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#1 by surferdude
2016-11-14 at 00:15
< report >In case I feel like translating something this winter...Last modified on 2016-11-14 at 00:24
#2 by eiesoldar
2016-11-14 at 00:22
< report >My vote is for their debut. And perhaps you should have entered the names since site doesn't seem to transform "v" with number into links.

Update. Ah, you already did that.Last modified on 2016-11-14 at 00:23
#3 by eacil
2016-11-14 at 00:44
< report >Shirotsume Souwa, I didn't read it because it was supposed to be handled but the translator unfortunately quit in the fog without watching behind himself.
Moreover it still use the wonderful floating frame system.

You seem to be "just curious" so I would be grateful if you tell us if you intend to seriously tl something or not because, last time, stalking the lost translator of Shirotsume Souwa just hurt my little heart with his fuzzy promises. Thanks.
#4 by anonymous
2016-11-14 at 01:20
< report >Shirotsume Souwa -Episode of the Clovers- all the way
#5 by skrybe
2016-11-14 at 01:26
< report >I'm a huge Period fan, so I've gotta go for Sweet Drops.

IMO, Little Witch Fan Disc would be a poor choice, since some (all?) of the Romanesque stuff is already translated in the Jast release, and the Shirotsume Souwa material presumably wouldn't make sense without the context of the original game. That said, though, I can get behind any of these titles!

Also, since I didn't say it in the original thread, thanks for the Sayonara Mauresumo translation!
#6 by traumatizer
2016-11-14 at 13:44
< report >Shirotsume seems nice but I'll go with Rondo Leaflet because:

1. I'm a sucker for old-style maids and kinda sick of the modern meido trend
2. The past setting sounds fantastic
And some other itty-bitty reasons I'm not going to list.
#7 by surferdude
2016-11-16 at 13:20
< report >About Shirotsume Souwa, when using the voice patch, the game doesn't wait for each voiced line to finish playing before playing the next one. Does anyone know how to fix this?
#8 by surferdude
2016-12-15 at 19:28
< report >Since nobody came up with a solution to my Shirotsume Souwa problem, here's something for Eiyuu Senki GOLD, which came in second with an amazing 6 votes: r36574

A H-patch for GOLD is also in the works (9 out of 67 H-scenes translated so far).Last modified on 2016-12-15 at 20:10
#9 by kratoscar2008
2016-12-30 at 01:50
< report >Neat. Are you planing to release them periodically like you did the original or until its fully done?
#10 by surferdude
2016-12-30 at 15:22
< report >The plan is to release them periodically, about a dozen scenes at a time. Although the time between releases may vary as some scenes are longer than others.
#11 by kratoscar2008
2017-01-14 at 02:24
< report >I see thats good, thankfully GOLD H-scenes are far shorter so it should take less time than the original.
#12 by surferdude
2017-08-13 at 00:26
< report >18 of 67 H-scenes translated, if anyone still cares.
#13 by kratoscar2008
2017-08-13 at 06:04
< report >You mean GOLD? Of course i care! Pls tell me Palamedes or Thutankamen are in those 18.
#14 by surferdude
2017-08-13 at 14:08
< report >Palamedes is. I actually did that just yesterday, and it was really fun to work on.
Doing Vlad Tepes right now.
No plans for Tut yet, as there's about a dozen other scenes I want to do before that.
Scenes done so far:
-Mordred, both
-Marie Antoinette, both
-Gawain, both
-Kay, first 2
-Qin Shi & Sun Tzu
-Drake, first one
-Yoshitsune, first one
#15 by kratoscar2008
2017-08-13 at 17:51
< report >Mmm not exactly my favorite list besides Palamedes and Yoshitsune. Though when you say first you mean her falling bra scene? Would hardly consider it H scene.

Regardless I appreciate your hard work!
#16 by surferdude
2017-08-13 at 18:58
< report >Yeah, the falling bra scene. The game considers it a H-scene, so for the purpose of this patch, so will I, even though there's no sex involved.
That's why the number of scenes in the gallery is 67.

As for favorite scenes, tell me which ones you'd like first and I'll see what I can do...
#17 by kratoscar2008
2017-08-13 at 19:18
< report >Kamen (It has the most variations of any scene), Galahad (Very nice position), Enkidu (Love how cute she is during it), Sigfried (I like how she compares how animals have sex compared to humans), Achilless (Dere dere tsundere is the best), Hammurabi (Hot scene for a hot girl).

Those are off the top of my list.

Again i dont mind the order as long as i get all H-scenes.Last modified on 2017-08-13 at 19:21
#18 by surferdude
2017-09-01 at 17:36
< report >25 of 67 H-scenes translated.
-Kay, 3rd scene
are now translated. Himiko & Geronimo are next.
#19 by kratoscar2008
2017-09-02 at 04:29
< report >Neat. Looking at completion this year?
#20 by surferdude
2017-09-02 at 15:14
< report >Would like to get it done by Christmas, but it isn't really up to me.
#21 by kratoscar2008
2017-09-02 at 16:41
< report >Ah well take your time. Thanks.
#22 by surferdude
2017-10-24 at 01:39
< report >Eiyuu Senki GOLD English H-patch v0.50 released.
See r36574
#23 by kratoscar2008
2017-10-26 at 08:27
< report >Thanks SD. The effort is apreciated.
#24 by sterpein
2021-09-08 at 23:45
< report >Sorry to revive this but... Do you have any plans to translate Shirotsume Souwa now that we're in 2021 and Eiyuu Senki GOLD is already translated OP? I don't know everyone else, but honestly seeing Shirotsume Souwa is something I would really appreciate a lot, since I really enjoyed reading Quartett! having a beautiful setting, character design and floating text, and I always wanted to read it someday especially more considering the girls make a brief cameo in the same game.Last modified on 2021-09-08 at 23:47
#25 by surferdude
2021-09-09 at 17:26
< report >^ Since nobody came up with a fix for the problem I mentioned in post #7, the answer is no, no plans at all.