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#26 by hexashadow13
2019-05-22 at 23:01
@25 That's the thing, its not just an issue with bad grammar and such, but that some lines just don't make sense at all. So just knowing English isn't enough to fix this I think. If Spanish is your first language and that translation is good, then maybe look for someone who knows both English and Spanish and have them translate it from Spanish to English. That's much more common than those that know both English and Japanese so you might be able to find someone.

Also, sorry if I seem rude, because I'm not trying to be, but I want to be clear that the current level English translation isn't worth doing or playing.Last modified on 2019-05-22 at 23:05
#27 by ramaladni
2019-05-22 at 23:10
Uhm, I have to agree. I can't think of a single person who would subject themselves to edit this translation, unless they absolutely did not care for the final product. It's to the point where the editor would need to have knowledge of japanese (or spanish) to be able to edit the text and at that point, it'd be better to just get a new translator. If this is how short, simple sentences are, I can't imagine how it would look for more complex narrative.

Also, two-way translations are bound to not yield the best results...so I say, focus entirely on the spanish TL. Best of luck.
#28 by michaelk
2019-05-22 at 23:24
@26 Thanks for the cheers.
>So just knowing English isn't enough to fix this I think.

C'mon i will take this like a bait, because you are talking about both translations

Mi japanese reading level is N1 so please help me with constructive criticism not such things like "i wanna cry" or something. I know that my english it's pretty basic.
So if you are saying that knowing english is not enough to fix the translation with the help of the translator, may be you think that people are dumb.
So if you are saying stuffs like "IT'S HORRIBLE IT WILL BE BETTER THAT YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING" OR "FOCUS IN YOUR PRIMARY LANGUAGE YOUR ENGLISH IS TRASH" you are not helping and i will take that more like a butthurt.

Like i said you in the past i will try to find someone that help me on the english edits. So please be patient.
#29 by favonianfantasy
2019-05-22 at 23:39
Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good your Japanese and Spanish is if your English is bad and you are trying to make an English translation. The reality is that no matter how good the translation is between various languages, even if it’s literally perfect, if you try to take that and translate that into a language you aren’t fluent in, the translation will be bad, because meaning and flow will be lost. It doesn’t matter how well the translator understands the meaning of the game: if they cannot properly convey that meaning in the language they are translating to, meaning will be lost and the translation will be bad.
#30 by michaelk
2019-05-22 at 23:47
Thanks for the feedback
#31 by shukumeiteki1
2019-05-23 at 02:16
(the font didnt fix anything)

Ok I took a glance at the translation, it's a bit stiff but in Spanish is fine.


"Now that I see it, it was a super luxurious car."
"Without knowing the reason I had to get on the car, so I could not stop myself to appreciate it."
"In my fucking life I could have gotten into a car like that...Until now...God Damn Luck."


My English is not the best either but here is - more or less - what he actually wanted to say (translated from Spanish)

"Now that I look at it, it was actually a luxurious car."
"I had to get in the car without further notice, that's why I didn't have the chance to really appreciate it"
"I never would have thought about riding such a luxurious car. I'm a lucky guy!"

"Nunca en toda mi vida hubiese imaginado que llegaría el día en el que me subiría a semejante automóvil..." I love literal translations but even if you dont like them swearing is not the option, try to reconsider.

My tips for the translator:
For the love of god stop swearing, main character saying "In my fucking life" is absurd... and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't change the order of the names!
Finally try not to be so stiff with the inner dialogues of the main character and general descriptions, they sound a bit off.Last modified on 2019-05-23 at 02:19
#32 by kratoscar2008
2019-05-23 at 03:32
"Nunca hubiera pensado en pasear/andar en un carro tan lujoso" sounds more direct.
Why do people have a problem with swearing? Its an adult game so why wouldnt translator use them?
#33 by hexashadow13
2019-05-23 at 03:46
@32 Not sure how different it is in the VN as compared to the anime, but at least in the anime the main character is not the type to be swearing constantly. It feels out of character.Last modified on 2019-05-23 at 03:48
#34 by anonymous
2019-05-23 at 03:49
My tips for the translator:
- Stop trying to translate into English until you learn to construct sentences that make sense.
- Yeah, that's pretty much it.
#35 by kratoscar2008
2019-05-23 at 03:53
#33 If the MC personality doesnt accommodate for swearing then yeah i can see the problem, otherwise swearing seems like a perfectly fine option (Like in Fureraba).
#36 by shukumeiteki1
2019-05-23 at 04:14
Read the Japanese version, he doesn't swear, how can a "まさか" be transformed into a "In my fucking xxxx" I know he is trying to give emphasis to the sentence but it's absurd.
Making the MC curse or swear is changing his personality completely.
Being an adult game or not has nothing to do with it. In fact by translating it that way it makes it sound more childish and immature...
#37 by ramaladni
2019-05-23 at 04:41
>swearing seems like a perfectly fine option (Like in Fureraba)
>Like in Fureraba

No, that was awful, please.

Random swear words are always the sign of a bad translation, especially in this case where the character is just expressing how incredulous he is at the turn at the events. It's just a convenient shortcut for those who lack creativity.
#38 by kratoscar2008
2019-05-23 at 05:02
Nah it was fine. Makes sense with his character and setting as a whole (Morning dog fucking show being the biggest example of how the setting is) typical os SMEE games.
#39 by alpalin
2019-10-29 at 07:34
Is English translation project still active ?
Does anybody know ?
#40 by altonan
2019-11-02 at 06:59
Website's still active. Last active reply was from a team member on the 8th of July.
#41 by michaelk
2019-11-17 at 10:38
Yes the project still alive, just be patient (english speakers). The english translation is delayed because all of you are very ungrateful and flammers, so i need to pay someone who translate almost finished spanish translation to english. This is by my own budget because all of you are very good complaining but not for helping. So please be patient this proyect will not be dropped the reason is because i love princess lover it was my first anime. The spanish patch is delayed too because i have a problem with sakashi plans (they was stealing my translation) so.. PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!
#42 by michaelk
2019-11-17 at 11:03
ah! i forgot, the english patch is fixed and very well ""translated"", feel free to try it and test it. After that please leave your CONSTRUCTIVE and RESPECTFUL feedback. Thanks!Last modified on 2019-11-17 at 11:09
#43 by alpalin
2019-12-08 at 22:09
#41 @michaelk i didn't mean to disrespect... i am sorry if it sounded rude. I was just wondered and asked. And of course i am gratefull, i would even try to be of help but sadly even English is not my 1st language.Or do patreon stuff if i had financal freedom(a.k.a. being an useless neet in a country otoku cultere hardly exist... now i am sad...)Last modified on 2019-12-08 at 22:09
#44 by dk382
2019-12-08 at 23:35
Never trust someone who claims to be delaying a product because of "ungratefulness" and demands respect in return.
#45 by jpo05
2020-01-31 at 12:17
@michaelk i have been following this project since 9 years and i must say its a long time, damn i lost a decade of my life lol, leaving jokes aside, i think you need help, im no translator but i can fix the broken english if you allow me to though. i know a few groups who are into TLs but most of em are on break or working on some projects, if you need some help you can PM me or
get in touch with me on mail on darkmaster5475@gmail
#46 by michaelk
2020-02-07 at 14:23
lmao "never trust someone" can you just shut up?! the english prologue is finished, you can test it at your own and contemplate my respect in return XDDDD. i want to thank everybody who supported the project.
#47 by 420yoloswag
2020-02-11 at 04:35
Great work @michaelk. Although I haven't read the VN or your translation at all, I'm glad that you've finished the English prologue.


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