Key + Niijima Yuu

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#1 by shaoping
2017-05-01 at 06:27
Enough Said!
#2 by kidbuu25
2018-02-15 at 15:53
All ages?
Not enough!
#3 by niyari
2018-03-07 at 05:54
They've only shown four heroines so far so there's definitely a hidden one (duh, amirite? Niijima is involved after all)

1: There's a very conspicuous empty spot on the right side of the key visual

2: Hanazawa narrates the teaser video despite not being officially listed in the cast

3: They wouldn't hire such an expensive seiyuu just to narrate a short video

4: There's familiarity with Hanazawa voicing central characters in previous Key works. Considering the mostly rookie cast, this might be their way of appeasing longtime fans
#4 by essword
2018-03-12 at 03:14
Please no Hanazawa voiced central character.
#5 by kitsune-chan
2018-03-12 at 23:03
I also found it weird that despite voicing SP teaser she didn't voice any of the characters, even excluding the main heroines... I love KanaHana, so yes please! <3


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