A patch was made, awesome.

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#1 by chadsomenezz
2016-12-28 at 16:14
< report >So yes, a machine translation + merging the two version of the game, the A and B-1.2 version. link

he also make the game easier for the future translation of the game,

Is this consider as a partial English release ?
#2 by xero95
2016-12-28 at 16:18
< report >I reeeaaallly don't think we should have Machine Translations count as a "Translation" but that's just me :/

Other wise we could add "Translations" to everything
#3 by chadsomenezz
2016-12-28 at 16:23
< report >xero95, Yes but I think some lines are not machine translated.

or maybe a new tag ? Like English Machine Translated ?Last modified on 2016-12-28 at 16:29
#4 by tyr
2016-12-28 at 17:01
< report >>8ch.net/loli/
I should have looked at the url before clicking it, lol.
#5 by chadsomenezz
2016-12-28 at 17:11
< report >Why ? Lolis are illegal at your country? that's insane, It's not even real..
#6 by dk382
2016-12-28 at 19:04
< report >Machine translations are currently not allowed. Debate on that subject has been ongoing for a while now (see t8589 and t7126). If we do ever allow them in the future, it will be with a special new tag.
#7 by sanahtlig
2016-12-28 at 21:21
< report >As I recall from the last time I checked that thread, someone was translating (not MT) the interface and/or prologue. Add the release if those ever get finished, I guess. And encourage them to make the machine translated parts separate or easily disabled.
#8 by Ileca
2016-12-28 at 22:32
< report >Btw, they made the stupid auto-automode optional and just that is worth downloading this modded version.
#9 by SomeDude
2023-01-22 at 05:18
< report >Now that MTLs are listed under a special new tag, should this game be updated with the (hilariously PG as it doesn't know what a manko, a chinpo, or a lolicon are) MTL?Last modified on 2023-01-22 at 05:19


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