[Spoiler] HibikiWorks being HibikiWorks

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#1 by bdawg
2017-05-08 at 14:48
Once again... Spoiling(?) endings here...

Was it just me who was annoyed with how Hibiki works cudnt change till the end. All their games in past were almost in same, for their apparently last game they changed from transfer student school setting (with 1 sensei heroine always) to a adult protag and marriage setting with 1yr getting girl/lover relationship and 2nd year as married couple.

But all routes pretty much force it for them to marry after 1st year no matter what, well I can accept that. The other half, no matter what situation the heroine will never get pregnant till the end no matter even if they don't use contraceptions.... Can accept this too cuz they can just say "Eroge logic" ...

BUT... What I can't accept is
>Aiko is housewife and former nursery teacher so can accept her getting preg at end
>Yuki only just graduated. Had money probs but makes up with parents at end so I guess dig their pockets
>Worst of all, Nono, trying to get her own shop, biggest money problem cuz they trying to save for the shop starting their own business and protag even quit his job, neither parents are rich, but she went and said she wants a child and got preg with one. Poor child.

They pretty much forced all heroines to follow their pattern of getting pregnant at the end.
#2 by bunny1ov3r
2017-05-08 at 15:44
Yet you still rate 9.5.

Hate is the new love.
#3 by kzel
2017-05-08 at 16:02
I don't agree their games were the same. Yes, the dating-sim framework was similar throughout all the xCATION series, but each game has its specificity. LxC has a risky protagonist that is difficult to like (especially in Yuni's route). LxC2 has some unexpected drama and trivia and DOESN'T include a teacher character. PxC is more about Tokyo and its surroundings. PxC2 is instead more about life in the countryside. PuxC has more a focus on sex that any other entries. And now NLxC, with its adult protagonist and wedding.

Are the wedding forced? I'd say yes, they felt rushed for each character. Yuki's the only character for which it makes sense to rush it given her situation, but Aiko and Nono could have used a little more lovers life depiction before the wedded life begins.

As for the pregnancies, it actually feels a little late for Aiko who quit her job specifically to take care of her child, and had to wait about a year before the MC made up his mind. For Yuki, I suppose it's fine since she's graduating and has no intent on continuing studying or working (what a waste).

Nono's decision feels the most forced out of the three. Yes the shop is doing ok and they got their waitress to help, but I felt that the game idealized the food-truck financial returns a little too much. Nevertheless, you don't retire after less than a year when you're the chef supporting the whole thing...

But what can you do? You have to reach an ending situation somehow, and when the characters are already married, a child is the logical next step. We'll see where the appends bring us.
#4 by bdawg
2017-05-10 at 13:22
I convinced myself its a vanilla nukige and rated it for its raburabu and H scenes ...In that department its perfect, meaning the story meant 0.5 to me.
#5 by bdawg
2017-05-10 at 13:23
Sorry guess my opinion was part bias cuz I only started from PxC. Well their previous games wasn't such a big prob for me.

True, Yuki's marriage did make sense to rush it and Aiko's pregnancy was late.

Nono's food-truck makes a shitload of money lol.. You pretty much said everything I felt there.

They stretched eroge logic too much in Yuki's route, they had raw sex everytime not calculating safe/dangerous days intentionally trying to get pregnant, yet for a year she didnt get pregnant until it was convenient with settling the family problems.
I could talk abt lots of reasons why Yuki's pregnancy was rushed, but that would all be RL logic, so no point stating here

Ending situation... Could have been like this?>Aiko = Pregnancy end
>Nono = Open up store?
>Yuki = Graduation and Marriage was enough... Ah wait, cuz of the appends they have to do preg otherwise appends will only be repeat of plain marriage life.

Its easy to predict what the appends are going to be, probably most of it will have pregnancy life with preg H. Then childbirth and the childrearing life.
#6 by kiru
2017-05-10 at 16:31
Length quotas and theme requirements. That's what this sounds like.

It's not like someone sits down and just writes a story with this theme. No, a few people get hired to write exactly x amount of "pre-marriage" and "post-marriage" with an exact given time-frame, so it all fits into one game. You.. shouldn't play this stuff for the story. And probably not think about it either. I personally don't understand why they even bother creating such "stories", but alas.


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