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#1 by clowred
2017-03-05 at 19:53
Was anyone interested in playing the IF routes after finishing the True route? I sincerely can't bring myself to replay such a long game just for the IF routes. It feels a lot more natural for the end of this VN to be one where Rance can keep moving rather than one where he settles down. Still, if some of you actually played the IF routes, what was your opinion? Was it worth it? Do you have mixed feelings about it? Or do you feel like it was a waste of time?
#2 by overmage
2017-03-08 at 12:17
The IF routes were great and well worth the time because they each presented a different way to play the game. Of particular note is Kenshin IF because Kenshin is bae. (It's also the only route where Nobunaga doesn't die) Also, Isoroku's route is half canon because Rangi does exist even in the true route.

P.S. During Ran route, some ways Shimazu House is more annoying than Demon Army because of Their ability to permanently convert your female commanders, this can be countered by leaving a useless one like Yukihime in non-Love state and raising all the rest to Love, then doing the event to stop the conversions (kidnap Kurohime) immediately after but it's a big painLast modified on 2017-03-08 at 12:24
#3 by jikorde
2017-03-08 at 12:40
Rance doesn't settle down in any of the IF routes. Each ends with him leaving Japan in a different state.
#4 by phantasm
2017-10-31 at 04:01
Can someone spoil me one thing ?

Did Ran fall in love with Rance in her if route ?
I am thinking about playing Ran route next but I have no interest in route where heroine doesn't become MC thing.Last modified on 2017-10-31 at 04:08
#5 by asaki
2017-10-31 at 04:15
@4 Yes Ran fall in love with Rance, although you need more effort though to do the event. In short, you could make Ran as your lover there.

As for my opinion in regard of IF route, I did find that Ran's route was less satisfying compared to both of Kenshin and Isoroku routes, and all of those three was pale compared to the true route which funny enough was the first locked route. At least that's what I think in regard of the story, and the main reason that I found IF route was less satisfying because a certain character who is quite literary Deus Ex Machina - or perhaps I should say Rudrasaum Ex Machina lol. In the end, I leave it to OP though if he want to play IF route or now.
#6 by phantasm
2017-10-31 at 05:39
Thanks for the info.
I read some spoiler on wiki and it said
"Ran accepted Rance as her lover in order to save Souun.

I assume your comment meant there will be a change of heart later(real love) ? Or were you pointing to above fact ?Last modified on 2017-10-31 at 05:39
#7 by loctar87
2017-10-31 at 05:49
@6 Ran's route has two endings. One where she falls for Rance and one where she doesn't. The one where she doesn't is more satisfying (and hilarious) and is probably considered the true end to the route.Last modified on 2017-10-31 at 05:51
#8 by phantasm
2017-10-31 at 05:58
@7 I see. Thanks a lot.
#9 by darkincubo
2018-01-06 at 01:36
You are missing a lot if you don't play the if Routes. The game actually encourage and rewards you to do so. There are some characters like Akihime, Yukihime or Inukai that can't even be recruited in the first playthrough. Also some characters can't be cleared in the True route, for instance Naoe Ai (only clearable in the Kenshin route) or the Shimazu brothers (you can't even recruit them if you are not in Ran's route).

Also every route is unique and diferent, and the events in every new game can change depending on how you play. You will see a lot of different new events in second game plays.

So in short I advice you to play the if routes, increasing the difficulty every New Game + and chosing careful your bonnusses before start the new game. Otherwise your are missing a LOT!


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