:13
Didn't want to bump any old threads, just wondering...but is the translation 100 percent done? I'm going to assume their are some errors here and there.
#2 by dk382
2016-10-10 at 21:53
Editor here. The version that was accidentally released and almost immediately pulled is 100% translated, but it's still unpolished. The common and Miu routes were edited and proofread, but another pass is underway with hundreds of changes already made. The Azusa route was edited but not proofread. The other routes aren't edited at all.

I strongly recommend that you not play that patch and instead wait for the finished product. There's a reason we took it down.
#3 by frostbug
2016-12-26 at 21:37
I'm pretty sure it was incomplete in terms of QC.

That said.. Considering your own grammar, I doubt you would notice it.
#4 by randomasocial
2017-08-12 at 22:01
Sorry for necroing this thread after 10 months but i wanted to ask this specific question. If i apply that accidentally-released patch, will Miu's route become completely english? (not even a single japanese sentence?)

i'm asking this because i wouldn't mind even if it is unpolished (since english isn't my mother language)
#5 by fuukanou
2017-08-12 at 22:41
wow the roast on #3

For #4, not sure, but as ever, the game works with VNR so you can just extract the text for automatic romanisation [and subsequent google translation if that's what you're into] in the off chance it isn't.
#6 by randomasocial
2017-08-13 at 00:49
well, read Noble Works, translation was very good so i'm okay with unpolished translation if it's from Oxford Comma team. But...machine translation is not for me, tested it with a basic nukige in the past, even that was a horrible experience, a VN like this is out of question.Last modified on 2017-08-13 at 00:50
#7 by raccooncitizen
2017-08-13 at 00:58
It's fully translated, partially edited.

#8 by exaccuss
2017-08-13 at 01:52
That's been known for months lol. Even with it not fully edited, it was a fun read imo.
#9 by asaki
2017-08-13 at 05:53
@4 Yes, it was fully translated and therefore Miu's route was completely in English. It was unedited though so maybe there would be some uneasiness in regard of the translation, although it's probably won't much though if you still managed to understand it. In short, if you don't mind the translation then yes you could play the unedited version of Dracu Riot instead of waiting Sekai version. Have fun.

PS - I understand that there's a reason of why the team needed to take down the patch. But still I think it's up to the reader to find out whether they'll understand that or not, so I think it would be more appropriate to suggest that they should try the leaked patch first, and then if they didn't understand it they could chose to wait Sekai version of Dracu Riot later.
#10 by randomasocial
2017-08-14 at 01:20
thank you all (especially @9 for detailed info), i'm going to try reading it


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