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#1 by Yorhel
2007-10-28 at 20:09
< report >Things never go according to my plans. I actually wanted to add visual novel relations in this version, but figured that it would be unmaintainable if I didn't restructure the user interface. So instead of uploading a new version this week, I planned to wait with 1.4 until I had fixed the interface problems and added the relations feature. But while working on the interface, I changed many other things and fixed a few bugs here and there, and for some odd reason I managed to make enough modifications to be worthy of a new version. So no large features again this week, but still quite a few changes:

* Combined all add/edit/etc-links spreaded though the page into one menu, which is accessible with the "[modify/contribute information]"-link on every visual novel page
* Split large forms into small subforms, you can show/hide parts of forms by clicking on the title.
* Some other form-related changes...
* Another change to the visual novel page layout: the description is moved down to the releases-tab and the freed space is now used for categories.
* Added notes field for releases.
* New visual novels will get a lower (unused) id, this ensures that there won't be gaps in the VN ids.
* Added "Clear selection"-button at the category browser.
* Renamed the Audience::Mina category to "All Ages".
* Two small bugfixes, one of them being that dynamic forms should now also work in Opera.

As you may have guessed from my terrible English at the moment - I'm pretty tired. I worked the entire day on VNDB and haven't really had any rest. I'm pretty sure I introduced new bugs while programming half asleep, but I still uploaded this version as I wasn't able to find one...Last modified on 1970-01-01 at 00:00


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