A Good Ending

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#1 by south
2017-05-01 at 12:28
Any good endings on this or...?
#2 by otakuvnovel
2017-05-19 at 02:05
Ha ha there are no good endings. Even in the anime there was not .
#3 by sakurakoi
2017-05-19 at 03:53
Even in the anime there was not
I'm fairly certain that anime usually have just one ending (very rarely an alternate ending via OVA) which also may be for the better or worse, heck, for example I sure would not recommend anyone to actually watch Air (even less than I would not recommend anyone to read it) which turned a Nakige into an Utsuge.

That the endings of anime adaptions are also more ambitious, more open, than the source, unless it is an unfinished LN (then it is about the same, unfinished Manga may be as well but not always), is also common in many genres. Hardcore Hentai is of course more prone to finish with bad endings considering that more would like to see a bad ending than a weird good/happy end.

Of course in this case, one can not really picture any good ending, maybe "less bad" but still evil to the very core. One should rather ask if there is an ending where one does not end up stomping another (still can't help but lol at that) but instead where the immoral relationship seemingly might last forever, like reaching a certain kind of equilibrium, a mindbreak which does not make her just a boring empty doll but rather like an obedient or nymphomaniac slave, that's what one might consider a "good" ending.


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