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#1 by skorpiondeath
2017-02-09 at 14:45
I beliar in case I would like to add a Lesson of Passion game which ones are safe to consider VN? I ask you since I always thought dating game (even with lot of text) were not accepted by the majority of people here.
#2 by beliar
2017-02-09 at 16:35
I am actually currently checking all of LOP and its imprints' games (finding a pirate website with up-to-date links to all current LOP games was a boon). I have yet played only a small amount of them, but seems that only a few of their games can be considered VNs.

Of those I played Club Velvet Rose and Jade Dildo are VNs and already in the DB. However, majority of LOP releases are various kinds of simulations/adventures and do not belong here.

EDIT: Games I have already confirmed NOT to be VNs:
7 Day Quest (it's actually a prequel to Jade Dildo, which is a VN)
13 Rooms
Girl with Tattoos
House Party
Sensual Haunting
Sensual AlchemistLast modified on 2017-02-09 at 16:48
#3 by skorpiondeath
2017-02-10 at 00:26
I had membership on their paying site for some time an played also some of their free games, what I inteded with my question was if you can help me understand your way to determine if something is or is not a VN. Because I don't completely understand how to do it and I don't want to add a game that is not a VN. But in case you are already doing that job and checking on those games maybe I could help you adding some characters instead.Last modified on 2017-02-10 at 01:18
#4 by beliar
2017-02-10 at 01:29
Well, I went through both Sex&Glory and LOP Gold catalogues today, and the only other game I managed to squeeze into the DB is Thorn-E: VP.

As for the inclusion criteria, that topic was discussed to death and back on our board. Basically, the hybrid games with gameplay should also have consistent narration in order to be included here.
Of the three LOP games currently in the DB, Jade Dildo is the easiest to justify the inclusion of. It has no gameplay whatsoever and is a pure VN.
Club Velvet Rose has some extensive narration and it's gameplay is limited to some localized map movement, which doesn't interrupt reading much, if at all.
Thorn-E: VP was harder to justify, as it includes quite a lot of minigames. Nevertheless, it also has consistent narration, and the text is written as a story, rather than being composed of disjointed scenes, as it would be in a sim game.
Two games (Sisters and Hot Wife Story 2) are very wordy and I would call them borderline VNs, but they have no narration and quite a lot of sim elements (more for the former than the latter), thus I haven't included them yet. I have to think some more about that.Last modified on 2017-02-10 at 01:29


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