I fucking hate this game.

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#1 by koinodensetsu
2010-09-12 at 18:50
All of the comedy fails terribly, the routes are almost exactly the same excluding a few scenes, the H-scenes suck, the characters are annoying...
It was such a huge disappointment after playing Private Nurse and Figures of Happiness. It's amazing the same guy that wrote those games wrote this.
#2 by fujifruit
2010-09-12 at 18:55
All 3 of them have pretty bad rating
Never have high hopes for JAST games.
#3 by koinodensetsu
2010-09-12 at 19:00
Private Nurse's Maria path is actually quite excellent. One of the best paths I have ever played. The rest of the paths suck though.
Figure of Happiness is good. Very entertaining and interesting drama/fantasy, but nothing earthshaking.
#4 by izmosmolnar
2010-09-12 at 19:13
From what I remember from ages ago, I liked this one more than the other two aforementioned. I liked the comedy especially those cutscenes, or the comedy related to the fatty cat, and I enjoyed bigtits' route.
#5 by gabezhul
2010-09-13 at 05:46
"Figures of happiness" and "good' are words that never shall be uttered in the same sentence, mortal! Cease your foolishness and repent! D:<

That said, I haven't played HdR as I've heard that it had some crappy utsuge moments and weak comedy.
And Private Nurse was quite mediocre IMO, with Maria's route slightly better than average, but nothing more.

If the same person wrote all these games, it explains a lot, and thus I guess I will never play this game after all...
#6 by soketsu
2010-09-14 at 03:22
It sucks... Well, it could have been better if that "coodere loli under the moonlight" was deepened and given more highlight.
#7 by justinizhere
2010-10-26 at 01:23
yeah il agree, HdR was kinda bad... but i never expected much to start with
#8 by hikigane
2010-10-26 at 01:59
"Figures of happiness" and "good' are words that never shall be uttered in the same sentence, mortal!
You just did that.

Anyway, this game is bad all right. After 5 minutes into the story i closed the game, deleted its folders along with the iso, and started searching for something else to do.

I have a policy of not dropping any game without at least 30 minutes of ingame experience.
This game was that bad.

Not really a surprise seeing tho.
It kind of had boring written all over it.
#9 by minimoto
2010-10-26 at 04:11
This game was one of the only ones, actually it is the only one, where I dropped after trying really hard to disregard the fact that I really really hated the protagonist. If I've ever hated the main character, who we as players must see through the eyes of, then this is the only one really.
#10 by tuaral
2010-10-26 at 04:40
Wow, for once I had the exact same experience as someone else. I played five minutes, then deleted it, forgot about it until just now. I don't even remember why I thought it was so bad....
#11 by soketsu
2010-10-31 at 00:55
Thank god(novelsfan) I had become a lolicon. With that, I was able to finish the loli route. ...and decided to finish the remaining routes and the true end afterwards.
#12 by justinizhere
2010-10-31 at 01:59
the loli route was the only good one IMO anyway...the true ending lacked something that made me care...idk
#13 by minimoto
2010-10-31 at 02:45
Is the loli route good enough for me to suck up how much I hate the main character and try to pick up the game again?
#14 by soketsu
2010-10-31 at 02:58
Its not that good... unless you are a hardcore lolicon.
#15 by minimoto
2010-10-31 at 03:08
Well... I can't say I'm hardcore loli but I do like loli routes/characters I guess. Like the one in Nursery Rhyme. I'd say I'm about as much of a lolicon as the rest of the community.
#16 by soketsu
2010-10-31 at 03:23
Then you may not touch this VN.
#17 by novelsfan
2010-10-31 at 14:20
there is a key that says CTRL! SKIP MOTHA FUCKA!
I liked this VN, maybe its because I started with nukiges -.-U Im in the dark side.
"Thank god(novelsfan) I had become a lolicon. With that, I was able to finish the loli route. ...and decided to finish the remaining routes and the true end afterwards." O_O I dont understand, one day Im a troller newfag hated by everyone, and other day Im a god, seriously WTF
"the loli route was the only good one IMO anyway...the true ending lacked something that made me care...idk" no, big tits route is better XD
#18 by gabezhul
2010-11-01 at 19:08
Do you remember the times when we were joking about creating a LOLICON-CULT? Well, guess what, the cult is dead, but he joke is still alive... Novelsfan-sama. :D
#19 by hamdo
2010-11-02 at 17:54
I've played this game xD I kinda liked it, between the uh tension relievings.
#20 by soketsu
2010-11-06 at 00:31
no, big tits route is better XD
Lets build a PETTA-cult from the crumbling ruins of the lolicon cult. XD
#21 by akirarinkitori
2010-12-08 at 20:47
and protag is .....a whimp.
marutan route is...completely plain
moemoe route is....I guess another cliffhanger ending ? Nothing is solved in the end, they still left on a separated way.
asumi route "was" good until the throw off "true end" which is a cliff hanger (in which we all know that she will die for sure) which sucks couz I hate game that let heroien die without any story line or explaination. All was mention is sth like "oh hey, we will head to the bright sun , to the future"
blap blap crap !

echo edit: added spoiler tagsLast modified on 2011-05-11 at 01:32
#22 by soketsu
2010-12-10 at 06:41

...well. ...errr. There's no point on putting spoiler mask for this crappy VN anyway.
#23 by mastag
2011-05-10 at 20:56

the one thing that messed this game up extrememly was that the protag was such a god damn ---[spoiler] i mean he was cuter than the girls for gods sake!! and always got picked on by the other girls...and had less respect than a cat....and then the writer wants to tell us that *SOMEHOW* the girls still fell in love with the crossdressing weakling -.-

Let me say this for those who're not sure if to play or not to play.

Don't play. Seriously. This is one of those VNs that you play and feel like you wasted your time.

I mean you can play this as a first VN like, before you have expectations and knowledge of VNs - but if you played a game like Sharin, Muv Luv, Fate Stay or something - you'll probably throw up while playing this boring mess.

If this game would be a NES game - and I would be AVGN - I'd say it's Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde - IT'S FUCKING HORRIBLE!!Last modified on 2011-08-13 at 13:15
#24 by justinizhere
2011-05-11 at 00:07
the cross dressing, horrible characters and the story, or lack there of is what killed it for me...

and i still stick to the loli route being the best...=P
#25 by echomateria
2011-05-11 at 01:29
I hate this game too, I also hate Figures of Happiness and never played Private Nurse but I bet it's better than these two...


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