Should I wait for JAST-USA version ?

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#1 by chadsomenezz
2016-10-31 at 06:57
Hello, As of today, final patch was just released, with the complete h-translation and everything. But.... Most likely, JAST going to release an Uncensored version. it is really tempting to buy the Japanese version now and play it.. But I don't want to be spoil when I play the uncensored one in 2017.Last modified on 2016-10-31 at 07:00
#2 by surferdude
2016-10-31 at 16:24
As long as you BUY the Japanese version, go ahead, you'll be supporting the creators of the game.

Also, JAST's uncensored version will most likely be just that, the original PC game, with uncensored CGs, without any of the extra stuff from the PS3 or PSVita versions that the patch adds (this is just my guess, as they haven't mentioned anything about content from the other versions). On top of that, knowing JAST, they might not even release it in 2017.

So it's really up to you, do you want hours and hours of extra content NOW, or do you want depixelated CGs some time in the future?

If you can afford it, I'd say get both (that way, you'll also be supporting JAST and their tendency to release games that already have translations), play the game now with all the extra content, and when JAST releases their version, use a 100% save file and read the H-scenes again (with the official translation, so you won't get bored reading exactly the same stuff) from the Scene Gallery.

Keep in mind that if you go with JAST's version only, you'll also be missing out on a lot of extended, alternate and extra scenes, which IMO outweigh the censorship.
#3 by chadsomenezz
2016-10-31 at 16:57
@surferdude Yes that's one thing about JAST, they tend to to release their product way too late, which makes me more want to buy the Japanese version now and apply the English patch.
#4 by encrypted12345
2017-05-18 at 18:54
Well, it's coming out soon. It's not really worth making a new thread over.

I'm surprised that it managed to get out in less than 2 years though. That's hardly ideal, but I expected at least a couple more years on JAST's end.
#5 by dk382
2017-05-18 at 19:32
They put the game up for pre-order today. But how long was Nympho Sensei Ryoko available for pre-order before it released? Like nine months? I'd hesitate to label E*S as coming soon.
#6 by surferdude
2017-05-19 at 10:55
JAST should have translated GOLD instead.
#7 by abyssaleros
2017-05-19 at 18:18
Will GOLD not be taken up next by JAST?
#8 by surferdude
2017-05-19 at 19:15
Up next in how many years?

It's taking them this long to release something that's already been translated, so how long would it take them to translate GOLD from scratch?Last modified on 2017-05-19 at 19:19
#9 by kratoscar2008
2017-05-21 at 02:57
Hi so is the GOLD translation on hold still?

Hope you slept well.
#10 by jikorde
2017-05-21 at 05:45
@7 J-ast probably won't touch GOLD unless Fruitbat translates it first and since there haven't been any announcements about that I doubt its going to happen anytime soon.
#11 by dk382
2017-05-21 at 06:17
Can you stop writing it as "J-ast"? It triggers me every single time.

Anyway, Fruitbat Factory only licensed the first Eiyuu Senki because it had a censored console release. Gold does not, and Fruitbat Factory never touches 18+ content, so they aren't ever going to touch Gold. It will be up to JAST themselves to do that. There were some rumors years ago that JAST was working on it but they didn't seem to pan out.
#12 by kratoscar2008
2017-05-21 at 17:40
Which is too bad since i would had loved an all ages ES GOLD.

I dunno what happens at Tenco by having a seemingly successful IP, porting the first entry into PS3&PS4 and then not porting GOLD or a new game at all.


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