Ahh...how this brings back memories

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#1 by tosuku
2010-09-26 at 02:05
< report >Well, This was the start of the end of my life some couple of years ago. I was a kid at the time and after this game i could never find anything to fill in the void. This is possibly the epitome of Dating Sim VNs. I found this game when i was twelve and was unable to find its equal until it was already legal to play such games. This gem,though much overlooked, is possibly the Best spread out and character creatable VNs in the business. The webbing style of the game leads to some of the most difficult ending in the VN Business. It made Luck a determining factor in how you would be able to finish the game. The only time i've seen another random number generator in a VN was the song you sang for Sunohara in Clannad. Don't remember much but i remember the sheer awesomeness of the story and webbing of the story. I have not been able t play this game in forever, so i give it a 10/10 from my prepubesccent memories...my, how the years go by...
#2 by samemax
2010-12-16 at 17:23
< report >I can't believe.... it's the SAME for me!
I've replayed it recently and i can garuantee that this game still being one of the best dating sim ever made.
It's near to perfection!
#3 by kalikai2188
2010-12-16 at 19:47
< report >I discovered True Love back around 5-6 years ago one night at home. That time I simply do some random download from the internet and “Wow, this game simulates my real high school life!!! Yahoo!!!” , where I don’t have chance to pick a nice girl at school. I was getting absorbed into this game and started engaging with the heroines one by one. I tried to level up each of the skills (nerdy, looks, luck etc) and I met different routes and their endings. How I wish that it will truly happen to my real life again. Their classical sex scenes are quite good, giving that time it is my apparently first dating-simulation games I had ever played before (And I didn’t aware that there are more VNs released until VNDB.org is my guru(master) on Dec 2009). A truly nice childhood memory! :-D
#4 by 4sakeninfinity
2011-05-15 at 11:08
< report >Yeah, I don't even remember when I finished this but this was really great for it's time.

And yeah, I played this just a couple of years before the start of the end of my life as well. That would be about 7 years? I don't really remember.
#5 by styr
2013-06-05 at 10:41
< report >I remember playing this VN when I was 15-16 (01'-02') and it was my first VN, as I had been interested in similar "things" after playing that 'Ganguro Girl' flash game.

Boy, that brings back memories!

It was, like many others, my first VN that had been translated from Japanese into English. Translated VNs were quite scarce back then compared to nowadays and to my young and impressionable mind the uniqueness of the medium captivated my imagination and my heart. I can sing nothing but praises for True Love; it truly was "the DBZ/Gundam Wing" of the VN genre.

How did it go? "The God of Pleasure visits you in your dreams..." 'all of your stats are increased by ~15-25!' Hahahaha, good times! :)
#6 by daimonfrey
2013-06-25 at 20:39
< report >Well for me I does not bring memories since I learned about Jun'ai short time ago but it's definitely interesting game. Idea with gods visiting protag in his sleep is really great.

Edit: Now that I finished most of this game I can say that it's really good but heroines endings could be a bit longer. True Love's authors really are deserving of praises since their game is still great even now, more than 15 years after it's release.Last modified on 2013-06-26 at 18:07
#7 by overmage
2013-06-25 at 22:02
< report >this was one of my first dating sims as well, and I was 11 when I played it, I think. I still remember booting it up from my old-ass desktop, and back in those days it was prime fap-material as well as just being fun as hell. Got every single ending when I was 13 xDLast modified on 2013-06-25 at 22:02
#8 by sanahtlig
2013-06-25 at 23:53
< report >This still remains as one of the few 18+ dating sims (English or Japanese langauge) that's actually decent. Which is actually quite sad.Last modified on 2013-06-25 at 23:54
#9 by maniacb
2013-10-24 at 22:22
< report >Looks like I'm not the only one! This was my first VN/Eroge too, back when I was barely aware of what they even were. I remember sneaking it onto the family PC and only playing it when no-one was around, but I found myself quite charmed and addicted to the stat building and the idea of having to "work" to romance the heroines.

Not as easy irl, obviously :P
#10 by haborym
2015-02-24 at 04:13
< report >I really would not classify this as a raising sim.
#11 by shazbut
2015-10-19 at 22:23
< report >I played this when I was 15. Japanese culture is now so embedded into my life, professionally, spiritually, lesuirely...and I can say for sure it started here.

Thank you Home of The Underdogs
#12 by crushor
2015-12-03 at 19:41
< report >I only discovered this game not so long a go, but it still holds up after all these years. Good game for sure or if you consider how old this game is, a great one.
#13 by darkincubo
2016-12-30 at 05:41
< report >For all the people that are searching something similar (and I know there are a lot of people like that) I have a recommendation. But first let me tell you:

True Love is GREAT, my first dating sim as well. I loved the way you can simulate the high school life in japan and how you need to built your stats and find all the little secrets. Great Game!!!

For all the people that loved True Love, I really recommend you Tokimeki Memorial 4. It's like a Super Upgraded version of True Love. It's a really good japanese high school life simulator. You start from the day you enter High School to the day you graduate (3 whole years). You can choose between 12 girls to romance (9 main characters and 3 hidden ones), each with its distinct personallity (the tsundere, the kudere, the yandre, the yamato nadesiko, the bokkuko, etc.). You can even join a club (soccer, baseball, literature, kendo, science etc.) or work to gain extra money. You have mid-term exams with rankings that reflect your stats, just like in a real japanese high school. You have all the typical japanese high school events (culture festival, sport festival, new year temple visit, summer club camps, student council (if you are elected) etc.). And pretty much all your actions influence how the girls or a particular girl sees you (depending on which club you are, if your grades are good, the results from the sports and cultural events, etc.). I really recommend you Tokimeki Memorial 4, it's the best High School simulator I have found so far.

This game is in japanesse but you can translate it with ITH and Translator Agregator and get the jizz of it. If you know basic japanesse, even better.

I know this is a tread for True Love, but I wanted to make this post because I know a lot of people, just like me, have beeing looking for another jewell like True Love. I was searching for years until I find Tokimeki Memorial 4, and I hope this post helps a lot of people that are still searching for the same.Last modified on 2016-12-30 at 05:52
#14 by prisoner416
2019-05-19 at 11:33
< report >Quite possibly the first game I ever played. The translation into English has some funny bits at times but still... this is pretty much a cultural milestone and was the very first glimpse into the world of these kind of games for many of us in the States. Part of me wishes I had the cash to buy hard copies of these early games... I would buy this and Casual Romance Club in a heartbeat, but physical sets are almost never on ebay.
#15 by drcynic22
2021-04-15 at 17:40
< report >It's really cool to see that I'm not alone here. This was my first VN. My computer was still running on Windows XP, it was that long ago hahaha. I was still in High School when I played this. I'm in my 30s now. This game opened up my love of VNs and without it, I wouldn't be here posting or rating.


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