Bankrupt VN Companies

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#1 by any13th
2017-02-12 at 13:05
While browsing for some VN's I found that a few of their producers/publishers went bankrupt. (Most of them being somewhere around the 2000's)
Since this has me curious, I'd like to know what VN makers went bankrupt(Big or Small) and which ones today are at risk.
#2 by any13th
2017-02-12 at 13:06
In hindsight, I should've named the topic something along the lines of "Bankrupt VN Companies".
#3 by gabezhul
2017-02-12 at 13:17
^ Fixed that for you.
#4 by any13th
2017-02-12 at 13:32
Oh thanks @gabezhul ^.^
#5 by sanahtlig
2017-02-12 at 14:04
My personal speculation is that Debonosu / Studio E.go is experiencing financial difficulties. In fact, financial difficulties are often a key motivator for developers to look at English releases, so this could be said about many of the developers we're familiar with.Last modified on 2017-02-12 at 14:05
#6 by any13th
2017-02-12 at 14:13
To add on, I'd also like to know if any big name VN companies were on the verge of bankruptcy at some point.(And how they recovered)
#7 by surferdude
2017-02-12 at 14:57
^ AliceSoft, for one. Recovered with Kichikuou Rance, which turned out to be a best seller.Last modified on 2017-02-12 at 14:58
#8 by ffthewinner
2017-02-12 at 15:15
IIRC, Overdrive went bankrupt a couple of years agoLast modified on 2017-02-12 at 15:16
#9 by eiesoldar
2017-02-12 at 16:35
Minori was "thanks" to Supipara's failure
#10 by encrypted12345
2017-02-12 at 18:30
@5 I wonder if Norn has issues as well since they tried releasing something on Steam.

@7 I think that one was a rumor because they were planning for Rance 5 even while Kichikuou was development, so KR wasn't some sort of Hail Mary on their part.

Though it is true that AS suffered when they had to scrap Rance 5 only to be saved by Daiakuji according to the Rance 5D Alice Mansion. They were also on the decline after Daiteikoku and Toushin Toshi 3, but Evenicle saved them from that.

@8 Overdrive technically is still alive for the sake of Go Go Nippon. Did 2016 even do well?

From what I hear, their failure was because Bokuten was too un-Overdrive like.

@9 I personally think Triloline will flop. Eden is good, but I suspect its sales were more due to being at the right place and time more than anything else.
#11 by traumatizer
2017-02-12 at 18:43
softhouse-seal might be having some problems/financial difficulties as well? I mean, considering they pretty much released a VN every month. same with devil-seal, they haven't churned out any cheap porn out lately.
#12 by eiesoldar
2017-02-12 at 19:58
Softhouse-Seal might be just in the process of restructuring their business and refocusing on full-priced games. That's not exactly the same.
#13 by jazz957
2017-02-12 at 20:10
Silence (although that was many years ago) and most recently Elf Co., Ltd..Last modified on 2017-02-12 at 20:11
#14 by barfboy
2017-02-14 at 07:03
May they rest in peace
Same with
Their games worked in the 90s but couldn't stand against VNs with story. They tried a comeback with Libi but failed. We can count that dead too.

I think it's time to declare Shining Star dead

Swan is on its last leg if it hasn't already gone under.
#15 by teirachan
2017-02-14 at 08:37
rapapuru's site is dead, so i'd assume they went bankrupt as well?

it's a shame, i loved their games and would've liked to see more translated...

really bummed about rune (and by extension, cage) going under too. ;_;
#16 by visualnoveldude
2017-03-14 at 23:57
Tail Wind. It's a shame since Trample on Schatten was pretty good.
#17 by phantasm
2017-03-16 at 15:30
RIP Lass

Such a shame. The Garden of Fifth Zoa was one of my favorites.Last modified on 2017-03-16 at 15:34
#18 by surferdude
2017-03-16 at 16:40
Littlewitch, maybe. Not sure if bankrupt or if something else is going on with them.
#19 by cockblockula
2017-03-17 at 00:57
Possibly cattleya. I can't access their website (dead?) and they haven't announced any new title. Guilty+ and Rapapuru also seem to be at risk or bankrupt.

Whats weird is that they are all in the milf/mature genre which ANIM and its subsidiary companies seems to be dominating at the moment.
I guess they can't compete with their high quality animated CGs.Last modified on 2017-03-17 at 01:05
#20 by eiesoldar
2017-03-17 at 04:34
Guilty are alright, just don't use their imprints and MILF fetish anymore. Rapapuru are done.

Ail's future is unclear, all they were doing last couple of years are just mobile ports. That's a shame since I sympathize remaining companies from PC98 era.Last modified on 2017-03-17 at 04:37
#21 by traumatizer
2017-03-17 at 07:22
@17 Wait, Lass is actually dead? When?
#22 by roadi
2017-03-17 at 07:42
It's in the tweet.

Somewhat ironic, since they released their last game not that long ago.
#23 by autocrat
2017-03-17 at 07:54
As long as KeroQ, Age and AkabeiSoft are not at risk then I can rest easy. They have produced some of the finest literature I've read.
#24 by traumatizer
2017-03-17 at 18:05
Oh hot damn, that IS pretty ironic. What do the different sections (other than the amount of yen lost) say? I can't read kanji at all, haha.Last modified on 2017-03-17 at 18:06
#25 by roadi
2017-03-18 at 14:00
Lass ('Razueru')
(1) industry - game software development
(2) location - Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku
(3) capital - 3 000 000 yen; approx $26.6k
(4) representative - Odakura Yoshifumi
(5) debt - 168 000 000 yen; approx $1.5M
(6) note - Preparations to declare bankruptcy have been started.

Something like that.


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