Wrong tag (spoilers, practically a guide inside)

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#1 by shad905
2017-01-16 at 09:42
This is quite a mompr deal, - just want to point out that there are no "Brief Branches". That tag implies that there are choices that do not affect the story progression as far as I understand, but the choices in this VN work the exact same way as in for eg G-Senjou: the first choice (1 go with Hotori, 2 Go with Akari) either gives you Hotori's route and ending (no choices after 1), or lets you continue the main story (2); the second choice (1 This is for the sake of restoring the Empire, 2 answering a sister's affection is yet another duty of a brother) either lets you continue the main story (1), or gives you Kanami's ending; the third one (1 fulfill my duty, 2 hurry to Yogarasu) either lets you continue the main story (1), or gives you Elza's ending; finally the fourth choice (1 what Kotone proposes does not have any effect, 2 I can't hurt Kotone) either gives you the true ending (1), or Kotone's ending
#2 by traumatizer
2017-01-16 at 13:15
so it's practically like Grisaia no Kajitsu huh. wouldn't exactly call it G-sen since it has ultimately more choices and has both bad and good endings.

I think the right tag for this dilemma is Branching Plot
#3 by shad905
2017-01-16 at 14:16
traumatizer, well, in Grisaia the choices shpw up practically one after another (10 to 30 minutes gap), while here the gaps between choices are approximately 4-8 hours, but despite that I agree with you - it does resemble Grisaia's choices than G-Senjou actually; and also about the correct tag
#4 by phantasm
2017-10-28 at 13:11
I realize this is an old thread but whatever. xD

I am the one who gave "Brief Branches" tag.
I want to point out that I was just copying Aiyoku no Eustia tags. The story branches in this VN is just like Eustia(obviously coz they are both made by August and written by same authors)
And Eustia has same tag, voted in consensus by 11 people. So I say same tag apply here too.
#5 by eacil
2017-10-28 at 14:02
Unless the 10 people did like you, voting on top of a tag thinking it was the right one because it was here, unable they are to think by themselves.
What you said is not an argument at all and certainly not how you are supposed to proceed.
#6 by phantasm
2017-10-28 at 14:36
Well, maybe I used wrong point to argue.

OP said that "brief branches" tag means "choices that do not affect the story progression" which is not true with how it works.

Here, people gave this tag to VN which has "novel with choices" style progression. (One huge main story and choices in between which branch off to semi-short heroine route with half-assed ending)

Aiyoku no Eustia, muv luv, Tokeijikake no Ley Line, Waremete etc all have the tag.


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