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#1 by thewayfarer
2017-01-30 at 23:09
Aw what? An idol-project visual novel...and one of the users says there is rape in this. I mean, what? Where is the rape in this visual novel? So I blindly tagged Avoidable Rape upon seeing it as a major spoiler, meaning it's bound to happen late in the game and likely avoidable. I really like to see this because of the theme, but just like a common audience who only appreciate vanilla...Sheesh.

Okay sorry, let me clear it up. What I mean to say is: Where is the "rape" in this novel? I'm just bewildered why that's in there in the first place and I needed to vent it out my system.Last modified on 2017-01-30 at 23:09
#2 by gimnacio
2019-06-07 at 19:03
ok i just finished eveything and there are 8 endings in the game 4 good 4 bad each for the four main heroines, and you have hscenes with 2 other characters if you unlock those but there is no ending with them
all the bad endings include the heroine fucking someone else and most are raped


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