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#1 by kurothing
2017-05-21 at 03:06
It would be pretty cool if there was a discord server for members of vndb to talk about what VNs they are playing, whats coming out, etc, etc.

Preferably it would be owned by Yorhel, and possibly get a permanent link in the sidebar to make it easy to find rather than digging up a thread like this.Last modified on 2017-05-21 at 03:06
#2 by [deleted]
2017-05-21 at 05:30
There's a Discord on Reddit, 4chan, Lemmasoft, Fuwa, and probably anywhere else you'd care to go. A one specifically for VNDB users would be extremely redundant.
#3 by takata
2017-05-21 at 07:02
I suspect yorhel would just point back at the vndb discussion boards.
#4 by yorhel
2017-05-21 at 07:28
I've no intention to start a VNDB discord server.

In fact, I never had any intention to create a VN community in the first place, I just wanted a database. :-)

EDIT: Actually, that reminds me. Is it an idea to promote /r/visualnovels as the official community part of VNDB?Last modified on 2017-05-21 at 07:47
#5 by abyssaleros
2017-05-21 at 09:15
Nope, reddit, 4chan, facebook all for the arse.
#6 by autocrat
2017-05-21 at 19:32
Can someone link me to an active VN discord server please?
#7 by jazz957
2017-05-21 at 20:16
The VN subreddit has a link to theirs on the sidebar.
#8 by visualnovelinfo
2018-07-16 at 02:55


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