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Do you read all the routes?


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#1 by mrgannosuke
2017-01-21 at 02:43
< report >I just wanted some other opinions, do you read all the routes, even if you aren't interested in all of the characters?Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00
#2 by sanahtlig
2017-01-21 at 04:44
< report >I don't understand the difference between choices 2 and 3.
#3 by dk382
2017-01-21 at 04:57
< report >I only read the routes of the characters i don't like
#4 by autocrat
2017-01-21 at 10:31
< report >Surprised at how many people read all of the routes. I guess this community is full of hardcore VN fans.

I usually only do the main route and maybe 1 or 2 other routes that I like. It depends. When I was playing Majikoi I wanted to play every route.
#5 by kiru
2017-01-21 at 10:59
< report >Depends on the game. In normal moege I read what I care about. Unless I hit THE route, in which case I stop afterwards. (basically when it clicks and I don't want any alternate story or couple or whatever) In this case I may come back years afterwards.. or not. Doesn't happen too often though.

When there's something like a true route or whatever, I skim routes I don't care much about. Unless I REALLY dislike a character, in which case the skimming may turn into holding ctrl. Usually not a good sign though, obviously.

Most of this should be fairly standard if you read enough. With the exception of "finding THE route" perhaps. With all the typical padding in the medium, you'd get exhausted otherwise. Especially seeing how some games even have heroines solely existing to pad. Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai has a heroine you could actually remove and that would have NO impact on anything. It's hilarious. Like if she was added last minute, so the rest of the plot is written like she doesn't exist. The theater piece? Doesn't appear in it. Her role for it? Writing a bit of the script, but that's also the protagonist's role.. in fact it's MOSTLY his role. In fact it's plot-wise critical that he writes it as another girl only participated under that condition.
Okay, something like that example isn't too common. (at least in such an obvious way) But it makes you think.
#6 by Ileca
2017-01-21 at 11:42
< report >Not everybody read charage but I confess they find a way to piss me off even when I am reading nukige where the copy pasta is an art.
Not reading all the routes say pretty much everything about what you are reading.
#7 by arkady18
2017-01-21 at 11:53
< report >I usually read all routes. When I read only, say, two routes out of five I consider that vn "momentarily" paused and I don't give it a vote, but I may take years before I resume it.
#8 by surferdude
2017-01-21 at 13:54
< report >I always read all the routes.
#9 by verdun
2017-01-21 at 17:19
< report >Usually, I don't consider a VN done till I read all routes.
#10 by silence
2017-01-24 at 12:36
< report >^ Same here. Even if I hate half of heroines, sometimes there are some interesting things in each route, that I wouldn't miss. And I'm a perfectionist too.
#11 by rrazorr
2017-01-24 at 18:23
< report >I feel uneasy if I don't hit %100 in a VN, so I read all routes.
#12 by Mutsuki
2017-01-24 at 20:29
< report >I have been known to skip a couple of avoidable H-scenes, but for whole routes, I read them all. If the game's plastered with choices which have a couple lines differences (F/SN), then I tend to not read those though.
#13 by loli
2017-01-26 at 08:45
< report >Enforced route order/true route (i.e. Hoshimemo/IroSeka):
Read all routes

Normal routes:
Read in order of most interesting -> least interesting heroine, if I feel like that I would get more enjoyment from reading another VN at the end of a route, I then drop it and mark it as finished
#14 by carboncopy
2017-01-31 at 17:47
< report >only the ones i'm interested in. i fail to see the point in suffering through routes i don't like.
#15 by bunny1ov3r
2017-02-08 at 07:07
< report >It depends, first on the nature of the VN, and second on whether I like the characters. I would read all routes if the novel is such that all routes are to be read in order to understand the full story. However, most VNs are more like galgame where routes are just synonyms for picking girls. In that case, I only play the ones I like (if I choose to play the game at all).

Also, #2 got a point. The 2nd option seems to be a subset of the 3rd one. Not a good structure for questionnaire.Last modified on 2017-02-10 at 03:54
#16 by alphya04
2017-02-10 at 01:14
< report >I at first play the route I want, but if I seem to like another heroine I will go her route next, but mostly I try to read them all
#17 by jikorde
2017-02-10 at 01:24
< report >I'll usually play all the routes, but if I find a heroine incredibly horrid as a person or they bore me to tears I'll skip them. Especially if the focus of the route is going to be a love triangle.
#18 by anonymous
2017-02-10 at 04:58
< report >I skipped Nemu's route in Da Capo because she's an awful person, but that was a special case. Normally I try to read all the routes.
#19 by thajunk
2017-02-10 at 09:19
< report >I think the only game where I didn't read all the routes but called it finished would be Muv Luv Extra.

If I can bother to finish one route, then I usually like the VN enough to see it all the way through.

I also don't think you can really rate the game if you haven't bothered with the whole thing, but that's, like, my opinion, man.
#20 by roadi
2017-02-10 at 11:02
< report >I wonder how many of the voters read all the routes just because there aren't that many translated VNs in the first place.

There are so many non-translated releases, and more keep coming, that I see absolutely no point in wasting my time on a route I do not care about, and more often than not a route equals a character.
For those VNs that have relevant plot spanning multiple routes, I tend to read only the relevant parts of the routes I don't care and skip the rest.
#21 by formis
2017-02-10 at 18:49
< report >I'm a completionist albeit a bit disorganized one. It would bother me if marked a VN completed without finishing all the routes. Though I do make heavy use of the skip function if reading multiple routes means reading some stuff I already read (unless I took a break between reading the routes).

@20 roadi
Even if I knew Japanese and could read all of them I'd probably cherry-pick between VNs, rather than routes. But if a VN was particularly interesting but had some really boring routes I might consider it... maybe.
#22 by cockblockula
2017-02-11 at 00:34
< report >Depends on what i'm reading. Some VNs like Euphoria or Swan Song, you'll have to read every route to understand the story. The 'one true end' route would be locked until you read the rest of the routes to unlock it.Last modified on 2017-02-11 at 00:36
#23 by thajunk
2017-02-11 at 01:11
< report >@20 how can you tell this particular VN will or will not have important plot details behind other routes if you dont read them all?

Unless all you read is fluffy moege, in which case, fine.

I also would just read better VN's instead of more VN if I knew japanese. Quality over quantity.

It's not like english-only VN readers are trying extra hard to squeeze every drop from a VN like a starving child or something.

Ive been reading VN's for almost a decade and there are still way more than I can feasibly read. Maybe if I skipped half of each one I could have gotten through them all by now, but then I would also probably have a lot more 1's and 2's on my list.
#24 by roadi
2017-02-11 at 09:11
< report >@23: Indeed, I do not know in advance - that's the problem.
The best I can do is try and guess what is important and what is not, and then skip little at a time if feasible, and if not, simply read fast.

I read only those VNs that actually have a good story (or at the very least mediocre - and fuck no to fluffy moeges, though exceptions do exist) but the available quantity even then is still high enough to not justify clearing routes I don't particularily care about.

Let's say there are 50 very good VNs at the moment waiting to be read, each about 10-30h long.
That's an average of 1000h until all cleared, and during that time more keep coming.
The question is, what reading style makes one satisfied - I'm no completionist in this regard, so skipping suites me fine.
#25 by soketsu
2017-02-11 at 09:46
< report >I read all routes no matter how bland they are. It is impolite for the VN creators to not fully appreciate their works.

Perhaps we, penniless pirates who cannot afford to buy decent VNs, have no right to be choosy ya know.Last modified on 2017-02-11 at 09:46