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#1 by dio
2017-04-22 at 18:33
Once again , I would like to know if someone have a ''walkthrough''
to get every ending of this awesome eroge??

first good quality NTR I've played LoL


I'm not sorry for my bad english , scr w you !!
#2 by eacil
2017-04-22 at 20:22
I input "堕ちる人妻 walkthrough" in a search engine and first result is a walkthrough, second result is a walkthrough, third and fourth ones are official webpages and sixth result... is sagaoz's walkthrough.
You didn't even try finding one, don't you?Last modified on 2017-04-22 at 20:23
#3 by bunny1ov3r
2017-04-22 at 20:42
Fairly certain he meant an English walkthrough, seeing as an English patch is released just a few days ago. While Chinese speaker playing the Chinese patch can more or less make out the choices for Japanese walkthroughs, I don't see how English-only speaker can make out what to pick (or even what route is the walkthrough referring to) from it.Last modified on 2017-04-22 at 20:45
#4 by dio
2017-04-22 at 20:44
Actually , I tried searching for one using letters and not these ''runes'' that give me headache just to look at it: 堕ちる人妻

I should have know better (-.-) , but thank you Mr random-annoying guy ,
gonna give it a try !!!

EDIT: No good , I can't understand a shit of this walkthrough!Last modified on 2017-04-22 at 20:49
#5 by eacil
2017-04-22 at 20:52
You put those pages into gogole translation and that should do the trick if the choices are distinctive enough.
Always ready to be annoying.
#6 by asimmacovski
2017-05-09 at 01:29
Guess I'll post this here in case someone needs it.

[Save 1]
Get help from the guys...
[Save 2]
I'll do it a lot...
[Extra scene]

[Load Save 2]
I'll get everyone to help...
With everyone's help...
[Save 3]
I'll do her a lot...
[END 1]

[Load Save 3]
Get help from the guys from Eden...
[END 2]

[Load Save 1]
I'll do it a lot...
[Save 4]
I'll get everyone to help...
[Extra Scene]

[Load Save 4]
I'll do it a lot...
Today, I'll...
[Save 5]
Get help from the guys from Eden...
[END 3]

[Load Save 5]
I'll do her a lot...
Put on your underwear
I've got it! These!
[END 4]

Hope it helps.
#7 by darudius
2019-08-13 at 21:29
thanks for the ending guide.Last modified on 2019-08-14 at 16:58


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