This VN isn't even good (spoilers)

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#26 by davremedy
2017-10-22 at 05:23
sorry with bad english .one thing you can learn from alternativ .never trust time bomb . timer bomb is always fucking error when try to detonate . good job scriptwriter. one thing......i dont care about sumika at all even the game was ended , she too normal . and shirogane please stop crying,whine or thinking too much , you annoy meLast modified on 2017-10-22 at 06:58
#27 by nearbaskara
2017-11-13 at 14:47
Hello, i'm new to this website and I found the discussion tabs are so hilarious, especially the eroge one :lol.
#28 by sakurakoi
2017-11-13 at 19:21
I found the discussion tabs are so hilarious, especially the eroge one :lol.
Calling ML an eroge? Thanks for adding oil to the fire~ Let's get the trigger party started!

Seriously, one always has to wonder if those popular VNs are "really good" or just good in terms of entertainment. Writing an entertaining piece well does not require to write it well but rather to exploit (current) trends, make them not bland enough and welp, Nakige very well prove how human psychology can be exploited. That's not what anyone would call "good writing", yes? In reality the majority suspends their disbelief through all circles of hell, if the pace is fast enough during the action, there is no time question any logic, consider alternative decisions and recall plot holes. As long as one gets attached to the characters, emotion will beat reason.

Apart from writing a story that is authentic and does not rely on too many outlandish premises, coincidences and stupidity (while humans do make mistakes, context is very important to judge whether it was a human mistake i.e taking a risk and it for once not being the best choice, an action caused by emotion or was just utterly moronic) to force drama, writing something well and not just entertaining requires or rather results in something else:

Inspiration, paradigm shift, life permanently made better &c, basically affecting the reader positively and resulting in whatever considerable gain, which is not just an emotional and temporary gain of emotions (feeling happy, sad, surprised, soothed, outright bad, whatever one wants to feel).

Like trash RPG Maker games, Nakige have the same result, which is however far from being intended and the anime Re:... what was it again? (oh, CREATORS) which flopped tried to do it deliberately but failed in many other ways (I also dropped it):

How to not write, what to not do to your characters, don't play god while writing, a story should unfold naturally. Something along those lines indeed. (oh and random flying birds, swarms of butterflies, barrels everywhere... those do not make for good design but welp, that is limited to RPG Maker games)

The biggest challenge when writing is literary to stage the perfect murder, after all, it is the author/god who ultimately killed them and decided that to be their fate. It is not something that can be done easily and should not be done lightly. While humans sure are fragile (like a normal, modest and honest life), too often deaths are just BS and forced, I wonder why~ (those who like to write stories tend to care about their characters, deeply and not wanting anyone to die, while those who care for money... sure are more prone to killing them because it is well-known how the death of a significant character shocks readers)

by the by...
she too normal
funnily enough, that is no problem at all and rather neat unless you focus on entertainment or the work is focused on that. While there is a valid point about someone (desperately) trying to remain normal, remain human and remain kinda sane, I wonder if Sumika really does that or if she remotely acts like a normal soldier (which would actually be also seen as not normal) who received a soldier's training (which by the by IRL would entail a mental switch to deal with battles).

and here...
shirogane please stop crying,whine or thinking too much , you annoy me
the problem probably is that while possibilities are explored at length to justify decisions, this can backfire very much if not done properly. While indecisive and emotional protagonist may appeal to those who are also like that, and disregarding how they not appeal to those who remain cool, when such is done there must be shown an actual way out (i.e how to keep calm, that one must do something, speaking to others) instead of enabling those traits.

This would be called "character development" and would actually be "really good" in a work, if done well but it is important to note how a character redeems themselves, sporadic and temporarily is NG (being just kind is never enough). Fallbacks (to the old personality) must be very limited in numbers, no more than two, better just one.


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