Okabe ''dreams''

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#1 by dio
2017-03-22 at 17:48
About the dreams Okabe had during the first five chapters of the game,

one where he seems to be in a ''Kerr black hole'' while Makise Kurisu talk with him,

and another one where he was sent 70 million years in the past and then

Mayuri Shiina ''found'' him there , do these dreams have any meaning or is just bullshit?


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#2 by ecj
2017-04-10 at 00:20
There's one theory out there that ties the dream sequence and the sequel together.

S;G 0 Mayuri and Suzuha go back in time via the time machine on the roof of Radio Kaikan. Their objective? Slap alpha Okabe and get him out of his misery to find the Steins;Gate worldline. For whatever reason though, their jump fails and they end up 70 million years in the past. a bunch of shit happens and beta 0kabe travels back in time with another time machine to deliver spare batteries to them so they can complete their mission. Okabe was probably "dreaming" about that sequence of events, since memories from other worldlines can sometimes leak into the current one (mayuri having dreams about her death).


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