Timeline and babies

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#1 by barfboy
2017-01-08 at 05:59
Well that was a kick in the pants. Since Kaede successfully steals the mothers from the two previous Ijikuri games for himself it puts into question who the fathers of their children are.

It definitely shows Kaede having sex with Haruno Tamami and Aizawa Misaki and his own mother Shinjou Azusa when all three are pregnant. He knows his mother is carrying his baby but wonders whether Misaki and Tamami are carrying his children or their own son's. It depends when in the story he has sex with them and whether or not they're already pregnant which is not clear.
#2 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 02:41
Bro i knew i was not the only one thinking this i dont know if all the games are directly linked cause they are not stated as direct sequals but still i want the babies to be of each son now this is put in doubt if the games are directly linkedLast modified on 2019-06-23 at 02:44
#3 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 02:44
Well there is a christmass special when the 3 sons and mothers have an orgy so its likely whoever are the parents doesnt matter.
Only seen CGs so dont know the story.
#4 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 02:56
Bro it does matter if the babys are not from each son that kinda ruins the first 2 games i want know if all the games including the christmass specail are linked as direct sequals or if they are all there own route if they are all there own route then where sure that the babys are from each son cause then they have nothig to with eachotherLast modified on 2019-06-23 at 02:58
#5 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 03:01
In the end of the first and second game the mc’s of both games conform that the babys inside there moms are there babys but the third game might pull all of that in question bec of what happens in the third game ar the end i personaly want to believe that all games are seperate routes and are not linked so the babies are all from each son
#6 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 03:10
It doesnt matter because:
A) There isnt a 4th game so its basically left to your interpretation.
B) You wont ever see the kids so who is the father doesnt matter beyond the pregnant scene.
C) StudioKame games are basically about sluts, the end game of that series is all the mothers and sons engaging in debauchery.
D) The christmass special shows that this is a big family and they will switch partners regularly so in the end whoever is the father wont matter as everyone is a family.

I dont know, its just that the studio (and also the artist whose games are not exactly monogamous) isnt exactly known for faithful heroines or characters so the whole who is the father is meant to add to the cheating and debauchery.Last modified on 2019-06-23 at 03:11
#7 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 03:20
If you care about the game then it does matter my man all mothers in the studio kame games have stayed loyal to the mc and son off evry game they made it does matter if you have played the games you would understand in the two first games you steal your mom away from your dad and you get the ending where you have her pregnant of the mc just like in the third game and having that put in doubt by the third game is just not oke but seeing the christmis specail makes me think all the games are not realy conntected just routes so i think the babys are from each son from each gameLast modified on 2019-06-23 at 03:23
#8 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 03:27
Besides on all moms profiles on vndb it says they inbreeded so that means the baby they have can only be made of incest hence all babies are from each son from each game
#9 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 03:39
It actually supports my argument if in the previous games the mother got pregnant but in the sequels no kid is mentioned at all.
Also dont take vndb tags as gospel, its perfetly possible that no one bothered to add the relations.
Well if thats your take of the VNs then i guess there is no need to be bothered anymore.
#10 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 03:58
I mean if you play the third game its clear that when the mc of the third game catches his friends both mc of the first and second game fucking their mom it only shows scenes from before they got pregnant in the first and second games so the beginning of the third game would take place before the ending of the first and second game but still my take on it is that all games are seperate thing so i believe that all babys are from each son the whole point of these games is a son who cucks his dad and steals his mom for himself so yeah the christmis specail only proves more that all the games are there own thing that game fits nowhere in the main three gamesLast modified on 2019-06-23 at 04:01
#11 by kratoscar2008
2019-06-23 at 04:57
Wouldnt that mean then that the protags of the first 2 games were canonically cucked?
#12 by [deleted]
2019-06-23 at 05:18
Why ? Besides 1 other thing the games are not labeld as direct sequals so for me they are all there own game without being linked they are different ways on how things could have played out the christmis specail proofs that cause that game makes no sense nowhwere in the game lineLast modified on 2019-06-23 at 05:20
#13 by siliana8t
2019-07-03 at 18:49
Is there any translated version for this game? I guess that would provide some answers
#14 by [deleted]
2019-07-07 at 06:05
no ? lol if your a serious visual novel player you have a translator my friend


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