Reading although I was spoiled? (No spoiler here)

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Reading although I was spoiled?

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#1 by germanvn
2016-12-26 at 20:55
Hi. I was spoiled about far parts of the Story. Should I read this VN nevertheless?
#2 by jack90
2016-12-26 at 22:00
What's up with all your retarded polls?
#3 by usagi
2016-12-26 at 22:26
noone cares
#4 by gumak
2016-12-26 at 22:29
It's not about plot, it's about moe.
#5 by luckybastard
2016-12-26 at 22:44

What do you mean? All his threads are full of wisdom:

<Do you also read VNs in winter?>
<What do you think of my votes? Are they ok?>
<Do you cried?>
<Translate. Anyone interested in translating this?>
<German localisation>
<Important Durchase. We need more german VN patches>
#6 by germanvn
2016-12-26 at 22:55
If you believe or not: I mean this thread seriously. So answer seriously or let it staying. But for trolling and hating without any reason you have to go to another thread!
#7 by steamboatwillie
2016-12-27 at 01:39
What is there in Nekopara that a spoiler would stop you from reading it? He fucks his cats.

Snape kills Dumbledore. It slightly ruins the experience but the work can still be enjoyed.Last modified on 2016-12-27 at 01:42
#8 by adormus
2016-12-27 at 08:30
That poor grammar has to be forced. It just doesn't make any sense how he can use the right tense in some sentences while being completely off in the next.

Putting it diffrerently: He's a troll. And a bad one at that. There simply is no german VN market. Most of my fellow countrymen would rather play a farming simulator than read a VN. It's sad, really. But that's just the way it is. On the other hand, english education in germany is rather good, so there shouldn't be any problem with english releases.

So stop trolling around. And even if you're not trolling: Stop being delusional and learn proper english so you don't have to rely on german translations. And lastly: Stop trying to promote your shitty VN with this spam.
#9 by germanvn
2016-12-27 at 13:10

Ja, aber wieso? Es wird doch auch jeder fucking 08/15 Anime gesubbt, was mich als only Ger Dub-Schauer ohnehin nicht interessiert. Aber wenn da mal die 10. Folge von was weiß ich fürn Scheiß 1 Tag später kommt, heulen die 13-jährigen Fanboys schon in Scharren rum. Da klappt das komischerweise. Warum ist es dann zu viel verlangt, dass wenigstens ca. 20-30 gute japanische Visual Novels nen deutschen Patch bekommen?! Natürlich erfordern viele VNs eine gewisse geistige Kapazität. Aber ist unsere Anime-Community wirklich so kindisch und unreif, dass ihnen das Interesse an deutschen VN-Übersetzungen komplett fehlt?Last modified on 2016-12-27 at 13:25
#10 by adormus
2016-12-27 at 13:38
Look, this is an english website with an english board. There's even a reminder to stick to english. Writing in german here is simply rude.

Anyway, I already answered your question as to why there is no need for german patches: The education in germany is top notch. Most people don't have problems understanding english. So why would you waste hundreds of hours translating something almost everyone can already read? I certainly wouldn't waste my time on it.

Also, look up which languages VNs are mostly translated to ozher than English, Korean and Chinese-> Spanish and russian. Spanish because it's so widespread (more native speakers than english) and russian because russians really suck at english.
#11 by scharlach927
2018-03-24 at 13:44
I'm sorry to revive this thread from the dead but it's unfortunately the compete opposite @adormus
The English education in Germany is not worth the praise you're giving it at all. I am rather astonished to meet someone in this community who hasn't learned English one way or another. I mean, how does one make their way into the vn community in the first place, when they are literally nonexistent in your language? In the long run, you'd eventually learn English by the media that you consume or am I wrong? Heck, I learned English by watching YouTube and anime with engsub. Now I am learning Japanese by playing japanese vn and it's going smoothly.
My point is, they probably haven't had the chance to learn English properly. On the other hand, that's not really an excuse, now is it?Last modified on 2018-03-24 at 13:45
#12 by phantomjs
2018-03-24 at 22:30
I'm sorry to revive this thread from the dead but it's unfortunately the compete opposite @adormus
The English education in Germany is not worth the praise you're giving it at all. I am rather astonished to meet someone in this community who hasn't learned English one way or another.

I'm not German, nor had I ever went there before. But a quick google search had results like this which says otherwise.

Again, like what adomus said, this is an english forum with instructions on posting only in english. If you aren't good in english, get better at it instead.

Accommodating different language users into the forum isn't impossible, but it will require something like adding different sub-sections into the forums itself and that requires Yorhel to put in additional hours coding it with getting any monetary rewards (I presume he has a busy life outside of this forum, and VNDB has no ads displayed, thus no means of getting any revenue)

I don't think allowing non-english posts in the current forum is acceptable though. For instance, it will get VERY messy, VERY fast, and it will be an absolute pain in the ass to read and browse the forums when every sub sections / every topic has 10 different language topics / posts in them.
#13 by snork
2018-04-01 at 01:19
Are no threads ever deleted on vndb forums?
There simply is NO possibility for any spoilers in nekopara. So it can only be "troll" topic, though I would not want such boring attempt be ennobled with the term "troll" ... that used to be used on quality/ fun timewaster, resp. provoking-for-sake-of topics/accounts, not cheap attempts.

Aaand I disagree on "no German (language) market out there" - almost 100 mio persons alltogether, with a lot of them having spare money in their pocket ...
but lots of us speak English at sufficient level (NOT excellent, but sufficient), so ...Last modified on 2018-04-01 at 01:20
#14 by fuukanou
2018-04-01 at 02:47
#13, having a lot of people with a lot of money and English-knowledge doesn't mean you have an economically viable market for static-image text-based porn games.
#15 by johnsmith123
2019-08-10 at 04:33
It's not difficult to use translation software or learn some English words on this website.And most of these words are not complicated, so I think the request to add German may be a strange thing for website operators.
Moreover,vndb is not profitable.


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