Do you Think Rance 04 should be?

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#1 by thenewmohawk
2017-01-17 at 11:28
< report >I personally enjoyed it alot and i think it really deserves a remake.
Since 1,2 and 3 were already remade , 4 is naturally next right?
#2 by encrypted12345
2017-01-17 at 13:34
< report >They said they are likely to make it I think, but only after Rance X.
#3 by eolath
2017-01-17 at 14:14
< report >I believe they're going to remake 1-4, but not 5 onward.

So yes, 4 would be next and presumably last.Last modified on 2017-01-17 at 14:14
#4 by thenewmohawk
2017-01-17 at 19:55
< report >hmmm nice knowing.
Didn't know X might be coming.
I thought IX was the last in the Rance Series.
Btw there's also Kichikuou rance, and 4.1 + 4.2 but those probably will be included in 04.
#5 by rusanon
2017-01-17 at 23:31
< report >
Btw there's also Kichikuou rance, and 4.1 + 4.2 but those probably will be included in 04.
Kichikuou is alternative timeline, its highly unlikely that it will be redone or face reprint in any other way.
#6 by thenewmohawk
2017-01-19 at 22:43
< report >why is that?
Infact i think it should , since it basically contains all the continent as its playground.
It has characters that you know in the future where rance's relationship builds up in a certain way,
And its entirely different in this game , where the circumstances are different - where you're the actual Tyran that leads a crusade (JAPAN for example, has one atleast i believe).Last modified on 2017-01-19 at 22:44
#7 by zakashi
2022-06-24 at 00:43
< report >Any news about this?
#8 by Mrkew
2022-06-24 at 00:58
< report >The team behind the remakes left Alicesoft. There's a very low chance this is happening.
#9 by zakashi
2022-06-24 at 01:52
< report >:(
There should be a clause on their contracts saying that they couldn't leave AliceSoft until making all the remakes lol


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