Spoiler for Kagari

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#1 by bardock123
2016-12-13 at 17:20

So that was Kagari in Mayuri's route right? Like the one in the motorcycle outfit, I know her hair color was different but that was her I think.
#2 by varunables
2016-12-14 at 15:02
Yes. IIRC, Leskinen said she underwent plastic surgery to look like that (Yuki).Last modified on 2016-12-14 at 15:02
#3 by whitetragedy
2016-12-23 at 09:50
What I don't get is who is Yuki in other routes when Kagari appears in other routes?
#4 by takiya
2016-12-24 at 17:54
Yuki in "Far" side (Maho, Kagari, Kurisu) is the real yuki. Suzuha's mom.
Yuki in "Near" side (Mayuri, Stigma) is Kagari with plastic surgery. The real Yuki was sent to oversea in "Near" side.


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