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#1 by ervia
2017-01-12 at 22:43
I'm just wondering why you changed some points on the entry. The first point is that you changed it to not voiced. Have you actually played the game? Though not all of the sex scenes are voiced, there are two scenes which are voiced. I remember the last words being, "Kimochi yokatta".

The next point is that it was written on DLsite that the resolution is up to 1280x720, not 1920x1080 as what you wrote. The last point is about the name of the multi language version. Since the main catch is that now the game is in English, why not name the release using its English title (DOGoddess Insemination SEX)?
#2 by beliar
2017-01-12 at 22:51
I didn't notice any voiced scenes in the trial. If there are any in the full game, then my bad.
I don't know why DLsite says 1280x720, when the Unity output log-file clearly says 1920x1080.
And the last point: the English title is only available on DLsite English store - the game title itself still remains in Japanese upon launch, thus the Eng title is relegated to the alias. The addition of English language is not the main catch and in no way influences the release name.Last modified on 2017-01-12 at 22:51
#3 by ervia
2017-01-12 at 23:10
Ah, okay, so we're clear for the first and third point. For the second point though, I played it in 1280x720 resolution so it's fine if I upload some screenshots in this resolution, right?
#4 by beliar
2017-01-12 at 23:16
Erm... no, that's not fine. According to our requirements, the screenshots must be entered in the highest native resolution. I have no idea why DLSite stresses the 1280 resolution (maybe it's supposed to be the smartphone max resolution?), but I would be inclined to believe the Unity engine log myself, where the virtual (read: native) resolution is marked as 1920, thus the screens should be entered in that res.

EDIT: OK. Disregard the above. The Unity log seems to not be so reliable in checking the res. Maybe the actual res is indeed 1280... Feel free to change the res and add the screens. This requires more investigation in the future.Last modified on 2017-01-12 at 23:21
#5 by ervia
2017-01-12 at 23:20
Hmm, well, since upscaling/downscaling would be against the rule, I guess I'll cancel the upload.
#6 by beliar
2017-01-12 at 23:22
Sorry, check my edit above. Proceed with the upload. Seems my previous method of checking the Unity res is not reliable. :-(
#7 by ervia
2017-01-12 at 23:28
Oh, hmm, now I'm curious
#8 by beliar
2017-01-13 at 06:19
Why exactly you changed sex scene animations to "some fully animated scenes"? Checking the single sex scene in the trial, it simply has a looping animation of dick going into the pussy, which we consider a "simple animation". Unless the full game has something akin to feature movie cutscenes without looping, they cannot be considered "fully animated scenes".
#9 by ervia
2017-01-13 at 21:58
Oh, sorry, misclicked. About the screenshots, is it green for me to proceed the upload?
#10 by beliar
2017-01-13 at 22:08
Yeah. Seems that the resolution is actually 1280x720. The Japanese DLsite goes into more detail: 画面解像度選択(最大1280×720)※PCから起動した場合のみ. Upload the screens and change the resolution for the releases, if it's not too hard.
#11 by ervia
2017-01-13 at 22:44
K, will do. By the way, I saw you've been here since 2009. And looking at your list, is it correct to assume that your Japanese is good enough? Could you share some strategies to learn Kanji (if only Japanese could rely solely on Hiragana and Katakana alone)?
#12 by beliar
2017-01-13 at 22:59
is it correct to assume that your Japanese is good enough?

Hahaha. No :-) I don't speak Japanese. My knowledge in that field is limited to reading kana. All the VNs I have ever read had English translations (or were in English to start with).
#13 by sanahtlig
2017-01-14 at 04:14
Could you share some strategies to learn Kanji (if only Japanese could rely solely on Hiragana and Katakana alone)?
Don't worry too much about kanji and just use a parser. You'll learn them gradually as you read VNs. Take the time you saved and put it towards grammar and vocabulary. Memorizing the basic ~200 radicals could be useful as a foundation for recognition though.Last modified on 2017-01-14 at 04:15
#14 by ervia
2017-01-15 at 07:28
Oh, hmm, maybe I'm worrying too much, then? I mean, even if I memorize 20 kanjis per day, it would take about 4 years to understand Joyo kanji (with a side note that I don't forget any of what I've remembered). However, I think I have quite a solid grasp of Japanese basic (and some advanced) grammar and vocabulary, if I say so myself.
#15 by sanahtlig
2017-01-16 at 01:36
Might want to check your math there. There aren't 20k Joyo kanji.Last modified on 2017-01-16 at 01:37
#16 by ervia
2017-01-18 at 09:35
Hmm, 20*365=7300; wait, seems like I miscalculated very badly. But still, memorizing 20 kanjis a day without ever forgetting any single character is tough.
Nevertheless, I still have to wonder why Japanese still uses kanji despite having its own kana. I mean, Korean uses Hangul alone without any dependence on kanji.Last modified on 2017-01-18 at 09:40


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