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#1 by flamee
2016-11-04 at 04:12
So i plan to play this one when i have time but i heard the mc is a total hetare. is it really that the case ?? if so how much of a hetare he is ? so if you guys could answer me that without much spoilers that would be great
#2 by traumatizer
2016-11-04 at 06:33
I haven't played the game but I remember that the creators themselves apologized in their Niconico (pretty much the JP YouTube) stream for how big of a hetare and retard they had made him. So yeah, going by that, he's extremely hetare. Have fun! :D
#3 by agrehtan
2017-04-08 at 15:48
Not just that, he seems like a huge donkan as well. Edited the tags to show this
#4 by remedil
2017-04-08 at 20:00
He's infuriating at times
#5 by runeii
2017-04-08 at 23:44
Damn, I had this in my queue but if he's as bad as he sounds it's probably going to ruin it for me.
#6 by kei-tr
2017-04-09 at 01:40
He can't be worse than Nishijou Takumi right? Though he wasn't donkan (he is quite genre savvy actually) he was king of hetares as my vn experience go.
#7 by south
2017-04-10 at 19:45
He's pretty bad, though you get to see him in a good light (there's actually something he can do?) in the heroine's routes.
#8 by thyriad
2017-04-19 at 02:23
hmm The MC is simply dumb sometimes... and the dialogue is so straightforward that he should at least understand some things... but no he need days to understand that the girl is hitting on him or for example he cannot understand how Maya knew his name, while he had it on his phone that she found
That dumbness is making the game kinda boring or even annoying ;/ but I play it for Kyou! :D
#9 by bunny1ov3r
2017-04-19 at 03:21
To be perfectly honest, I think you guys probably did worse than protag in this aspect when you were his age. That is, if there was any girl who wanted to hit on you. (jkjk)Last modified on 2017-04-19 at 03:21
#10 by flamee
2017-04-19 at 06:01
From what i see seems like i can tolerate him since he is just dumb i mean link is one of my favorites vn even with the mc that annoys me to no end xD and he can't possible be worse that the mc from this one link who acts like a retard with the girls.Last modified on 2017-04-19 at 06:10
#11 by dk382
2017-04-23 at 20:20
So is this guy actually hetere or is he just donkan? Because you guys just make him sound like an extreme donkan. It makes me question the validity of the hetere tag here, which is already partially downvoted.
#12 by bestkatalyn
2017-05-03 at 00:35
It feels like a lot of people everywhere are putting too much value on what those devs said in that stream.

Maybe they didn't made him exactly as well as they wanted, but I can tell you for sure, the MC is not nearly as bad as over half of the usual Protagonists in these kinds of games.

I have only read Kyou and Midori's routes so far, but I have been pleasantly surprised by his actions more than one or two times, especially near the end.

I am sure that at his age I was a much dumber kid. Even now I cringe when I think about it. He's pretty much level headed in comparison.Last modified on 2017-05-03 at 00:36
#13 by kzel
2017-05-03 at 10:17
I wonder if you'll keep saying he's not that bad after playing Yukino's and Runa's route...
#14 by praxis
2017-05-14 at 18:25
what happens in that route?
#15 by n4sh
2017-05-14 at 20:20
What #13 said. Was having fun with the novel overall til Runa's route. Literally a loop of 20 times the same shit over and over during 10 hours that should have been 2. The fact that they use the protagonist being dumb af, like, literally retarded, to justify it, drops the VN into "let's drop this trash" level.
#16 by asaki
2017-05-15 at 03:55
In regard of Yukino's and Runa's, arguably it's the worst routes if we talk about Yuma character development. So I think Yuma will at least not much hindrance in other three routes (Don't expect much though).
#17 by sakurakoi
2017-05-15 at 16:26
The fact that they use the protagonist being dumb af, like, literally retarded, to justify it
I'm still waiting for the cardinal sin tags to be approved... just kidding ofc but it is actually worth noting whether such is forced upon one:

Stupid protagonists, arbitrary (mind control) magic, plenty of premises which are unlikely coincidences, parents conveniently never protecting their children (for literary no reason, sure ain't stated often, whether it'd be Charlotte or Alice to Zouruko, both by the by ofc utilizing omnipotent and arbitrary magic)...

in general this anti-logic and common sense approach which is used to create drama is just disgusting. I can very well understand that humans are not always reasonable or act smart or logically but even emotions follow actual concepts (like indeed the real seven deadly sins quite well summarize).

Edit: Accidentally hit reply but well, all I just want to add is that for this is indeed my primary reason for dropping works like this, or never actually reading them. Bad drama is much worse than bad comedy.Last modified on 2017-05-15 at 16:28
#18 by dk382
2017-05-26 at 08:25
I've played this a fair bit more, and yeah, the protagonist doesn't even really come close to qualifying as a hetare. Have the people voting for the hetare tag forgotten what the term means? The protagonist is a colossal dumbass and has a very passive personality, but idiocy and passiveness != extreme cowardice.Last modified on 2017-05-29 at 07:14
#19 by sebastian
2017-05-28 at 18:23
How retarded protag is:

Yuma sold Maya in her route. What a wimp. She didn't want to be actress, she wanted warm, cozy home with loving husband. And he forced her to be actress and was surprised that she didn't want to kiss with male actors in films. She cried so many times, saying him that she want to be with him, live only with him, she don't want to be public and solid herself as product. I hate Yuma from this route, the most wishy-washy male MC in the world. Maya was amazing feminine and still way manly than him. That the picture of Yuma mediocrity. That's japanese way of thinking this day - money over all, people are just tools.
#20 by kassadin
2017-05-28 at 23:00
You guys are quite unlucky that the translators decided to translate this game instead of one of the other 2. The other 2 games both have a much better non hetare protagonist with better routes.
#21 by kiru
2017-05-28 at 23:25
@19: Actually the most common trope in VNs is still that girls have no ambitions themselves and live solely for the MC. It's a rather rare that they end up chasing another dream or something like that. Some go even so far and call such a case NTR, which is quite messed up if you ask me, but well... that's how it is.
#22 by kratoscar2008
2017-05-28 at 23:52
#20 Apparently they wanted to translated Hoshi ori but the phone feature blocked them from engaging the game and thus they took on this game instead.

You mean the music NTR thing? Well that was just a case of an heroine being a manipulative bitch so that was mainly the reason why it go so much flak.
#23 by asaki
2017-05-29 at 05:07
@19 Interesting interpretation I guess. Although at this time you just look like some cynical SJW if I may say something to be very blunt.

@20 Actually one of the translator want to translated Hoshiori, but after seeing the engine problem and how inexperience they back then (Hoshiori was very long VN) they decided to go with Hatsukoi 1/1 first as a test of how much effort that will be needed to translated Hoshiori. As for current situation, Hoshiori will be their next major project after Tsujidou now that apparently the engine problem was solved, so you may wait for a while here.Last modified on 2017-05-29 at 05:08
#24 by kiru
2017-05-29 at 13:02
@22: There's more than that, but that's probably the most known example.
#25 by loctar87
2017-06-07 at 05:27
So I'm reading Runa's route here, and after thinking a bit, it's all so clear now.
-He doesn't understand human emotions.
-He's feels compelled to help others in trouble.
-He can't seem to disobey others orders or requests.

Can't help but reach the obvious conclusion. He's a robot.Last modified on 2017-06-07 at 07:33