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#1 by nutellafan
2017-02-23 at 17:58
< report >Hi 707,

I just wanted to drop a note about our edits of Suisou Ginka no Istoria.

I thought that "アズライト" is the katakana of the mineral "azulite (link; link)" and Jim Breen's online dictionary supports this.

BUT, many other sources (such as link) use the same katakana for "azurite (link)"- seemingly a different mineral- much more frequently (Googling in Japanese even tried to correct "azulite" to "azurite").

I don't think we can definitively prove which one the lyricist intended short of asking him/her ourselves, but given that azurite seems more commonly known (came up in other Japanese fiction as well after a quick Google search), I think your spelling is the right judgement.

Sorry in advance for any problems caused!
#2 by 707
2017-02-24 at 16:09
< report >Hello~

Thank you for understanding that.

To be honest I didn't even think so far with that since I just put something that comes first on the mind. I'm sorry on that >.>


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