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#1 by dinosw
2017-05-18 at 21:12
I am creating a Notion Page for Da Capo, where I am trying to gather what (imo) is the most relevant content in one place.
I still have a ways to go, before it is complete.
- The main page is still lacking alot of info.
- There is a subpage for relevant bookmarks.
- Best of all, I have made a subpage for walkthroughs, which contains all the info needed for a complete 100% Save (Including Nemu's "alternative route", the bad ending route and a route for providing the scenarios, one do not get from the character routes.
I still want to add some info for the specific character pages, but the walkthroughs for the characters is complete.
I have also added screenshots for the quiz questions on day "3/2", with highlighted answers.
You are naturally free to share the link for this page.
#2 by silence
2017-05-19 at 16:48
What is the point of this site? Why just DC1?
#3 by dinosw
2017-05-19 at 18:03
I like to have the most useful info close at hand, so I am making this Notion Page for that purpose, and am sharing it, as others might find it useful as well.
I have yet to play the other D.C. Games myself, but I am planning on playing them.

The walkthrough is also more accurate then others you find, as I am correcting spelling errors, date errors etc.

I am currently replaying the game, as it is a long time since I played it the first time, and I am making corrections / additions as I go along.
#4 by silence
2017-05-20 at 12:01
Well... Excuse me, but I have to tell you the truth. You're wasting your time. If you want your site to be really helpful and popular (I don't think DC is a popular enough franchise, though), you have to do much more for that:

- make the DC-DCII-DCIII-and_all_the_DC_related_fandics_and_anime <Encyclopedia> including:
--- VNs and Characters description
--- Seyuus profiles
--- Soundtrack list with possible samples and covers
- make the walkthrough and upload the saves for all the DC VNs
- make the forum for fans (with admin, coders and mods, of course)
- make the related art collection section
- make the news section (dedicated to new DC VNs, PVC figures, etc)
- make possible the translation projects (maybe)

At least, this is how I imagine the good DC related web site myself. If I (or someone else) would search for just walkthrough, I'll google it for a few seconds, read it, close this page and maybe never bump into it again. I hope you understand that simple fact, because your site right now is just for "visit-only-once". You could say something like "I'll do more in the future", but I will object to you that your site should initially have enough resources to interest users. After all, there are no guarantees that your project will last longer than half a year. That was my opinion.


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