A so-so read if ur looking for a time killer

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#1 by justinizhere
2010-10-24 at 14:21
i wouldn't call this a great visual novel, but it has some lol moments and 1 of the routes is really good but that's about all it has going for it...hey least its not a sex romp, that's what i went in expecting...i was wrong

all in all if you want a silly, yet entertaining VN id recommend this.
#2 by beliar
2010-10-24 at 15:57
Yes, it's not a sex romp, which also surprised me. However I found it dreadfully boring. So much in fact that I couldn't finish even a single route.
Whatever the creators planned while making this game, I think player falling asleep on the keyboard while playing it (which practically did happen to me) was not in their intentions:-)
Well, I suppose those that like silly slice of life will enjoy it... probably.
#3 by justinizhere
2010-10-26 at 01:19
yeah that i will agree with, only 1 route in the VN (i cant remember her name...the kendo master) kept me entertained.

its no clannad but like beliar said if you like slice of life VN's ul find this ok, not great but ok
#4 by minimoto
2010-10-26 at 04:13
I enjoyed it, if only for the kind of happy feeling it gave off while playing it. The arts pretty nice too, aside from the impossible seeming body proportions. And yes, Kendo girl Narumi was just about the only route that kept me entertained too.
#5 by gabezhul
2010-10-26 at 06:13
I never tried this game mainly because I'm kinda disgusted with Kyonyuu heroines... -.-'
Aside of that, I think it looks like a pretty fun game, but I doubt I would ever try it, mainly because the distracting heroine-design would take too much from the enjoyment value for me...Last modified on 2010-10-26 at 06:13
#6 by soketsu
2010-10-31 at 01:09
If you say that there is a route that is worth trudging for... Actually, I just ran out of non-serious VN. I usually read those kindda things to unwind from the seriousness and stuff. ...this seems to be alright. I'll go for it.

But man! Kyonyuu are just disgusting... I better like 2D chests.
#7 by justinizhere
2010-10-31 at 02:04
yeah, Narumi was the only route that i felt i didn't waste my time with honesty.

but i will say the harem ending in the Valentine special thing was funny as hell. only harem ending in a VN that actually didn't make me think: *another sex romp...great*Last modified on 2010-10-31 at 02:08
#8 by birdie
2011-03-03 at 07:55
Yeah, I'm more of a fan of pettanko heroines myself, but the characters looked interesting. It's a little boring, yeah. I've only played Cocoa right now 'cause I have a thing for the [exotic] dark-skinned/blonde girls.
I just can't stand Mitsuki though. Is it just me?

Also, the Valentine special was the best. It was hilarious, and I can say I was a little surprised at the end.
#9 by daimonfrey
2011-04-10 at 15:41
This is not bad VN however breasts of heroines are too large for my tastes. My favorite heroines are Yayoi and Cocoa, Narumi is neutral but I just hate Mitsuki.
#10 by justinizhere
2011-04-10 at 20:14
i found the breast to be funny...how someone can like something like that baffles me
#11 by gabezhul
2011-04-13 at 07:17
Okay, the tumbnails on the main page threw this out, and I remembered this thread, so here you go: link

Suddenly, this game's heroines look normal in comparison... X_X
#12 by justinizhere
2011-04-13 at 07:35
oh wow....
#13 by mastag
2011-05-10 at 21:09
Seriously, this VN was actually much better than people claim here. Even if its only because of Narumis route.
#14 by blackiris
2011-05-10 at 21:26
The story sucks, the characters are as generic as they could possibly be, the only highlight of this eroge is probably the quality of H-scenes. While not being top-notch, it's good enough. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, because it's simply not good. There are tens, hundreds of better titles to read, so why would you want to bother with such a vn? Protip: you wouldn't.
#15 by justinizhere
2011-05-10 at 23:54
There are tens, hundreds of better titles to read

please good sir, link me the hundred better english visual novels to read...but ul have to count out all the high rated ones i had read before reading this...so go ahead link away...

meh, actually i don't care. ur opinions are ur own.Last modified on 2011-05-11 at 00:03
#16 by mastag
2011-05-21 at 18:29
the story doesn't "suck". It's just a realistic slife of life and not the "generic" as you say robot, fantasy, magic and wizards stuff. It's relatively well built and full of detail, which a lot of VNs lack. Some of the scenes are funny, like where Mistuki cooked or Narumi defended herself from the protag and where they reminisced about themselves as kids.

Of course the VN isn't EPIC or something like that but it's definitely not bad, or trash.

Oh, and I'm only talking about Narumi (and of course the story before her route)^^ the other routes, I agree, were quite weak.
#17 by mastag
2011-10-23 at 21:22
btw how do people add tags?? This VN should also have the "Ex-Heroine" TagLast modified on 2011-10-23 at 21:22
#18 by justinizhere
2011-10-23 at 22:37
the nice little tab that says "modify tag" o.o?
#19 by doomer5656
2011-11-18 at 11:02
Game was ok only went through two routes myself. It left me feeling, meh. It just felt like there was alot more they could have done with it in terms of story and drama. But the scenes are decent, so I guess it all balances out.
#20 by siveria
2013-04-19 at 16:09
I don't think I'd enjoy this mostly because I do not care for huge breasts on my heroines, I prefer more normal sized, looking at the screenshots pretty much killed it for me, don't see one heroine I actually like, and its all due to their large sets of breasts. If they had a more modest size i'd have probally read this.

Also to #11, Yeah, after looking at those, this games heroines seem normal in comparason.
#21 by gerardlonewolf
2013-04-19 at 21:32
This game sucks! -.-"
#22 by tiglath
2013-04-19 at 22:11
This game is average.
At least protagonist is not a high school student.
#23 by deepweb666
2018-09-16 at 17:52
Simple comedy VN like these is a treasure for romcom fan like myself
#24 by kominara
2018-09-16 at 18:11
Holy necropost, Batman!

Now I haven't played it, but this game doesn't look bad per se...just generic. Yeah, in the 2000s, this might have been your only option for a romcom VN, especially since JAST tended to focus on weirdo nukige that weren't very good, but nowadays, with a constant stream of moege coming from both localization studios and fan groups, it's just a slightly below-par charage. Not to mention that if you can speak even a lick of Japanese, you have literally hundreds of better options when it comes to moege/moe-nukige. There's no point in playing this when there's so many better options available.
#25 by kratoscar2008
2018-09-17 at 02:57
>There's no point in playing this when there's so many better options available.
Really? What other VNs are there with a married indian heroine? With a cafe boss heroine?
With a non virgin childhood friend heroine? Or even harem or adult heroines at all?. Not that this game is particularly good but a good chunk of the cast is pretty uncoventional by the standards of the stuff that is translated (Which are boring HS archetypes).

I remember playing it long ago and it was relatively funny with almost no filler which plagues most of the current english offerings.


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