[Newbie here]Need Help for Blocking People!

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#1 by 5pm
2016-10-17 at 04:17
I dislike people who give 1-4 vote for VN. Its plague the score so i want to block them but dont know how. Heard if you block them, their vote wont show.

Anyone kind enough to teach me how to block some user? I'm new here, thank you.
#2 by yorhel
2016-10-17 at 05:08
You can't. If you suspect someone to be voting dishonestly, you can report them in t3943.
#3 by 5pm
2016-11-02 at 18:55
sigh...wish user can set score range for vote in VNDB manually.

I have another problem.

When i use release filters when browsing for visual novel, it doesnt work. For example:

release filters > released after 2015.1.1

VNs from before 2015.1.1 still showing in result. Even some before 2006 and 1989 ^^

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