I fucking hate this game.

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#26 by justinizhere
2011-05-11 at 01:43
I also hate Figures of Happiness
agreed...i never saw the point of figures of happiness...so pointless.
#27 by saberger
2011-05-11 at 01:55
the point of figures of happiness

To show you what real happiness is: Never, ever touch the damn game!
#28 by justinizhere
2011-05-11 at 04:48

it all makes sense now :O
#29 by silence
2012-08-24 at 14:03
Wow, how much hatred! This vn was the first almost-non-nukige I played. I can agree with you, guys, that the humor here is pretty weird, and H-scenes are primitive. I also agree that the ending of Moe is stupid. Moreover, I hate and despise all the lolies (at least, sex-involved lolies (yes, even Saya is included)), so Marutan also not brought me any joy. But I think that this vn is worth playing. At least for a touching ending of Asumi. Also, don't forget about two unlockable bonus-girls which become available after clearing 3 main heroines.

And if you will look at the statistics, you will realize that you have a minority *trollface*
#30 by space-ranger
2012-08-24 at 17:27
I never understood why people claim this one to be that bad. It's not a masterpiece, but it has it's moments and is certainly not as bad as people make it sound. However somehow I don't feel the need to wake up a thread, which has been dead for 15 months just to say "I disagree" :P
#31 by silence
2012-08-24 at 17:43
I just wanted to dilute the negative opinions. I played some really shitty vns. And I can say with certainty that this vn doesn't deserve such treatment.
#32 by justinizhere
2012-08-24 at 18:05
And I can say with certainty that this vn doesn't deserve such treatment.

it only does if you go into it wanting a decent story (which is why I read VN's in the first place) this does not have that nor anything close..For me that is why I hated it among other reason I have forgotten as it's been ages.
#33 by overkill373
2012-08-24 at 18:29
been a long time but I remember that the number1 reason for me disliking this vn was the protag
#34 by pendelhaven
2012-08-24 at 19:59
Been a long time since I played this. The whole thing is... lacking. Sure it had all what you'd expect from a VN, but everything is, hmm... lacking in quality. It's roughly 3rd grade.
#35 by horseband
2012-08-25 at 01:58
Seems like the protag and terribly done cliffhangerish endings with an utsuge ending randomly thrown in make people dislike this.

A bad ending can ruin a whole game for people and cause them to ignore all the decent parts.
#36 by mattoak2010
2012-08-25 at 21:19
It's strange you mention the ending as it's the only reason that I rated this game above 5. I found it powerful and quite moving after a game that was anything but.

This was played when I only played officially translated titles so I wonder if I would have found the game to be quite so powerful now, but at the time it did make an impact.
#37 by justinizhere
2012-08-25 at 23:52
well for me when I had finally got around to reading this, I had already gone through stuff like Clannad, Kanon and such so the endings left less of an impact on me and more of me feeling ripped off because I had spent so much time on it.Last modified on 2012-08-25 at 23:54
#38 by sidvanhalen
2012-09-02 at 14:50
I had played this game before I played games like Clannand, Kana and Family Project. I found it average, nothing like a masterpiece, but a good game. Maybe I'd rate it lower now but still consider it good.
Private Nurse>Figures of Happiness>Heart de Roommate.
#39 by tiglath
2012-10-21 at 21:42
My main complain about this game is something I would call a lack of balance. It has good moments, but equally many bad ones. Ending(s) aren't that bad, actually I think they are the best part of the game (and it's easy to figure out what's going to happen if you pay attention in earlier chapters).

That would make this game average for me, but there are two redeeming factors: very good soundtrack (that's always a big thing for me) and it made me feel nostalgic. Therefore, 6/10.
#40 by darkdaemonpk2
2014-10-21 at 05:33
I actually like this game and will defend it although I understand that there's a lot of people who are either disappointed with this game and are bashing it or are just bashing it without any good reasons at all. What I like about this game is that it does not feel like a game but a an anime; it is divided into chapters or episodes with season 1 and 2 to boot, zany casts of female protagonists with their own stereotypical personalities and life issues, excellent art and backgrounds and a beautiful soundtrack as well.

Of course, it also has its own set of flaws, but does that mean that this is a terrible game. I suppose it will just depend on the person playing this game whether it is good or not bit for me, this game is good, although it is unappreciated most of the time by a lot of people.

#41 by rick12
2017-12-06 at 17:27
So, has anyone read Asumi's True Route/epilogue after you done her own route, Tomoe's route, and Marumu's route? Can anyone tell me what happens in Asumi's True Route/epilogue and the true ending to it? Did she die or something from her terminal illness? Last modified on 2017-12-06 at 17:30
#42 by nommy210
2018-08-14 at 02:32
I liked the VN. Always thought a hug from Moemoe could purify the soul.

@rick12 - Asumi is very ill when she meets back up with MC and ends up hospitalized where the two promise to try to live as long as possible. It borders the "miracle life-extension" and "she's going to pass away soon, actually".Last modified on 2018-08-14 at 02:32
#43 by rick12
2018-09-21 at 08:07
So, Asumi and the MC promise each other that they'll try to live as long as possible, while the former is hospitalized due to her illness? Asumi is going to die soon from her terminal illness, correct, even though it doesn't show it?
#44 by silence
2018-09-22 at 06:06
As far as I remember, there was no proof she'll absolutelly die. There was some hope and that promise. Anything else is up to your imagination, I guess. Just read it yourself ;PLast modified on 2018-09-23 at 09:56
#45 by rick12
2019-09-07 at 21:04
@44 Yeah, there's no absolute proof that she'll die soon. Very likely she recovers later.


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