How to use the "Edit summary"

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#1 by echomateria
2010-10-29 at 00:36
Dear contributors,

I can't help but notice that many of our users are confused about the usage of the "Edit summary" box that shows up at the bottom of every edit you make. Yes, I am talking about that box above the "Submit" button which has "Edit summary (English please!)" written on top of it.

So I wanted to explain it again, I remember there was a similar topic back there somewhere but I guess it is too old to be of any notice by now.

This box is for you to write a few words about what kind of an edit that you are doing at this moment. So the people looking at our Recent changes page and IRC room can have an idea what that edit is all about.

If you take a look at that link I just pasted, you will see that there is a pattern on how to use it that most of our users stick to. But a few users are misunderstanding its use and a couple of others are a bit lazy to write at all.

The most common mistakes are these two:

Copy pasting the whole 'Description' of a game to the 'Edit summary' box.

Putting pluses, minuses, dots and all kinds of symbols to just get past the warning without thinking why is there a warning at all.

I would like all our contributors to take a few seconds and at least write what they are editing when they are. As you can see from the Recent changes page only a few words is more than enough most of the time.

Please everyone, let’s put up a little more effort into this.
#2 by novelsfan
2010-10-29 at 16:54
thanks, I got confused in the past and this was one of the reasons I was banned 1 month ¬.¬
#3 by echomateria
2010-10-30 at 01:46
Let's just say that it was one of the 'many' reasons ;)
#4 by novelsfan
2010-11-05 at 02:40
Thats what I said
#5 by soketsu
2010-11-06 at 03:04
I'll cooperate... tho I do not have that much to contribute. :]


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