*Serious Spoilers* True Route Ending + Plot Q/A

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#1 by whitetragedy
2016-12-23 at 10:32
I don't about you guys, but the ending to Milky-way Crossing left me wanting more. Specifically I wanted to know what happened to the 2nd mission by Suzuka and Mayuri and what happened to Okabe after he went back in time to find Suzuka and Mayuri. I didn't expect the true route to just end there, leaving me pretty unsatisfied. (Because they never told us what the 2nd mission was (the video got cut off) and I don't think it'll be a simple slap in the face because daru was going to lay out a plan)

I still don't understand the whole thing about Shiina Kagari. We found out that Amane Yuki (black biker) was actually Shiina Kagari and that the real Shinna Kagari was going to arrive in a year. Then what about the routes where you choose to turn off your phone on 12/15 Wed. If Yuki was actually Kagari, then who was the orange haired girl that shows up if you select to turn off your phone? How does turning off or keep the phone on at 12/15 changes what happens to Kagari so much?

Anyone feel like they might create another sequel* to steins gate about the 2nd mission by Suzuka and Mayuri? Edit: Nevermind, just found out there's a drama CD about operation Arc Light

Edit: After thinking for a while, I think I understand what is happening. You just have to remember that because of the different World Lines, events in one route does not apply to other routes. Depending on whether you turn your phone on or off, either DARPA or STRATFOR controls the time machine.
1. If you leave your phone on, there is no shift and STRATFOR controls the information about the time machine -> Leskinen becomes "Professor" -> brainwashes Kagari in the future -> you get shown CG where Kagari shoots at Suzuka and runs away -> Kagari follows the voice of "god" and finds Leskinen(now he knows about the future) -> Kagari gets plastic surgery to look and sound like Yuki + Leskinen delays real Yuki by a year -> no adult amnesic Kagari appears in Gehenna’s Stigma or Vega and Altair -> You get the scene where we see Daru and "Yuki" go on a curry shop date and "Yuki" telling Suzuka that she "didn't know if she liked Daru" -> Death of Yuki=Black biker=Kagari in Gehenna’s Stigma/Vega and Altair doesn't effect the birth of Suzuka
2. If you turn your phone off -> DARPA controls the time machine ->DARPA causes World line shift -> Leskinen will be killed by DARPA -> Kagari doesn't get brainwashed -> Kagari simply gets lost -> gets captured by STATFOR japan branch and experimented on -> real yuki doesn't get delayed and appears in story (Ironically we see less of her in these routes where Yuki is real) -> Amnesic Kagari escapes and appears -> We don't see the flashback where Kagari tries to shoot Suzuka + no event where Yuki questions her love of Daru -> Black Biker in this route is most likely Judy Reyes -> endings for Twin Automata, Recursive Mother Goose, and The Promised Rinascimento (Leskinen gets killed by Judy in all these routes)Last modified on 2016-12-24 at 08:43
#2 by 7tharchangel
2016-12-24 at 22:30
the only thing you missed is the reason of worldline shift if you turn off the phone is you failed to receive the D-rine.
#3 by skiminok
2016-12-25 at 09:02
Thanks for the detailed decription of events. Yeah, its much clearer now. Personally I thought that Yuki is always Kagari in every route, but its obvious now, that if Leskinen dies he cant manipulate with Kagari looks and mind.
#4 by verifonix
2016-12-26 at 20:42
>I didn't expect the true route to just end there
I just finished the game and all I thought was "that's it?!". Maybe the inevitable anime adaption will provide more, but kind of a lame end to a VN, especially considering the quality and depth of the first game.
I actually thought the routes were all quite mediocre right until Mayuri & the True End, but those are just a couple hours' worth of reading, max. And then it leaves you hanging. I guess the sideroutes of the first game weren't as good as the true ending just the same, but still. I suppose that sequels are just doomed to not quite be up to par.Last modified on 2016-12-26 at 20:43
#5 by darkmos
2016-12-29 at 19:56
It felt more like a fan disc or a side story to me than a "true" sequel/prequel.

I really appreciated meeting again all lab members, Maho and Moeka way of living ending with Nae's bootcamp... Some interactions between Okabe & Kirisu even succeeded in bringing back the nostalgia but they left out too many details with Kagari or the jump to future WW3 and subsequent come back that the end felt rushed out i.e. they didn't go far enough in making the transition towards Steins;Gate's true end.
#6 by whitetragedy
2017-01-01 at 03:15
I just wanted to reiterate that there's a Drama CD (which is translated) that is about what happens in Operation Arc Light for those of you that want a better closure.
#7 by red-devil
2017-01-06 at 10:13
I've just finished it and I was also left feeling a bit unsatisfied by the true ending. I had to rewatched the true ending from the original to get some closure ha. I'll have to check out that drama CD too.
#8 by sirius
2017-01-07 at 14:45
Sorry for my bad english, french speaker here. I have read this topic and already found goods explanations. I was a little unsatisfied with the ending too and that leaves me with bigs questions.

Who was the Kagari who's giving the Upa to Rintaro in the true end of 2025? She should not have been born already. But she's maybe not the same as the Kagari in the route where we don't answer to Admadeus...

And why would she have esthetical chirurgy to ressemble Yuki when the professor is the leading antagonist? To infiltrate Rintaro and co? That was a little odd...

And why does Kagari resemble Kurisu? How misleading...Last modified on 2017-01-07 at 16:46
#9 by fuukanou
2017-01-07 at 23:21
#8 good questions.
I'd assume the answer to the first to be that in the true end, this is the Kagari who time-leaped with Suzuha back to 1998, all grown up now.
Second one is anyone's guess. Kagari knows who Yuki is (because she's from the future and has probably seen pictures) and probably thinks that they'll try and hook Yuki and Daru up as soon as possible, allowing the infiltration to work. Whether she had memory of this is a different question altogether.
Why does Kagari resemble Kurisu? No idea, they don't say, and I can't come up with a sensible idea.
#10 by sirius
2017-01-08 at 08:55
I find two problems with your answer : Kagari is a little young on the CG where she's giving the Upa to be near 40 years old in 2025. (Could be the case after all, Farris and Maho don't look older anyway). Second major problem : in the prior chapter, "Altair and Vega", assuming that the true end is the continuation of that chapter, she had Yuki's appearance (and sould be dead by the way)...
The world of Steins;Gate is definitely tricking us ^^Last modified on 2017-01-08 at 09:03
#11 by fuukanou
2017-01-08 at 13:28
#10 it's true.
No idea then. Maybe she didn't die.
#12 by zaidk
2017-01-20 at 06:55
why the heck does kagari resembles kurisu?
#13 by geroppo
2017-01-20 at 16:44
#12 for shits and gigglesLast modified on 2017-01-22 at 02:44
#14 by takiya
2017-01-25 at 04:03
It does follow "Altair and Vega" but True end wasn't on the same timeline as "Altair and Vega".
Think of it like this.
Before they arrived at 2025 operation skuld(True End) numerous of experiments must have taken place then it's reasonable that True End wasn't on the same timeline as Mayuri End. In Alpha, a little timeline shift can change a lot of things. If Steins Gate worldline where everything is safe can exist in Alpha, then a timeline where kakagi alive shouldn't be too farfetch.


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