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#1 by aserdghgj
2016-12-23 at 17:05
how many ending on this game?
is there any good ending where the protagonist win?

because if there are no good ending, then i don't see the point of making elf heroine if it's just gonna be a generic NTR game.
#2 by conduit
2016-12-23 at 21:23
Three endings.
#3 by aserdghgj
2016-12-24 at 02:47
Can you tell me what happen in all three ending?
#4 by conduit
2016-12-24 at 03:56
I haven't played it. But there is this:


From the looks of it the first ending is the best one (still NTR, mind you). The other two are more about her just becoming a slut to other guys.
#5 by aserdghgj
2016-12-24 at 06:14
Man, what a letdown. This game has a good opening sequence and yet in the end it's just same old NTR. a true waste of character and setting. Elf heroine in modern era and yet, unable to use magic to save herself. What is the point of having an elf in the first place then?

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#6 by rider
2016-12-29 at 14:07
-The game is obviously Netorare, every possible source about it says so.
-Plays it anyway and gets mad it's Netorare.
Why do people keep doing this?
#7 by kratoscar2008
2016-12-30 at 01:49
Its your own fault for playing Lilith games.

>What is the point of having an elf in the first place then?

Because its makes for an unique NTR scenario.

Should had waited till march for the vanilla pregnancy Elf Lune game (Though wether you can play it or not will depend on the DRM it uses).

>Why do people keep doing this?
Closet cucks.Last modified on 2016-12-30 at 01:49
#8 by conduit
2016-12-31 at 05:31
I would have rather preferred the MC's father to have been the guy doing the business with the elf rather than the gyaruo, honestly; all he does is remind me of gal-o sengen.Last modified on 2016-12-31 at 05:32
#9 by shinytentacool
2020-03-01 at 07:10
It's a truly effective NTR if people who don't like NTR get angry about it. Think about it

(I am also angry. I like the character design)
#10 by sonhot
2020-05-23 at 07:33
Man...Is it so hard to make a netori games where the silent eyeless protagonist can choose to steal women from either the blonde thug or the timid kid or both? We always have to play as either the cuck or the thug or the cheating slut if its female protag...


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