After finishing the true route (spoilers)

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#1 by whitetragedy
2017-03-03 at 00:42
Just wanted to tell you guys that after the true route (Mina), if you start a new game there are short stories about Touko & Minawa and Reika & Akane that tie up the ends.
#2 by rick12
2019-09-07 at 14:52
@1 So, what happens in the true route? Mina basically becoming a god and reviving all of those who died? Does she meet the other three nain heroines again after she remade the world?
#3 by diabloryuzaki
2019-09-07 at 16:59
#2 she merge with other doll to be human pillar of this world. And they are not revived but recreated again in new world. Because mina lost her vessel in previous world, she create new vessel based on her original along with pseudo soul in new world to replace her position as human
#4 by rick12
2019-09-07 at 17:57
#3 Wait, so there are two Minas around in the new world, the other being a pseudo soul of herself? What about the actual Mina, is she still around though? I think she is, considering she made herself a new vessel based on her original, even though she's now the human pillar of the new world.

Since everyone who died is recreated, does actual Mina meet the recreated three other main heroines?
#5 by diabloryuzaki
2019-09-07 at 19:22
in true end, it is explained that current Mina is a doll to replace old Mina (girl A).

the role of current Mina is to merge with Ruka and another doll that have same characteristic like Ruka to make this world become more stable. the result of it is a new existence that is not current Mina, Ruka or another doll that have same characteristic like Ruka, in the other words is a new god (?) doll

after this world become stable, it will be no longer the same world. other souls that have been died in old world like jessica, riko and yang is in new god doll. but that new god doll grant current Mina wish before become her, that is to release 3 of them together with Makoto too.

of course girl A that are no longer same like old Mina is live in new world. and girl A that know current Mina can't live normal as human, so she trying to grant her wish to come back to normal life together with jessica, riko, yang and makoto

in the end Mina is not exist in new world. current mina merge other dolls to become another existence. old Mina that are no longer live as old Mina become new existence in new world and she lost her role as girl A too after new world have been created
#6 by rick12
2019-09-07 at 19:35
That would mean that the Mina we see at the end is another existence created when Current Mina merged with Ruka and the other doll? Old Mina (Girl A) became a new existence in the new world, no longer as Old Mina (Girl A). So, the souls of Jessica, Riko, Yang, and Makoto were in the new god doll, who later released them to give them new lives in the new world?

Girl A helped current Mina grant her wish to come to a normal life together with the four above in the new world?

Sorry, just a bit confused here, but it somewhat makes sense. I mean, the real Mina doesn't exist, but the current Mina does exist as another existence in her original self?
#7 by diabloryuzaki
2019-09-07 at 22:46
Yes girl A replace current Mina to have normal life as human and current mina no longer exist as current mina or original mina but as merged doll
#8 by rick12
2019-09-08 at 02:56
@7 So, that would mean that the Mina that we see meeting with Yang, Jessica, Riko, Jay, and Makoto in the new world is the merged doll? That couldn't be Girl A because Girl A has garnet eyes and black hair. The Mina we see at the end is the merged doll with Mina's form and name? I'm so confused! I mean, it's quite logical to see that the Mina we see in the new world is the merged doll since she still has Mina's form and name. Does that mean Girl A is a normal human now? But we don't see her anywhere.Last modified on 2019-09-08 at 02:57
#9 by diabloryuzaki
2019-09-08 at 07:46
no, you will not mina (merged doll ver) in new world because she have been human pillar. instead girl A take mina position in new world as normal human

you don't see her? ofc, because she become mc replacing mina now in new world
#10 by rick12
2019-09-08 at 14:27
@9 Oh, I see, that makes sense. The merged god doll Mina tells Girl A (right before the god doll turns into golden particles to remake the world into a new one, and recreate everyone who's died and put their souls into their new bodies, reviving them) to have fun in the new world in her stead, meaning the latter is taking the former's place as a normal human to have a normal life in the new world.

Girl A literally becomes the new Mina in the new world, replacing the god doll Mina who has become the human pillar of the new world she created. Wait, so the god doll exists in the new world, right? It's just that she now resides in a higher plane of existence, watching over Girl A/the new Mina and her friends (Yang, Jessica, Riko, Makoto, and Jay)? The god doll is watching over everyone, including her friends, happy that they're alive and well in the new world, even though she can't be with them?


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